Thank you for visiting our donator page!

Benefits(GMOD Only):

Access to all of the donator exclusive models
2x Map voting power
Increased Reward amount of GP End Round
Permanent, Rainbow tinted Chat tag
Custom weapon skins via Chopshop
20% off all Chop Shop items.
Custom Last Human songs (typing !lh ingame)
Spray Restriction Removed.
Instant Player Model Change. (no waiting till next round.)

To receive these benefits, we ask that you donate a minimum of 10$, with smaller donations we are simply in your gratitude

Once you have acquired your SteamID and know the amount you'd like to donate, scroll down, fill out the fields and check donate!

Donation Amount


*Note: You need to make a donation of at least 10$ USD to receive donor benefits

Current Monthly Donation Goal: 110.12 /$175