Before you donate, please read through our terms and conditions

Major Cards Accepted


Donation Amount


Benefits (10$ Minimum)

A variety of exclusive player-models for you to choose, and it’s not generic vocaloid player-models.

The chat-tag will appear with a glowing rainbow effect on your player. The custom chat-tags are permanent and immune to other players changing your tags. In addition, you will also receive the donor role on the FWKZT Discord.

You will receive a custom donator icon, visible on the scoreboard next to your Steam avatar and nickname.

GP can be used to change chat-tags, for yourself and for non-donators as they have temporary tags. Type !tags to access the menu.

Voting power is doubled compared to non-donators and regulars.

In addition to all of these benefits, you are also eligible for any future benefits we add!

Donating is out of your free will and willingness to contribute to the community. By donating, you agree to these terms and conditions, subject to change without prior notice but explicitly stated.
  • Donators have to donate a minimum of $10 to be eligible for the perks mentioned above. Any amount below that will only earn our utmost compliments minus the in-game perks.
  • Suggestions are welcome but not necessarily implemented without the management’s considerations. If you have a suggestion, please let any of the higher-ups know.
  • We will not allow any Pay-2-Win content, this includes any in-game items that make game play easier for those who donate.
  • We will not give Admin or ulx commands, even if you donate, you still have to go through the same application process as everyone else.
Our donation system is automatic and checks if you have donated at the time of joining. If you have donated while in the server, please reconnect to gain benefits.