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Redeeming on OBJ maps - Alguy - 07-06-2019

I noticed since I started on the server that whenever we play a OBJ map, when some redeems, they get sent very close to the zombie spawn. This of course immediately gets them killed again. 

My suggestion is that if someone redeems on an OBJ map, they get a message stating they will redeem at the next checkpoint a human reaches and redeem whenever that checkpoint is reached. They will also get spawned at this checkpoint with all the normal stuff a redeemer has.

It will make it a lot more fair to those who got enough kills as zombie to redeem.

RE: Redeeming on OBJ maps - snake eyes - 07-06-2019

This also cant be done likely as the redeeming spots are likely based on something else (my guess is either zspawns or placed in redeemer spawns) so unless the entire redeeming system was altered i dont think we are gonna have respawns at checkpoints, that and because then we wouldnt be able to spawn in if the humans are dead