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who am i - Mozzarella Fella - 11-29-2018

hello fwkzt community I am MozzarellaFella, an admin on the zs server
i have only been an admin for roughly one year while I can't remember how long I've played on the server

as a player on the server i am known for my abnormally "big" brain which is portrayed through iconic moments in the zs server such as the release of the Hypernova and the use of the EXP soundboard application in game

if you need tips to improve ur gameplay and topscore do not hesitate to hit me up in the dms when im not invisible on steam or discord

i want to say X did a good job creating a more "accessible" forum for holding discussions
i am proud of him

RE: who am i - ✘² - 11-29-2018

(11-29-2018, 06:46 PM)Mozzarella Fella Wrote: i am proud of him


RE: who am i - swot - 12-03-2018

melee god