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Please change the lh weapons and boss logic
Recently, I joined into a game where there were only about 7 people and 4 bots. It ended up being just me and this other guy turning the movies in mall v10 to the Alamo. The other guy got killed by the tickler, leaving me to get last human to defend the barricade by myself. Since the server pop was under 18, I couldn't get my lh weapon. This is where my complaint comes, i'm fine with no lh weapons under 18 player pop, but I really don't want bosses to be available to the zombies under 18 player pop. There is no way that 3-4 guys in a weak cade can win against bosses. If bosses were removed if there were 18 players or less in the server, or at least add some sort of health debuff or something, it might make it slightly more possible to win.
Joined summer 2017, stayed summer 2018 and am now getting back into it summer 2019. Thanks guys..?
if you cant get a boss at low pop then people will just leave. its the only way u can break a cade and/or win at low pop.
and lh weps are incredibly strong. like sephs sword.

but humans by default are stronger, so its fair to let zombies get bosses at low pop and not let humans get their last human weapon at low pop.

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