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TTT Maps & Weapons to add
The TTT server occasionally gets players, the playercount is in spikes when players join (A ton of people are on but then leaves and stays 0 for a long time) and this is bad, many people dont stay due to not many good maps and there are plenty of the best maps that is favored by every player playing TTT, you can ask most and they will say this map is amazing and fun to play. I do wish to see more things in the TTT server as its really fun when you have friends and I wish to keep that consistent. These suggestions will for sure have the fun ensured in the server.


Corpse Exploder:
A weapon that is funny but will be dangerous if used carefully. Perfectly balanced and causing fear to players when inspecting bodies, Its a great weapon to add

Weapon used to revive teammates, its a great teamwork based weapon and is extremely useful, very fun to use.

Dead ringer:
A tf2 inspired weapon that is great for faking deaths and running away. Using it will be useful and its not overpowered as it will create you on a watchlist. This is useful when you need to get away in "those" situations.

Remote Sticky Bomb:
A bomb placed on a person, you need to be extremely stealthy and requires skill. It blows up the person and people around once used properly. Its not hard to use and it causes confusion, creating a suspense feel for the game.

Door Locker:
This is a tool useful for trapping people inside a room or trying to escape. This is a really useful weapon that is small but its useful in many situations for maps with doors. It is also great when combining it with a C4 which will have people frightened and have fun while playing TTT. Its a realy good weapon for making great combos

This tool can change many things and is useful in many sitations for detectives and traitors, this weapon is a tool that is extremely useful.

Useful for detectives and traitors making a great escape, its a really fun thing to use and it will make the best getaway for detectives or traitors.


A beautiful and greatly detailed map inspired by amsterdam that have many things to show once playing. Its really fun and is very nice looking.

Rooftops 2016:
This map shouldnt be missed, it should be added immedietly, the epic map of plenty of easter eggs to find, fun never ends in this map. There are more than just the objective and its also exploring. Players will always have fun in this map, besides that its also very scenic and does not look terrible. This map is probally the number one ttt map out there.

This map is very implemented into the theme of ttt, its old but been loved, its fun its cool and its nice looking the 3 things you'll love.

A map taking place inside a plane, its a cool type of map not seen before, its medium sized, its unusual but it is fun! Not many players will expect this map but once they do they will be addicted into this map.

A mysterious mansion implementing to the theme of ttt trying to figure out the mystery who the traitor is, this map is very fun and includes some fun things implemented into it which will have the fun never end.

A whacky map that is unexpected, its a cool map and hasnt been expected. This map will have the traitors some fun gags to create in this map.
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