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Merk: Ban Appeal
- Steam Name

- Steam Profile

- Steam ID:

- Where were you punished?
Fwkzt-Mall of The Dead

- Who punished you?:
[MCC Hype] Swiss

- Why were you punished?:
For joking around and saying ''let me clap ur *****'' to a kid but suddenly, remembering its 2019 and people cant take jokes resulting in me getting perma-banned.

- Do you have proof that supports you?:
No, I do not

- Do you have witnesses to your punishment?:
Half the server but preferably, Blue HD since we talked about the ban.

- Is there anything else you want us to consider?:
Yes, I wanted to point out that even though i was joking, why was I banned? I would like a logical explanation so I wont make that mistake again. 
MerkmodS, there are some things you can joke about and some things you cannot, this is one of those things you cannot joke about, it is genuinely messed up.
[Image: Li5l120.jpg]
FWKZT is aspiring to be welcoming to all and these sort of comments are not tolerated regardless whether it was intended as a joke; we are lenient on rules, usually giving a warning for most of them, but this crossed the line.

Although we didn't know if PvZ was faking his young age and just putting on a voice, he could have also actually been young; this is when the term "better safe than sorry" comes into practise, instead of assuming he's old enough and faking it, assume that he is young and shouldn't hear or see those comments.

I removed you from the game to protect him from any further comments you may have said.

With that knowledge in hand, I'm going to consult other members of staff on whether your ban should be nulled or reduced, if at all.
Yeah I understand what you're trying to say but he didn't and doesn't read chat at all so i'm not sure about ''protecting him''. So it didn't really damage him. It wasn't really that smart of me to do that. But I understand my ban and accept it. And i'm sorry. Forgot to mention that.

Well have a good rest of your week.
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