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Ban Appeal
- Steam Name: Uncivilizationz 

- Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198061941196/

- Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:50837734

- Where were you punished?: Zombie Survival

- Who punished you?: The Russian

- Why were you punished?: "Banned for N Bomb"

- Do you have proof that supports you?: No.

- Do you have witnesses to your punishment?: No.

- Is there anything else you want us to consider?: Right before I said the "n bomb" there was 3-4 other people saying it that were being gagged, I said it and I instantly get banned for a day, why am I being singled out and banned where as other people are just being given warnings? I've been playing on the server for weeks and do one thing and instantly get banned? What is that? I'd like atleast a warning, not just to be right off the bat banned for one thing. 
Next time If I were you, don't say shit when people are spamming, an admin could see your tag and get confused.
Also please don't use the "Hard R" on our server, it just gets you gagged, kicked etc. I'll reduce the ban in good faith.
[Image: interlopers-userbar3.png]

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