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Poll: Should the m1 have it’s knife buffed and it’s bullets nerfed?
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Why? The m1 is only good for it’s insane bullet damage
1 50.00%
Yes. The damage of the bullets should be lowered and make the m1 a viable melee/ versatile tool
1 50.00%
Idfc. I don’t use the m1 gayrand
0 0%
Wtf is the garand?
0 0%
Total 2 vote(s) 100%
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Re-balance the m1 (garand)
So I’ve been playing with the m1 garand for a while now and I’ve noticed a few things. 

1.) While the damage on the gun its self is good, the secondary stab attack is useless. 35/40 damage is pretty weak and I feel like it could have it’s damage increased 

2.) lower the ROF. If you spam left click this gun becomes a mini smg at that point.
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I honestly think its already powerful enough. You craft it with the Annabelle rifle and a short blade right? Its a T2 gun. Its melee damage is right on par with most T1 - T2 melee weapons, I dont think it should do anymore damage. You're already getting a Gun/Melee combo for like 35-50 points which is good enough in itself that if you run out of bullets you can just stab with it and continue making points.
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