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New tier 6 weapon
Sword of the Templar
140 base damage
Slow movement
1.4-1.0 swing speed
0.75 second swing delay
Right click causes the user to scream "Deus Vult!" Then gains damage, attack speed, and 1% of damage life steal.(25 second cd) (4 second duration)
- 9%, 19%, 35% damage increase
- 9%, 19%, 35% damage increase
  -increases swing speed in exchange for 2 extra seconds on deus vult.( increases by 1 more extra second for every level of deus vult.
- 7%, 15%, 27% damage increase
   - decreases recharge time on deus vult by 5 seconds (extra 5 second decrease for every level)
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Melee's are on the list for updates, that will come in the future so stay tuned! There may be a weapon that has similar stats. Also, take a look at the bloodbourne, it already has some interesting melee mechanics to it but with health.
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That seems like a good wep idea, Thanks for the idea.
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