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Random melee ideas
Some of a few ideas I've had over time, these ones regarding melee

Completely remove the "basic" (1 scrap value or little variance, frying pan + pot, keyboard, etc) melees from worth and pointshop, resigning them to be exclusively map loot
This clears up room for actually interesting or fun melees for tier 1, which, on that note, here's an idea for one

(i don't have exact values for other weapons rn so take this with a grain of salt)
The shortsword, which would have range somewhere lower than lamp but higher than t1's, to be a general purpose melee with livable all around stats, very low impact delay, and a tuned variant with less damage but bleed + slow.
As a rather runner friendly and kiting reliant melee weapon, akin to later tier weapons with no knockback like the butcher knife and the katana.

Make the tuned variant of the sawhack the default one, remove all knockback from the sawhack as well, so that sawhack mains don't threaten their own team with knockback
As they are currently, sawhack mains are the second most selfish kind of wave 1 playstyle, thanks to the knockback and swing speed of the sawhack being quite high.   Sawhack mains can ***** up the accuracy of shooters, and somewhat frequently lead to medics and other supporting roles taking hits when they should be safe behind shooters.  Other than the knockback and swing speed, the sawhack is dreadfully plain.  Changing it so the tuned variant with bleeding and bonus damage to bleeding targets is the way it is by default would fix this.
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