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medic touch up
Recently medic mains are hard to come by. Medics need a small buff, the equivalent of that of throwing glitter on it to make it look more appealing. Medic is good at the moment but not enough to compete with other classes. I believe that if medkits were lowered 10-15 points in the worth menu and med ammo from resupply gone up by 10, this will lead to a resurgence of medic mains that we need. when 40 people on and only 4 go medics, something is needed and i think this is the answer. Side note, i think a new med gun like a mini med bomb launcher would be pretty cool. that is all from your favorite manager.
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Consider it done.
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Oh totally, I have a few ideas as well and I like the med bomb launcher idea you mentioned. Okay, so, Rejuve will have a new path in the remant that allows it to split up to 3 healing tentacles but less overall healing. Medbomb price should go down by 10-15 or healing amount should be increased. I feel its too weak and only heals 2.5-3 for a cost of 40 per bomb. There should be a Sentinel Heal Field Emitter, this one is pretty self explanatory. Just like the Repair version it would heal players in a certain radius; it would take med ammo. That's all I have for now. lol
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