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Kyuzo abusing glitches, rulebreaking, and condescending
Steam Name

Steam Profile

Steam ID:

Where were you punished?
N/A (Wasn't punished)

Who punished you? (Provide profile url if possible):
Kyuzo (Didn't punish, but person reporting) | https://steamcommunity.com/id/-Kyuzo

Why were you punished?:
N/A (Wasn't punished)

Was the admin in question doing anything else outside their jurisdiction?:
He was not acting mature in a conversation, was condescending against me, abused some exploits within the game, both which are not staff material. He also claimed not breaking the rules so I did not screenshot evidence of the game but I found out it was against the rules:

1. Do NOT cheat or exploit. (Abusing that he can take points from props being repaired that should go to me since I nailed it first)
6. Do NOT steal props: Once a barricading spot is claimed, a player has full control over props within the interior of the store. Only the barricader and people they designate to help are allowed to touch ANY props. (It was my area, I claimed the front of Antarctic Hospital and this took place in my cading area)

Do you have proof that supports you?:

If you dont want to look into the screenshots you can use discord @ #fwkzt_chat, 4:11 PM (Central)

Explanation of the scenario:
I was playing on Antarctic Hospital, I was making a cade, noticing I was not gaining any points, I checked the front cade and my cade was stolen by Kyuzo, I told him nailing my props is taking points off me and I'm not gaining any points. He says that hes going to use it until its patched and that is abusing exploits, its negatively impacting caders since they aren't gaining points they need since they cant gain points while cading. He admits that he knew he was gaining points (shown in discord chat) and he claimed I was stealing props from others (I was cading the front which I claimed and people were throwing excess props everywhere so I threw props into a cade and it looked terrible but it gave functionality at least). He also claimed that he was deserving the points since he was helping and I was shitcading wanting to be greedy for points (It still is leeching points and hes being greedy over points). I agree my cade looked like a shitcade but every prop was not used, were only loose and they were repairable and was in the area I claimed (Front of downstairs). He nailed props in my cade that I told him to un-nail which broke rule 6. He was condescending over the entire argument which made me seem more "toxic" at the near end, and he was mocking me aswell. He was breaking 2 rules and claimed to not break the rules when he was which is why I dont have any screenshots of in game but you can ask people who were in the game and some evidence is that he admitted to it in the discord chat.

Do you have witnesses to your punishment?:
Nentic (Discord)

Hadeej (Possible)

Is there anything else you want us to consider?:
Fixing the issue of people stealing profit from taking points off your cade since its abusable and its leeching points. Perhaps reseting people's gametrackers since its being raised due to abuse and its fairly similar to medic meatbag strategy (Greedy, scummy and unfair). My gametracker is extremely low due to me cading fairly often and not gaining many points and I'm getting mocked over it.
[quote pid='903' dateline='1559526789']
Ok first let me start with this. I did not steal your props and nor did I say I was going to abuse the cading point system. I said that there needs to be more attention on the points that the caders get because it is broken. When I first got on Antarctic Hospital you took every prop from the bottom floor and shitcaded the front and let no one else was able to use any of the props on the whole first floor. Later in the game I found a hammer with 1 nail. I nailed it to your prop so it can benefit all of the human team. I was not the only one who nailed stuff to your prop. But you accuse me of stealing your points. However there is no way I could’ve stole all of your points because one nail can not simply give you 200 points. The max points one nail on a heavy prop is something like 25 or something around there. However many other players were nailing stuff into multiple props of yours and you did not complain about them. I only used one nail on one prop. Kevdu I have seen potential in you when I see you making the really good mall cades. But since the cader point system update I have been seeing less quality cades from you. This is because you only care for points and in benefiting yourself. And with discord I did not say anything inappropriate or mean to you. I only called you childish because you wanted to continued arguing when I wanted to end it and you also started the argument. Also with Hadeej being your witness this should not be a thing. He also nailed stuff into your props and you only complained about me. If you want to make this unbiased also report him on the forums too. All though that would be unfair because Hadeej and I and the others did nothing wrong. We all wanted to benefit and help the human team win. People have been fine with me and other people doing it to their Cade and I do not see why you are having such a problem with it. That is all there is to it and I just wanted to give a thought out reply.

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