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some bugs (or things i find annoying please fix)
- Afk players cannot become bots unless they are alive as a normal zombie for around 20 seconds, meaning if they are dead, a bird, a boss zombie, or happen to be on a map with no navmeshing, they wont become a bot. This tends to be an issue in early pop when theres only one or two zombies. Even worse, if they can become a boss and theres no other zombie around, then the game will go into limbo with there being no zombies at all that are active.

- Lacerators swing speed nerf didnt come with a slowdown to his animation, nor did it get a slowdown to his attack speed while on walls

- Devourer's hook is very inconsistent and tends to go around corners grabbing people, or grabs people standing near to windows

- On rare circumstances you can have the inventory locked (not sure if it was fixed yet), the only solution is to type +walk and then -walk in console (or whatever u have it binded to)

- On even rarer circumstances you can get stuck sitting down, forcing you to have to reload the game itself

- Getting stuck in sigils, including corrupted sigils

- slinger is super inconsistent and has a small projectile range (just increase it please)

- No marks for having too many of anything

- Having one deployable counts as having enough, even if its a free arsenal

- Glass on redux near the old outside area at food court looks breakable, but cant be broken

- Skeletal shamblers take less bullet damage, but take full melee damage resulting in one hits giving melee mains 12 points

- Dragon sword in general is broken

- Lacerators are actually worse than fast zombies

- Bot system doesnt account for crouching, hitting things (especially bad when breaking sigils) and spinning

- Votes sometimes dont display correct numbers, display percentages greater than 100%, and in rare cases, favor lower percentages over high ones if there are between 2 maps (just scrap it entirely)

- You cant see sigils as zombies unless you hit flashlight (if its a feature whyyyyyyyyy)

- Bots tend to not attack people standing next to them even in zombie spawn unless attacked

- Zmaining system is flawed in multiple ways and makes 0 sense at times (also another whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy)

- Sigils take way too long to break, especially when there's low pop

- The boss hp bonus system entirely

- You can get supposed boss hp bonuses despite there being none at all

- You can suicide as boss even when at full hp

- Navmeshes on maps can be really bad at times

- Nests take way too long to make, and too long to break

- You can get shown that you dont have enough pts but have them (most notably on ammo buying)

- Rejuvenator can heal through walls 

- You can put nails in other peoples props that they have nailed first and take all their points

Thats all i could think of for now atleast. Pls fix
Thanks for posting all these, I'll start to take a look.
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A lot of good ideas but expand on them leaving things such as fix zmaining pls give the devs no feedback to work with give them ideas or as the title implies suggestions that they can try to implement instead of just giving them problems, the other things like giving the devs bugs i like good job.
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