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The actual way to balance the powerfists

Today the powerfists were nerfed for being too overpowered. Yes I can agree they were overpowered but I strongly disagree with the nerfs given to them. They are completely useless and now every tier 3 and some tier 2 are better than the powerfists. ZS weapons need to balanced and need to be viable. When a weapon is too overpowered or underpowered, it needs to be tweaked to achieve balance. The powerfists will now never be used due to the nerfs given today. I have a solution to make the powerfists viable but balanced. Since I feel I have the most experience using both the sturdy and tuned path I was able to find a middle ground for the powerfists. Here is my solution. 

1. Remove the tuned path since powerfists should be used for mobility. Also the delay on the sturdy path needs -2% added already to the existing upgrade on decreasing delay. Since the base damage is so trash you should be able to hit slightly faster for mobility. By the way the sledgehammer has better damage and is faster now and it’s a tier 2 LOL. 

2. Revert increasing the primary delay. This is so if you miss with the garbage hit reg that the powerfists are notorious for having, you will not be instantly cucked by a zombie.

3. Revert the nerf on damage. 86 is really weak for a tier 3 already. Even with damage trinkets it still doesn’t beat out the other tier 3s in damage.

4. Revert leg damage because literally no one aims for the legs with the powerfists. 17 is also already quite low. 

5. Decrease knockback by 10 instead of 25.

I love the powerfists and I have grown to love them a lot even before this stupidly overpowered tuned path. I want them to be balanced and viable. Feel free to criticize anything I said, but I think this is the right step forward for the powerfists. Hopefully these changes get added and Thank you!
Alright, this seems pretty fair. I guess I agree with changing damage back to 86, but I have to say the knockback was ridiculously overpowered so I don't see any changes being made to that. I think they should stay as a tier 3 but not be so upgradeable that they perform like a t5 or t6. You also have to consider that power fists serve two purposes: you get to hop AND melee zombies so you can't always get one or the other with a melee like this.
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I agree with everything said here. I feel that the nerf was too harsh and they have become garbage like they were before as a T4. All that needed to be fixed was the tuned remant path, it was too overpowered. Another thing, I don't even think that half of the people who buy Power Fists actually use them as a "melee", I just use them to hop around. So, I don't really care what the damage is, just don't make it so low that it take 5 hits to kill that wraith boxing me in xD.
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