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New Weapon Idea
The WunderWaffe

T6- Pulse weapon

3 Shots per reload

75dm-per zombie

Specialty: when a Zombie is hit with initial fire, the electricity will chain up to 10 nearby zombies.

Sturdy path-    Upgrade 1      -     Upgrade 2                -          Upgrade 3
                        +%Damage           +%Damage                          +%Damage
                                                      +3 Zombie chain                   +6 zombie chain

Tuned path -                           Upgrade 1              -     Upgrade 2            -           Upgrade 3
zombies now chain             +%Damage                  +%Damage                       +%Damage
5 zombies instead of 10.                                       +2 zombies chain        + 4 zombies chain
Damage increase.
(zombies hit will be stunned
for .5s). Reload takes longer.

This is a weapon idea from (Call of duty World at War) and would make a very fitting and balanced gun for t6. So far only 1 other damaging weapon chains zombies, But this is a lot more powerful and expensive weapon that would be fun to get.
Website Find
PLEASE! This would be fantastic (and hopefully rewarding or fun weapon to use as a t6, however I can see it being a t5 (depending on how things shift). It is a splendid idea and can attract “newer” (those Unfamiliar to the higher tier weapons) players who can buy a t6 to a weapon they are more familiar to regarding an old franchise.

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