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Cinderrod ramantle adjustment (an overlooked opportunity)
The Cinderrod (a blareduct zipgun with a propane canister attached to it) deals damage to the player via code, unavoidable and dangerous, commonly used for zmain suiciding with style. 

The damage is a low damage explosive to zombies , but dangerous and useless to the User until a lot of scrap is used to deal damage without risk of instantly killing one’s self.

My suggestion: the cinderrod path is (oddly) the same remantle path as blare duct, and yet is not a shotgun but an AOE single pellet round that seems to emanate from the user.

With the EOD vest, and trinkets to increase hp and deal additional explosive damage, as well as perfecting the gun, the resulting damage increase kills you in mere shots (as well as dealing explosive damage to the zteam), and is futile except when being pocketed but by rejuvinators. In this regard, the moment healing is stopped, one kills themself quickly.

My suggestion: in the cinderrod remantle path: allow for damage taken from shooting cinderrod to be decreased.
Yep, I like this. The Boomsticks little brother needs some more love, and preferably a good balancing. Tongue
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