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ban appeal
- Steam Name
- Steam Profile

- Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:55465198

- Where were you punished?
Mall of the dead FWKZT zombie survival
April 1st, 2019

- Who punished you?:
- Why were you punished?:
Toxicity, harrassment, Discrimination

- Do you have proof that supports you?: none

- Do you have witnesses to your punishment?:

- Is there anything else you want us to consider?: I'm sorry for discriminating others. I insulted someone for having hours on Undertale when I was banned, (April 1st) I understand that this is not the only time my discrimination against others occured. 2 weeks earlier, after the April 1st ban occured (what I have now (perm ban), On a friday afternoon (ET) playing lambda core. I spawned in and started judging people for making small mistakes such as not buying deployables (in all caps with harsh words). I called people worthless using whatever I could to judge them by and was very generously banned for only the weekend (prior mutes and mute warnings before too). 
         I am sorry to the people I have judged in a bitter way. I realised I should treat most people on the internet, and on FWKZT as if I was talking to them in real life. Everybody makes mistakes, and it's not okay to pick out flaws. (what I did in chat) I am sorry.
owo :3
cabam i do feel that you might have changed but i don't know if you really have you have insulted many people on the server and many more things but how do we know that you wont comeback and be good for a week and start doing what you used to i personally feel that you should be given another chance but i don't know if mka and the others will because of the amount of trouble you caused in the past this is my opinion on it and i will leave it up to the others

Cabam I also believe that you could have changed. I do respect you for admitting that you were toxic and condescending to other players. I think your apology was very genuine. I personally think you deserve another chance but I’m not sure wether the higher ups agree with me or not. If you do get unbanned I hope to see a new side of you who is kind and can help the community since you are a good player.
After discussing this with higher administration, we have decided to approve your appeal.

Note that for future reference, you will not be given any more chances if you are found guilty of harassment again. Note that under law, we are obliged to assist those who have felt threatened and seek to take legal action.

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