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objs, arenas, and ZE
I know that it was just talked about on the previous posts, but ive been meaning to make this. Others and myself do not want 2nd round objs as theyre usually long as it is and the 2nd round usually resulting in zmaining. I fully support the idea of removing both pizza time and pirades. These are played wayyyyy too often and are usually picked for memeing around. pizza time has never been won by the humans and pirades speaks for its self for why people pick it.  I enjoy arenas, but it is picked way too often. I suggest lowering the play count of how many objs, areneas, and ZE to only 2 in a row instead of 3. Ive been trying to play as often as i can, but alas, i feel the need to leave for an hour as I know i wont see ZOMBIE SURVIVAL until the max of 3 is up(along with the fact that these get played at a max of 6, since it replays after the first try). With these changes, population will cease to shrink during these times along with better map variety.
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I think we should just go back to the old map system where after a certain time the map is not replayed like when on mall after we made it past wave 3 we used to not get a replay this way if we get completely demolished on a certain map obj or survival we can replay it but if we win or make it a decent amount of time into the map we are not forced to play it again after we just played it for a decent amount of time. As for the 2 meme maps I believe they should be locked to a certain day or a certain event so people can still meme but its not everyday because pizza time gets boring after the 2nd time its played. If you are reading this thanks for your time :3.
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Yes, I agree with Kemp. Others have also suggested the same. That if we die on an OBJ/ZE, we get a replay. But, if we win, we get to pick another map. So it eliminates the second round that would be played if the H-team had won the previous round. As for meme maps I think we should go back to event schedules. Aka, Mako Monday, Tantibus Tuesday, Finger defeater Friday, ECT.
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