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bagel abuse of power
- Steam Name
- Steam Profile
- Steam ID:
- Where were you punished?
Official mall of the dead - FWKZT.com
- Who punished you?(Provide profile url if possible):
- Why were you punished?:
Merry little death got kicked I spoke up because he wasn't warned or anything like it and bagel then kicked me as well
- Was the admin in question doing anything else outside their jurisdiction?:
he threatened to ban me for "toxicity" and also kicked me and a fellow server member as a developer
- Do you have proof that supports you?:
yes I have an admin plus multiple witnesses to the act in question (merry little death, Nentic, Visudo)
- Do you have witnesses to your punishment?:
- Is there anything else you want us to consider?:
bagel has had run ins with me before because he was abusing his power as a developer and I called him out on it

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