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Remove Zmaining
I have a few ways to combat zmaining here.

First remove the only can zmain once a day and make it zero.
Add a way that you cannot kill yourself before the game starts.
Let a player request a vote of if this person zmained in every one or most people select yes it will count as zmaining.
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Other people before you have said things very similar to what has been suggested here. So, I will say it again. What is to stop players from killing themselves on zombies? We already have a suicide prevention system so that you can't type !kill or kill in console before the wave begins. If everyone had a voting system this would just cause a bunch of trolling, I don't think it is a good idea. The thing with Z-maining is before the server had bots, players would willingly volunteer to play as a zombie. If you don't believe me hit f1 and check the settings and you will see a box that you can check that says always volunteer as a zombie or something of that sort. Also, Z-maining/Z-mainer is a term that gets thrown around a lot, it has a double meaning. It can mean that the player in question just enjoys playing zombie or that the player goes zombie to deliberately kill pop, and/or make players rage quit. Commonly known as a "Toxic Z-mainer". Ever since bots have been added and almost every map we play has been Nav-meshed, players have been getting increasing salty that their "easy" points are gone now that a player has joined the zombie team. So they complain about the person who volunteered (Remember, the person who volunteered is replacing a bot.) when they killed by him/her. It didn't used to be like that, we always had bosses on wave 1 because either someone would volunteer or they would get picked as a zombie.
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A lot of people will be pissed off and its not necessary
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Mango is spot on with his points. Quite a few players genuinely enjoy playing zombie now and then. A vote system would be easily abused and it can sometimes be hard to tell like Mango also said, what happens when someone purposely dies to a zombie versus a regular player who makes a dumb mistake? If you're unlucky or make a mistake you'll probably get a vote started on you. I think it's best left to staff to identify "toxic zmaining" than to remove any playing on the zombie team.
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Humans need to get better at combating zmaining, not to try and remove it from zs just because someone whos played zs for 4 years is good at playing shade

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