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Low pop no tier 5s
On low pop often players would have tier 5 weapons against one zombie player often leading to no challenge for the humans and no fun for the zombies, So to solve this I have come up with a solution No tier 5s on times when the server would be considered low pop. The main reason I have come up with this Is due to a player by the name of casua who had a tier 5 weapon after the first round when the server only had 9 players.
As far as weapon tiers go we've been contemplating a wave-restricted progression. We currently are exploring other options to this as well, but we do appreciate the input on it. If you happen to see this occurrence again with casua, make sure to take note of what he is doing to get a tier 5 early so that we can look into it.
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its more of guns on low pop being better against singular zombies (mostly snipers) and there is no real way to fix that, id suggest having more bots for low population as to make the game more engaging and also because porting it to hvh makes hvh actually playable. something like:

1 bot default at every population (0-70)

1 bot gets added every 3 players up to 4 bots (9 pop = 4 bots)

1 bot gets added every 15 players afterwards up to 7 bots (4 bots at 9, then 5 at 24, then 6 at 39, and then finally 7 at 54)

Bots do not replace humans after a kill until at 6 bots, where then bots will be removed after 2 kills to prevent 1 kill being completley worthless

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