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no sigil's?
just not to long ago we use to get an 50% chance of having no sigil's and i think it was a good idea but why was it removed?(and if we can get it back can we)
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Because having a 50% chance for the game to have no guides for cading is a dumb idea
umm ok but many other people did like it and can you give more of an reason than "is a dumb idea"
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Giving a 50% chance for the removal of the sigils is a ridiculous idea that makes the cading challenge turn from deciding what cade to focus, where to bring props etc to cading one singular spot with the entire team effort which is both boring, and impossible on most maps as it is crucial on most maps to use the sigils. The system was only in place for v6s which is one of few maps where you can survive without sigils in multiple spots and even then, its required the personal usage of anime, buffalo, pizza, or more rarely other stores around the map. This causes the game to stale out a lot more for players and in the long term means that tense games become lesser and lesser because the humans are only cading the best spots using designs from 2013.

Lets use anime as an example since its easy to explain. Giving a 50% chance for the game to be simplified to 3 choices also presents another problem for newer caders, as their developing minds probably don't understand sigils quite well. Giving a chance for the game to turn to anime cade only might sound fine, but overtime can result in laziness and an over-attachment to a specific cade. You could see this back when we had the system as it wasn't uncommon for humans to cade the anime store regardless of whether or not there was a sigil in there, resulting in the game being lost entirely. To most players this is fine but to me i really hate seeing this as its as a result of them just thinking that cading anime = win and so they do it and for someone that understands cading and wants to see better caders seeing them completley fail at the simple task of cading the correct store is both disappointing and infuriating.

The final issue is that it simply wouldn't be worth implementing into every map. The only maps that i believe could be won without sigils are:
A: maps with overpowered positions that provide an extreme advantage
B: Maps with tons of highly valuable props
C: Maps with broken navmeshing/no navmeshing at all
As you can see with these 3 things, almost all of these apply to maps that aren't necessarily fun to play on and v6s has all 3 almost. However the map having sigils has made up for these and is why we had them in the first place. Most maps aren't built like this anyway which is a reason why we have tons of maps we could be playing/are playing. If we removed the sigils, we wouldn't be able to play almost 90% of all maps made for zs and while for some that might be fine, it only encourages the simple minded tactics that make cading boring and uninteresting for many, and results in a staler game with a staler map rotation. This isn't what we want and it isn't entirely what we have thanks to sigils, and it would be a huge mistake to remove them with what they give us the players.

Or in simpler words, its just stupid.

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