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Map voting still needs fixes
The problem
Map voting seems to have lots of issues with the community and its most difficult for players to play if a constant cycle occurs which is incredibly common in the FWKZT community, which creates a loss interest into the server itself to dedicated members of the server.
New maps are getting added, its a great addition to the server but they rarely get played and are placed in the pile of forgotten maps later on such as Small River, Dry Field, Stormiest, Forest of the Damned, Church Siege, Snowy Castle, Metro and a lot more...
Players have been demanding change towards the map system, it's agreeable that there are overplayed maps to everyone and it makes the server feel repeated and less entertaining.

I have 4 possible solutions to this map vote system

Map limits
The most basic form of solution. Maps that are selected a lot over a course of time will disable the map to be voted again over a course of time in order to prevent them from being overplayed.

Random Map Selection
A new button for players to select if there are only bad maps seen on the voting list so they can pick if nothing interests them and it selects a map randomly in the server if the vote wins.
Many players complain over bad maps in the list so this button will satisfy them.

Invisible Votes
Seeing votes from others should be disabled, this is one of the most annoying things that get abused and never used properly, it's better to remove seeing players votes, even experiment with it for 2 days removing to see the satisfaction and determine if it's worth keeping.
I cannot stress this enough, a lot of people suggested this before and it gets ignored a lot, people abuse it to vote last second and ruin the vote, people always vote for the first selected map and it never is used properly so there is absolutely no point in keeping them feature.

Disabling voice during map votes
It gets really annoying hearing people saying to vote a specified map or mic spam at this time. The voice is meant for communication while playing, not indoctrinating or mic spamming. Disabling voice will keep the nuisance away and there is no real use for keeping voice during votes.
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This man speaks truth, yeah
P.S. Very sorry you had to read anything I've ever typed
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I agree with invisible votes and no voice chat during the map vote duration. Man that would be so peaceful, it can often get painfully loud with 3 or 4 people screaming to vote this map or that map. It would be a very welcome change even just for our sanity's sake.

Personally I would like to see how a 2 phase map vote works with the changes you've suggested, where everyone votes again on the 2 highest options (unless one of the options in the first phase got >50%) that way even if both options aren't the map you wanted you can still vote on which one you'd prefer.
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