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Buff 'Seditionist' Handgun
For a Tier 4 weapon, Seditionist Handgun is very weak, doing 53 damage to zombies, otherwise, the bullets penetrates through zombies, nothing wrong, But it should be a little bit more accurate to compensate the low bullet damage. c:

First Suggestion: Make it tier 3, then the "Refined Subscope" trinket would help it a lot;

Second Suggestion: Make a "Modified" option on remantler, it will be a little bit more accurate but with no pierce damage;

Third Suggestion: Keep only one upgrade option on remantler, but Honed and Perfected also increase the weapon accuracy.

Thank you for paying attention and also sorry for any orthographic mistakes, still learning xD

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I have never used that weapon so I can't really add my input on how to improve it. If it is fully automatic then 53 damage is right in that range for that weapon as a T4. But if it not, then I would say that a damage buff would indeed be the way to go.
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Seditionist is semi-automatic, I think the damage is understandable, 'cause of the bullet penetration through zombies. But one of seditionist ingredients to craft is a deagle, and deagle does 57 damage, counting too that you can make deagle even more accurate.
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I can put my input on this since I’ve used it before and it’s horrible. I recommend a damage buff and increase it’s accuracy. It needs to be better than the deagle because it is a higher tier and it overall makes no sense that the deagle is better. Even though it pierces it still really is bad.
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The whole gimmick of the seditionist is the pierce. You shouldn't be shooting single targets because of the low base damage. You should be shooting into blobs of zombies to maximize the weapon's value. Can't really say much more because I am banned from the server and can't test the weapon for myself.
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about your ban, very sad. anyway, that's why I mention the damage is understandable, due the pierce damage. otherwise it should be more accurate.
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