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(Handled) report player
i am reporting keybrand because he keeps using his russian keyboard and saying stuff in zs game calling me bad saying hahaha im dead and just overall be rude to me for no reason and my friend can translate some of the russian to me so thats how i know
(07-17-2019, 05:19 PM)A Keybrand (The 14th Member)™ Wrote: Okay, let me start off. First, it's not a Russian Keyboard. and Second, I don't care if I was rude to you or not. You as a staff member, bullied a fellow developer member on the discord server because of their PFP which caused them to leave. You pretend to think you didn't do it but there were witnesses around you and Taylor Swift. Me, Nentic, and Bloodreaper. I type Russian language because Google has something called Google Translate and I made up a mode that I use for fun called, "Russian Mode" Where I type in Russian. So reporting me just because I use a translator for Russian words, and rudeness, doesn't back you up with anything. I also expect staff to be an example for others as well, Nice, active (sometimes), and collaborative. But you showed something different to us. If you were smart, you can tell me to not talk in Russian, and be more nicer as a staff member. Period. - Keybrand
can i say something i never bullied them and they did not quit because of me so if you mind not assuming it would be great thank you Reso
In future please only type in English while on FWKZT servers, it's difficult to moderate if we can't tell what you're saying there and then. Taylor Swift is back and that event was in the past, don't bring up the past as a means of defence.

Not only is our administration expected to be an example to players and other staff members alike, but long standing players are expected to be one too, you've been here long enough to have seen FWKZT evolve and grow as a service and community, and you should know how players are expected to act, or more accurately how not to act.

Warning given, no action required.

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