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(Denied) Ban abuse
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I was banned for saying the n word apparently, even though I never actually said it. All I did was express my opinion  in voice chat that it was funny how uttering one word can get you banned from the server. There were multiple other people discussing it but not saying the actual word. I never typed it out nor said it in voice chat. The admin who banned me is named in the screenshot. This is kinda ridiculous, banning someone over a discussion when they technically weren't breaking the rules.


 Steam Name Burbinator

- Steam Profile

- Steam ID:

- Where were you punished? The Zombie Survival server

- Who punished you?(Provide profile url if possible):

- Why were you punished?: I'm not really sure

- Was the admin in question doing anything else outside their jurisdiction?:

- Do you have proof that supports you?: Nope, but there was multiple people on the server who saw it happen

- Do you have witnesses to your punishment?: Yes whomever was on the server at the moment

- Is there anything else you want us to consider?:

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We were playing Rofl House at the time. I and many other's playing at the time heard you say it, in fact most were mocking you about the fact you were about to get banned for saying it, you were arguing that you weren't in the wrong but I just had to get the a safe place before enacting the command.

Normally I would ban players for 24 hours for the first offence, but we had recently revised the rules to disallow the N word regardless of "ger" or "ga", as such I lowered the time by 3/4.

I understand you're upset but we need to maintain an environment in which everyone can play.

Your ban has since expired, but as this report is against myself I'm not allowed to pass judgement on it. I will inform another member of higher administration to review this report.
I would have to agree with Swiss on this one. Quite a few of us on did indeed hear you say the hard R. I apologize if this is not actually the case but with so many witnesses and what we had heard we had to go with it, I wish I was recording but I had it turned of for the the time being. Like Swiss had said we recently revised the rule and have been upholding it to that updated version. Like Swiss has also said our ban has already expired but I hope in the future an issue like this doesn't re-occur.

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