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discord ban
-Discord User: HappyManAdventures#8284
-Ban Location: The FWKZT discord
-Other information: I said the n-word in general like 6 to 7 months ago on accident and was meaning to send it to my friend and accidentally typed it in the fwkzt discord. oof. Dunno who banned me but it just said "please be a good boi" and then I got p-banned. Im not racist I swear lel I was just sending memery to a friend and hit the fwkzt server on accident. (Right under the profile for the dm with my friends). Whoops, sorry. I honestly forgot about it until now when I tried to join the discord and couldn't and then remembered. Its been a fat minute.
Joined summer 2017, stayed summer 2018 and am now getting back into it summer 2019. Thanks guys..?
Please be careful next time.

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