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Broken Weapons (IMO)
splinter ranking out of 10 ( 10 being the most broken 1 being the least: 8.5: reason: shittons of dmg, anyone can go to a t5 with it, really ammo efficient for 3 reasons (it has good dmg, 2 bullets at a time and good pacing with the reload speed, shotgun ammo. I enjoy using tuned.

blaster: ranking: 8.25 again, It is possible to go to a t5 with it it has really good damage, buckshot ammo, doesnt require aim b/c of spread.

boomstick: ranking: 9.5 shittons of dmg, somewhat fast reload, shotgun choke makes it into a god, when I use it my priorities are: get lithe stick #1, get arsenal pack #2, get feather falling and other trinkets #3 #4 get lots of ammo (all killing zombies to farm this) #5 get supplements ( buying from arse pack when you get low, continuing to get as much points as fast as possible because zombies are always outside.) #6 if you get low on hp shoot zombies for supplements dont worry about ammo cause of lh boomstick giving 1k buckshot. #7 this is better if its on an open map

Amigo 6.49: the strategy with the amigo is to get it buy shittons of ammo during intermission and go to a t5 with it.

Adonis 8.49 or higher: point multiplier, sturdy increases it's firerate (doesnt say only like 9% dmg or something in the remantler) just keep buying ammo and stuff and you'll get to a t6. eg: I saw a player once get a bulwark after using a honed adonis on zs_krustykrab_v4

Bulwark 10 (inside of a cade) this minigun is an insanely strong, ammo efficient, point grinding machine. Anyone who tries hard enough can get this thing sturdy at the minimum (its that ammo efficient) buying its own scrap, and get a 1k+ pt game. (3k being possibly if you are a really good player and you get it perfected.)

Hammer: Insanely good for point farming when you have all the possible things to repair fast and lots of repair per hit

summary: shotguns are really strong and ammo efficient, they can go from a t1 to a t5 fast
weapons that could possibly be strong:
ricochet magnum (sturdy route) hunter rifle, sweeper, tiny slug, renegade, m1/m2 carbine

personal thing:
in my opinion, the most important part of any weapon below t6 is ammo efficency, I look for this first and then I look for how fast it can gain points. shotguns are usually very ammo efficient, that's why I think they're so strong.

if this gets approval, I'll post more of these threads.
owo :3

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