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the adonis, and the bulwark.
The adonis -
The biggest issue of this weapon is the fact that when you sturdy it, it increases the firerate by like 45% and it doesn't say in the remantler, It only says 9% dmg increase and such.
It also has a point multiplier and is an insane weapon without even sturdying it to add the fire rate exploit in the first place.
The damage and accuracy overall, make this weapon really strong. (similiar to the amigo but stronger)

The Bulwark
This weapon is very point efficient and is hands down the fastest way to make points in a game of zs. For example, I have a screenshot of achieving a honed bulwark with one person feeding me on a round of v6s with around 35 - 40 population. Heres the catch. I achieved the honed bulwark by the end of wave 4. (I will post the screenshot of this when editing soon) This example alone  , is enough proof to show exactly how fast this gun can make points and how much points it can preserve. I am not exaggerating.  https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1854224638

These weapons are a huge problem and this issue needs to be adressed.
owo :3
I nerfed the adonis and bullwark significantly.

Have you noticed this in game recently? Or are you still able to top frag with them?

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