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(denied) ban appeal
- Steam Name
- Steam Profile
- Steam ID:
Form of punishment: Perma ban
- Where were you punished? 
Fwkzt mall of the dead
- Who punished you?:
- Why were you punished?:
Toxicity, Exploiting
- Do you have proof that supports you?:
I stopped after being warned by visudo, valve allows game optimizations including autoexecs in csgo esports for many reasons. There is no rules against it, it being considered exploiting is not common sense.
- Do you have witnesses to your punishment?:

- Is there anything else you want us to consider?: I am sorry for being toxic. The map was gup’s mall and I was posting some toxic stuff in chat and I’m sorry. I stopped or atleast began to stop posting after visudo warned me. Kasane Teto was a main witness here. He probably won’t support me though. For the exploiting, To be fair, there is no rules specifically stating no using autoexecs or whatever. My main goal with the auto exec was to have my zs be faster, a faster loading time was not planned. I may also have very fast internet, I started this rumor by accident. I do not use cheats.  The performances barones posted are either from double point maps, people buffing me, me getting feed, or me just getting a lot of loot in general. I believe I was already spectated also. To explain the massive skill increase from me at times, I got new peripherals, again, sorry for being a dick about my fast load times and sorry for not staying humble. Sorry for every other thing I didn’t mention. So people are aware, I currently start out with a tosser both smg ammos both shotgun ammos slow reload noodle arms and both speed perks ( I think) If anyone has any further questions, I will answer them. Again, Again, Sorry if things weren’t clear. All of the weapons I use are very powerful which have a massive impact on my gameplay for an example, the deagle is very powerful on Antarctic hospital in the right hands and also the blaster and the splinter. When I play zs I try my best to try my hardest. If you haven’t read what I posted in the public chat already, those are also what I do for strats also note that valve allows autoexecs and launch options in csgo esports. There are several legit variables that go into my aim/ point gain such as game knowledge, finger speed, general hand eye coordination, and most importantly learning ability and motivation. It is much easier to have these things as a younger  player. I also had a lot of freetime which allowed me to get way better, waking up tired at 7 am and playing till 5 pm or later also note that my load in speed is equal to key brands in comparison. ( not that I’m trying to accuse him of anything) Also, On the vertigo round I was accused of, I just bought an m1 carbine was early as I could and went to town. It is a very strong weapon and you don't have to run to the arsenal if you buy an arsenal pack (I did that round too) and I quickly gained points by getting lots of headshots.
owo :3

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