Hub is a project aimed at being the ultimate Garry’s Mod social experience; do a wide range of activities and experience a ton of content.

Get drunk, or gamble, buy and furnish your home, or visit other homes, test your skills in duels against other players, play in the arcade, or watch videos with others in the theater.

Play a whole slew of game-modes unique to Hub; and possibly some familiar game-modes known in Garry’s Mod.

Socialize with others, bring your friends along, or even make new ones.



Watch videos with others, utilizing common streaming services such as YouTube, Twitch, Reddit, Blip, Vimeo, and more!

Buy from a variety of exotic popcorn kernels; that you can munch on to your hearts content. Don’t ask how, it just works.


Duel in multiple arenas against your friends, or other opponents with guns or melee weapons.

Go test out weaponry in the firing range, duel people to become the best, and become to most feared sweat known to man.


Gamble with in-game currency, use the slots, go against others in Texas Holdem, beat the dealer in Blackjack, or get that lucky spin in roulette.

Gambling is going to be a balance, you don’t know if you are gonna leave with a profit or not, just make sure to not use all of your life savings on green…


Play in the arcade, stack those blocks in Tetris, or play a slew of internet games like the days of old, Bowl for that strike, or buy items at the vendor.


Get drunk at the bar, hang out with others, big brain people in chess/checkers, or try not to sink that damn 8 ball in the beginning of billiards.

Hang out with others, get drunk and puke everywhere, type in chat while drunk so you look like you know what you are talking about, and view the totally awesome comedy at the stage.


Play game modes like Virus, Trepidation, Stick Arena, etc. Fully custom game modes that earn a lot of currency for hub and are a lot of fun!


Buy a home, furnish that home, invite your friends over, throw a party, visit others.

Make whatever you want within the homes, go nuts!


Participate in random events around the Hub, a sale could happen, a very expensive item could appear randomly in the Hub, could be a combat or test of skill, seasonal events, or a big brain math question.

Even the staff can play a part and make their own events for people to participate in, such as movie nights.

Many More To Come

There are way more features and content that haven’t been described here to keep it short, so much possibility within Hub to do crazy things in the future to come.

Steam Group (Required to participate in tests)