About Us

What is FWKZT?

Friends Who Kill Zombies Together is a gaming community originally founded by Mka0207 and Super-Henick in early 2011, then later disbanded in 2012 and revived in 2013. We primarily features servers in Garry's Mod.

What games do we play?

While FWKZT primarily focuses around the Zombie Survival game mode, it's not hard to find members within the community to play other Valve/FPS games with. We are always open to suggestions for new game servers and content as well.

What's it like here?

We always encourage players to engage in teamwork and get along with fellow players. Everyone has the chance to get involved in the community at any level.

Where should I start?

Join our Discord above or get on one of our servers! Make sure to read the rules first before starting! If you really enjoy our server and want to keep it alive, make sure to donate!

Why is there a store?

To continue the growth of the community into additional new types of servers and expanded development capabilities, we now offer additional ways to provide support to the community. In the past, a simple, 10$ package was the only solution for those wanting to support us. Now, we can offer more ways to make your dollar count!