The standard package supported across all FWKZT Grade Point Exclusive servers.

Please be sure to type !refresh in-game and rejoin the server to claim the package(s).

Items included :

  • Last Human 'Master of puppets' Song
  • Inner 'Kleiner' Spinner
  • Outer 'Drops' Spinner
  • 'Turtle Hat' head-wear
  • 'Prospekt' Arsenal Crate Skin

Supporter Level 1 Package included :

  • Mapvote power increased by 15%
  • 50 GP End Round bonus for supporting the server.
  • Chop-shop(Point-Shop) cosmetic items discounted by 10%

This benefit is considered life time and purchasable once per person.

These items can be access by press F4 while in-game or typing !shop.

Last Human (LH) and Weapon Skin Item(s) only usable on the Zombie Survival server!

Grade Points (GP) are used to purchase cosmetic items and or use cosmetic features like changing tags or spinner colors.

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[ZS] Starter Kit

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