TTT Rule List

1. Do NOT randomly attack people without evidence. ( continuous RDM will result in a permanent ban! )
2. Do NOT prop kill anyone, this is considered a rule violation (RDM).
3. Do NOT meta game/ghost, use in-game knowledge and evidence to make decisions.
4. Do NOT bait people into thinking you are a Traitor (while Innocent), this is considered traitor baiting. ( continuous T-Baiting will result in a severe punishment! )
5. Do NOT discriminate: Players on this server are protected by administration from discrimination.
6. Do NOT impersonate any admin or backseat moderate: Let the admins do their job. If you have an issue with one, file a report on the forum.
7. Do NOT attempt to start flame wars via name dropping community or accusing them of things or straight up attacking them over a personal opinion rather than facts
8. Do NOT spam voice/text chat excessively or chat spam excessively; This includes soundboards, annoying noises and binds. ( continuous Mic Spam will result in a permanent gag/mute! )
9. Do NOT advertise other servers in text chat or voice chat.
10. Do NOT use extreme language, cursing is allowed but anything illegal or considered extreme will be punishable.
11. Do NOT troll your own team: This includes team killing traitors via traps etc.
12. Do NOT false KOS, this means yelling for people to kill someone without any real proof or evidence to do so.
13. Do NOT delay the game, such as hiding or not actively investigating who traitors could be as a Innocent or not actively trying to kill innocents as a Traitor.


We reserve the right to punish you if you do not follow our rules of conduct.