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FWKZT’s official website (Previously under the domain of fwkzt.org) is the main online page for the Friends Who Kill Zombies Together gaming community.



The FWKZT site has served various purposes since its conception back as early as 2014. Various purposes include:

  • Forum (Defunct as of September 2017)
  • Rule Board
  • Server listings
  • News
  • Donation handling
  • Stats
  • In-Game Information



The website portal features live servers stats, news, as well as portals to the other pages of the site including:

  • Donations
  • Stats
  • Zombie Panic! : Source

In addition to the visitor site pages there is also a redirection to this Wiki via the top right header icons.



The site has featured usages of various forum software as well as its eventual conversion to a custom crafted website. As far as it’s current history:

  1. 2014- Mid 2016: Hosted a FWKZT Official Forum built on phpBB , it briefly featured stats as well as being the first instance in which FWKZT server stats could be viewed live via Game tracker.
  2. Mid 206 – Late 2017: Switched to MyBB forum software and featured  live server stats, a chat box, steam group joining widgets, as well as being the host for in-game rule screens.
  3. Late 2017 – : Site removed past forum software and proceeded to start over from a built-from scratch base. This features a brand new, made-from-scratch and to demand visual layout, fully-responsive layout, support for virtually any back-end addition as well as a custom donation integration system.

Currently, the Development team is tasked with various day-to-day operations to keep the site functioning. Roles include:

Front-End Development – Those who work on the  visual presentation of all site content

Back-End Development – those who work on the functionality of all site content

Server coders – Those who work with in-game code through features such as MOTD, server stats, and chat hooks are able to integrate in-game features with the website

Content Contributors – Those who have submitted photos, video, and graphics to enhance the visual presentation of site content

Article Authors – Those who write articles on this wiki to present up-to-date information on in-game and community detailed data.

The Giga Gore Child

This zombie is a runner, support class boss. It is able to fling humans a distance, spawn Gore Children and knockdown humans in a radius.

The knockdown is their most notorious ability. It is able to prevent humans from shooting zombies, giving zombies free barricade damage.



  • PRIMARY ATTACK: Smash attack with high range and short delay that knocks down and flings humans.
  • SECONDARY ATTACK: Spawn a Gore Child controlled by other zombies.
  • RELOAD: Knockdown cry that knocks down humans in a short radius.



  • Health – 2500
  • Speed – 230
  • Melee Damage – 32
  • Melee Range – 90
  • Melee Delay – 1.35
  • Cry Radius – 150
  • Cry Delay – 8


  • Baby Spawn Amount – 1
  • Baby Spawn Delay – 2.5
  • Baby Health – 20
  • Baby Speed – 150

‘Bulwark’ Minigun

This is a Tier 6 Minigun that takes a second of spooling to allow you to attack.

Is able to attack right as it start spooling but has to charge to gain more attack speed.


Pros :

  • Very High dps.
  • Very good for holding hordes once fully spooled.

Cons : 

  • Consumes a high amount of ammo when shooting.
  • Slows your movement immensely.

‘Devastator’ Minigun

This is a Tier 6 Mini-gun that takes a second of spooling to allow you to attack.

works as a normal Mini-gun.


Pros :

  • Very High dps.
  • Very good for holding choke points.

Cons : 

  • Consumes a high amount of ammo when shooting.


Extraterrestrial Obliterator

This is a Tier 4 Pulse Sniper that consumes 5 ammo for 1 shot.


Pros :

  • Highlights zombies in a white overlay.
  • Reveals Wraiths (Does not highlight them.)

Cons : 

  • Alters your view when aiming down sights
  • Low dps.

The Virtuoso’s ‘Whisper’

This is a Tier 6 handgun that has a 50% chance to Critically Strike and Strikes for almost 3 times the damage on last shot.


Pros :

  • Very rewarding remantling
  • Very High single target damage

Cons : 

  • Only holds 4 shots
  • Long fire delay

Shail Master’s Shotgun

This is a Tier 6 Shotgun that deals extra damage when ricocheting bullets off of the world.

When shooting, if you hit the floor or walls and ricochet, your bullet splits to 4 and has its damage multiplied significantly.

It can still be used as a normal shotgun.

Pros :

  • Incredible damage output if used properly.
  • Can quickly clear hordes.

Cons : 

  • Is average or weaker than lower tier weapons if not ricochet’d properly.

The Devourer

This zombie is a runner class boss. While he is not quick, it is made up for with his utility.

  • PRIMARY ATTACK : Quick basic attacks with low range that stunt human movement.
  • SECONDARY ATTACK : Throws out a bone as a hook that paralyzes for a brief period of time and pulls humans towards him.


  • Health – 1600
  • Speed  – 160
  • Melee Damage – 24
  • Melee Range – 52
  • Melee Delay – 0.36
  • Hook Range – Medium / Around 60 Feet.
  • Hook Delay – 3.25