Frost Shade

Frost Shade

Frost Shade is a support class boss with many unique abilities. It is able to absorb mass amounts of damage and attack humans from a range.

This boss is ideal when attacking cades with small entrances or tight corners.

While Frost Shade’s shield is active, bullets will deal 1 damage while melees deal full damage. The secondary attack tosses chunks of ice to slow and kill humans.


  • RELOAD: Pull rock from ground.
  • SHIFT: Channel shield.



  • Health – 1500
  • Speed – 170
  • Rock Damage ~ 44 (AOE)
  • Rock Range – Short
  • Melee Delay – .45

The Butcher

The Butcher is a runner class boss with short range and high dps. Sneaking up on vulnerable humans allows for this boss to wreak havoc.

The Butcher’s average move speed and short range encourages sneaking up on humans outside of cades.


  • PRIMARY ATTACK: Rapidly swing at humans with a butcher’s knife.



  • Health – 1750
  • Speed – 235
  • Melee Damage – 28
  • Melee Range – 48
  • Melee Delay – .45

Type XIIIA Longsword

This is a tier 3 melee with moderate damage and an ability to cleave through multiple zombies.

This weapon excels in hordes. It will also proc on hit effects such as the power gauntlet.


  • Can kill hordes with AOE.
  • Triggers power gauntlet easily.


  • Low single target damage.




The Nightmare zombie is a runner class boss that excels at focusing down one person at a time. While he can hunt down targets with high move speed, he suffers against multiple targets.



  • PRIMARY ATTACK: Swipe at a human dealing low damage and affecting the target with blindness and slowness.



  • Health – 2000
  • Speed – 280
  • Melee Damage – 15
  • Melee Damage Vs Props – 40 
  • Melee Range – 48
  • Melee Delay – 1.2
  • Blind Duration – 10 seconds
  • Slow Duration – 5.4 seconds

The Wil O’ Wisp

This spirit of the dead is a flying support class boss, meant for distracting humans from other zombies. The Wisp does minimal damage and has the lowest health of any boss.

  • PRIMARY ATTACK : Create a burst of light around you that blinds and damages humans.
  • ON DEATH : Release a blinding explosion.


  • Health – 1000
  • Speed  – 240
  • Primary AOE Damage (distance based) – 1-5
  • On Death AOE Damage (distance based)   1-35
  • AOE Range  Small / 150
  • Blind Human Debuff   Blinds the humans’ screen for a second with a flash of bright light.