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    Here is the the template you should use to fill out your appeal for whatever punishment you received while using one of FWKZT’s services. Once you have read these guidelines, make your appeal via a topic following these guidelines.


    Steam Name –
    Steam Profile –
    Steam ID
    Where were you punished –
    Who punished you –
    Why were you punished –
    Do you have any proof to support any claims you want to make? –
    Do you have a witness to your punishment? –
    Is there anything else you want us to consider? –

    1. Expect a response within 1-3 days from an administrator, if one has not been received by then, you may ping administrative roles.

    2. Only respond to questions that administrators ask you; do not derail from your appeal in ANY WAY.

    3. Keep it professional, all administrators reserve the right to ignore your appeal if you are acting unruly/aggressive towards other players/team members

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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