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    Welcome to the new forum!

    We’re still getting things ready so for now here’s some basic guidelines for posting on the forum. Before we get to the rules, let’s learn more about how to navigate around this place easily!

    What can I do here?

    Currently, there are three forums designated for

    1. General Discussion
    2. Developers
    3. Help/Support

    While the list is sure to grow in the future, these are the basic forums in which you can make a topic on (Insert here).

    Sign up

    1. If you haven’t signed up yet, hover over the login link on the header then click register to visit the register page to begin the registering process.
    2. Provide a default username & password(You can change these later).
    3. Once you register, you should receive in email in which you will be given a link that provides you with your first hashed password(Again, you can change this later).
    4. Copy the password then proceed to login to your new account.
    5. Once you have your new account you can view your dashboard to change display name, password, color layout, and forum avatar.


    1. No spamming
    2. No excessive mentions towards other members, mods or developers
    3. No impersonating other members or moderators
    4. No providing off-topic/pointless advice in the FWKZT Support forum
    5. No posting non-related developer/WIP content in the FWKZT Developer forum
    6. No mindless shitposting when actual discussion is occurring
    7. No asking for ranks
    8. Do not create alt accounts


    • If you find a bug, report it! It will help us immensely if you report them. failing to due so & purposely exploiting a forum bug will result in punishment.
    • Ban appeals & report_asap are not available here yet, so don’t post ban appeals here.
    • Have fun!



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