Got banned without warning. No reason was given.

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    Steam Name –TheSoldier9298
    Steam Profile –
    Steam ID –STEAM_0:1:114589959
    Where were you punished – Friends Who Kill Zombies Together –
    Who punished you – Jaek
    Why were you punished – Now this is a bit of a long answer, we were playing the ZE map with the dicks, vaginas and the map chat cursing every few seconds. I was complaining about it and after 10 complaints (over a period of 5-7 minutes) I was muted. For 24 hours. I worked around it by using tags, but since I only had 17,000 points I tried to use it only a little bit. After we switched maps to the mall map I began to use the tags more. Jaek threatened that he would kick me if I didn’t stop, but since it was my only way of communication I ignored him. He kicked me, I came back 10 seconds later and I told JMJ95 why I was using tags to talk. After I had done this Jaek found a way to take away all 17,000+ of my points from me. I worked around this too by changing my name. I said sorry and made a sarcastic sad face before explaining why I was doing that to JMJ again. Then, without warning, I was banned from the server.
    Do you have any proof to support any claims you want to make? – I guess you can check my previous names to see that the name changing was true but other than that, not really. I didn’t think to take screenshots because I didn’t think Jaek would ban me.
    Do you have a witness to your punishment? – JMJ95, Raccoon, barones, Weeaboo, Mr Spicy, cpt zilla, The Moisturizer, Real_Itachi_Uchiha. Hopefully one of them speaks up.
    Is there anything else you want us to consider? – I have been with FWKZT ever since the TTT server was shut down and probably 6 months before that. After that I switched to the zombie server to play with the friends I had made who by now have moved on with their lives. Although I didn’t take Jaek’s attempts to silence me seriously, I didn’t spend the entire time after being muted annoying him or anything like that, all I wanted was to talk to other players without having to wait a whole day. If he had warned me about the ban I would’ve shut up and left, instead he said “Go play on a Gentleman’s server” before kicking me. Although I hope that I can be let back into the server, I doubt that will happen. I just hope that I get a reason for this that isn’t “You were being annoying”



    Okay maybe it was more like 20 complaints in 5 minutes



    sorry for late response. no one ever goes here and i rarely check.

    the maps that are played on the server are in rotation and are voted by the players. you don’t need to constantly spam chat with your opinion of a map, you can go to the discord and post your suggestions for the server.
    ze pidaras (penis map) has been reduced to a single round while mako reactor still remains at three.

    communicating through chat tags can be considered evading your silence punishment.
    i take part blame in the result of a ban from the server. i went overboard emotionally and let it out on an unfair punishment. i’ll look into adjusting tag privileges for muted users to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

    bans have been wiped off the new server. follow the rules.

    ill see you again

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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