I'm requesting an unban for something that doesn't break the rules.

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    Steam Name – Birdspacito

    Steam Profile – https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198048524833/

    Steam ID – STEAM_0:1:44129552

    Where were you punished – Main server

    Who punished you – I couldn’t see who was banning me in time. I assume it was Switch since he’s banned several people for stupid reasons.

    Why were you punished – Bringing a prop into a barricade to help out the cader. First of all, no rules state anything about bringing props into barricades.

    The only rule that would remotely make sense for this to violate is the no team trolling rule, but yet again, bringing props into barricades with them being organized isn’t team trolling, but making a mess with props could be considered team trolling as no one likes rummaging through messy, cluttered piles of props.

    Do you have any proof to support any claims you want to make? – For proof of others getting unfairly banned by Switch, an example of a conversation between someone who hasn’t played in a while yet got banned and a ZS server owner is here:

    Do you have a witness to your punishment? – Several other people have been hit by Switch’s tyranny. Look at the image in the “Is there anything else you want us to consider?” section for an example.

    Is there anything else you want us to consider? – https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/476212169403400199/483615425331200000/unknown.png
    This image shows a conversation between an owner of another ZS server and someone banned from the main server, in which the latter didn’t even play on the server recently.

    Also, in I think June, I got permamuted for asking for a T6 shotgun as a joke because an admin spawned in one.



    You’ve broke multiple rules in discord and are a troll, there went discord.
    I banned you in game. To my knowledge, I did not ban you for bringing a prop into a barricade. I’m certain it was something small, but with the fact that you trolled on discord constantly, why am I to go easy on you.
    You agree to act properly on discord and in game or at least act proper to a certain extent.

    Proof that supports your claim is a chat log about someone else getting banned??
    I don’t think you know cunt64.
    Hes always cancerous, rarely played, and then connected just to make a shitty remark. So he can be removed.

    I was not the one who permamuted you for asking for a t6 shotgun, but if I was the one who muted you, then you got muted for a different reason.

    only the best



    I wasn’t consciously trying to break the rules on the discord.

    For the record, Cunt64 was someone who was also banned on the server even though he said on another discord server that he doesn’t remember the last time he played.

    Still, I mean, I wouldn’t really mind if there was a side server which is just the main server but it’s a dumpster fire of people who fucked up enough to get banned from the main server, and people who are bored enough to hop onto the dumpster fire server.



    There shouldn’t be a server dedicated for people who get banned from FWKZT.
    When you get banned from somewhere, it is supposed to have a meaning. Otherwise, whats the point in banning someone?

    If you weren’t consciously trying to break the rules of the discord then that means you didn’t read any of the rules.
    There is a text channel that the invite to the discord makes you join on, you didn’t read that.
    You didn’t read the header of the specific channels that give you another layer of rules, not read.

    You keep bringing up Cunt64, This is your ban appeal, you’re wasting your time typing about him, especially when you don’t know anything about what happened to him.

    only the best

    All of humanity
    All of humanity

    Steam Name – All of humanity

    Steam Profile – https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198141998279/

    Steam ID – 76561198141998279

    Where were you punished – Main server

    Who punished you – Jaek

    Why were you punished – jaek 290200 min ballpited me wich is 6 months for being annoying i was typing in chat when he did it not talking then he muted my chat for 1400mins then he PERMABANNED ME from discord chat then banned me from main server with no reason at all it just said you’ve Benn banned and jaek also called me a nutcase/nuisance and told all my friends to block me on discord and that made me really sad that i can no longer talk to my friends on the discord or in the game and

    Do you have any proof to support any claims you want to make? – jaek has been mean to me for a while and during a game he would give himself guns and he told MY OWN FRIENDS TO BLOCK ME BECAUSE I WAS A NUTCASE/NUISANCE and now 1 of my friends don’t talk to me because of jaek

    Do you have a witness to your punishment? – discord barones#2519 ericthe1234#6899

    Is there anything else you want us to consider? – i applied to be and admin on the main server to stop stuff like this from happening and people started to be mean like when someone asked a question or for help they would just start making fun of the person like me i asked for a medic and i had 15 hp and they just told me to die and wouldn’t help me
    Please unban me and un permabann me from discord and because of this i was crying for a while please make jaek resign for what he put me threw. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

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    All of humanity
    All of humanity


    All of humanity
    All of humanity

    jaek you ballpited me for 6 months and called me a NUISANCE AND TOLD ALL MY FRIENDS TO BLOCK ME

    what if this happened to you

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