The following is the list of rules that are to be followed when playing on the FWKZT Zombie Survival Server. We reserve the right to punish you if you break any of the rules below.

  1. Do NOT cheat and exploit.
  2. Do NOT use extreme language, cursing is allowed but anything illegal or considered extreme will be punishable.
  3. Do NOT discriminate: Players on this server are protected by administration from discrimination.
  4. Do NOT advertise other servers or links in text chat or voice chat.
  5. Do NOT mic spam excessively or chat spam excessively; this includes soundboards and annoying noises.
  6. Do NOT steal props: Once a barricading spot has been claimed, the claimant has full control over the props within the barricading spot. Only the claimant and players they designate to assist are allowed to barricade within the area.
  7. Do NOT troll your own team: This includes meta-gaming, destroying props, or generally being a nuisance.
  8. Do NOT be hostile towards new players: You were in their shoes at one point. Providing advice like “Alt-F4” and “quit” when asking a serious question will get you punished.
  9. Do NOT impersonate an admin or backseat moderate: Let the admins do their job. If you have an issue with one, file a report on the forums or make a ticket on the discord.
  10. Do NOT attempt to start flame wars via namedropping communities or accusing them of things or straight up attacking them over a personal opinion rather than facts.
  11. Do NOT over-stack the initial zombie volunteer count on low-pop (less than 3 volunteers) or too much on high-pop (1-3 players extra).
  12. Do NOT excessive zmain: which means going zombie game after game.
  13. Do NOT boss hog excessively: This means letting yourself die as boss to get it again or not letting others play boss upon requesting it.
  14. Do NOT barricade zombie spawns.
  15. Do NOT point cade; this means making barricades that serve only to gain you points.
  16. Do NOT skycade: building a barricade only attached to the ceiling or walls. This only applies when generators are enabled. (This does not include bridges)
  17. Do NOT prop block backpacks or intentionally prevent team mates from fairly grabbing backpacks.

If you feel your punishment was unfairly given or if you want to appeal your punishment, go to


We reserve the right to punish you if you do not follow our rules of conduct.