Added new Waraxe model by Regal
Added the option to hide hand models
Added the option to hide the killfeed
Added the option to hide avatars in the kill feed
Added back Doom Crab and Extinction Crab
Added back Zweihander to the shop
Added the strength bomb
Added new Oberon model by Regal
Added back Resonance Cascade
Added the “Corrosive Ammunition” attachment
Added starter trinkets (trinkets that can only be obtained from the worth menu)
Added back and rebalanced Recovery Magnifier, Galvanizer Implant, and Feather Fall Frame trinkets
Added Smart Targeter to the arsenal
Added a build-up bar to the Warhammer that allows you to grant AOE buffs to humans when filled
Added the Master Chef trinket that allows you to gain food items when using culinary weapons
Added the Sous Chef trinket that increases Master Chef progress
Added a new Burger food item
Added the wave 6 Armored Headcrab evolution for the Headcrab
Added back Charger

Changed up the options menu to fit MK’s Half Life theme.
Organized F1 Settings menu so the layout is better.
Removed wave lock from bosses
Converted the strength shot to be trace instead of a projectile
You can now buff players with strength shot, even if they are at max hp
Inferno Aug now has innate incendiary
Optimized firing sounds on some weapons
Various gamemode micro-optimizations
Removed the HL1 Skeleton and HL1 zombie model from the model selection
You can now place deployables while phasing
Removed point multiplier from pulse weapons
You can now nail props that are made of glass/ceramic
Gave the Gluon pulse slow by default
Reduced the amount of damage resistance gained from breaking generators
Getting hit by zombies no longer resets the backpack unpack timer
Remade and simplified the Battle Classes
You can no longer break the Carrion Minelayer’s mines as zombie
Eating food now gives random buffs
Removed the Afterlife
You now get points for removing headcrabs from other players
Removed viewpunch from melee weapons
Removed screenshake from the Tank
The nesting radius of antlion now scales down by wave (you can nest closer to humans as the waves progress)

Added quickdraw support to the Shail Master’s
Added damage arcs to the Sawhack, Butcher’s Knife, Machete, Katana
Removed the damage bonus from the Brawler trait
Rebalanced all melees to compensate for Brawler no longer providing a damage bonus
Increased jump height of the Powerfists
Ricocheting with the Shail Master’s now does 2x damage
Increased the amount of nails received from the worth menu

Nerfed medic speed boost from +50 speed -> +35 speed

Buffed Devourer hook damage from 8 -> 20, getting hit by the hook now gives you 3 seconds of slow, melee damage increased from 24 -> 30, getting hit by Devourer now gives you bleed
Nerfed Tank range from 65 -> 55
Nerfed Tank movement speed slightly, but increased base health by 1000
Buffed Pukepus Poison spit (now spits for a longer duration)
Reworked Butcher’s Pan slow
Bonemesh can now heal bosses 50% of their health (up from 40%)
Increased the base health of all bosses
Made Antlion a wave 2 unlock

Bug Fixes:
Fixed Redeemers not lowering when phasing
Fixed hull sizes for Tank, Cremator, Doom Crab, Extinction Crab, Antlion, and Antlion Worker
Fixed m82 not being able to do headshot damage
Fixed Zweihander causing lua errors
Fixed Z9000 having the incorrect fire modes
Fixed Reaper status exploit that allowed players to gain reaper stacks when switching weapons
Fixed Devourer hook hitbox being tiny
Fixed the Neutrino Gluon variant doing overheat damage
Fixed crowbar not removing coupled headcrabs from other players

Posted January 09, 2023