Welcome to FWKZT!

We are a gaming community focused towards source mod games.

Through our active development team, we listen to suggestions from you, the player and make good ideas turn into reality.

Our staff team consists of players just like you, willing to stand up to provide game play advice and keep the server running smoothly.

Our staff contribute to development, promote a friendly environment and love the game as much as you do!




37 / 45 Official Mall of the Dead 24/7 - FWKZT.com
23 / 45 Official Heaven VS Hell - FWKZT.com
0 / 8 Flood 3.0 Beta - FWKZT.com

Total number of players: 60/98



Posted on Monday July 09, 2018

Check out recent announcements made on the Steam Group on any browser device of your choice @ https://fwkzt.com/@everyone Continue Reading »

FWKZT Stats Live

Posted on Tuesday May 29, 2018

Want to have verified bragging rights?Check to see if you've made the top ten in categories ranging from headshots to assists in addition to a search feature for your own ... Continue Reading »

We're on Discord.me

Posted on Tuesday May 08, 2018

Along with being indexed & allowing for the outside world to see us, we also got a vanity url thingy.Come visit us @ https://discord.me/fwkztConsider this your permanent invitation :)@everyone Continue Reading »

New FWKZT Discord Invite Link

Posted on Saturday March 31, 2018

https://discord.gg/gFdXTEK Continue Reading »

View server status live

Posted on Friday March 02, 2018

Forget Gametracker, If you're interested in # of players & other info, check it out @ https://www.fwkzt.com/@everyone Continue Reading »


What is FWKZT?

F.W.K.Z.T. is a gaming community originally founded by Mka0207 and Super-Henick in early 2011, then later disbanded in 2012 and revived in 2013. F.W.K.Z.T. also has ties to Zombie Panic Source and other Source Engine related Games/Mods.

What games do we play?

While FWKZT primarily focuses around the Zombie Survival game mode, it's not hard to find members within the community to play other Valve/FPS games with. We are always open to suggestions for new game servers and content.

What's it like here?

We always encourage players to engage in teamwork and get along with fellow players. From administrators to server regulars, everyone has the chance to get involved in the community at any level.

Where should I start?

Join our Discord above or get on one of our servers! Make sure to read the rules first before starting! If you really enjoy our server and want to keep it alive, make sure to donate!

Moderation Guidelines

FWKZT is administered by its founder, management group and staff members who apply voluntarily to help with moderation.

All staff members will use their best judgment to apply the guidelines in a fair way and moderate activities appropriately.

Staff members may not have the time or inclination to explain their moderation decisions and are under no obligation to do so. Should a conflict arise, they will answer to the higher ups.

Any activity, comments, posts or other interaction that you have with this community may be moderated by the staff members of this community, with or without explanation.

If you are not sure if something you want to post will breach community guidelines, please contact a Super Administrator or Manager privately before you post it an explain your concerns.

The management will have the final decision on what is and isn’t acceptable use of this community.

Community Guidelines

As a gaming community, we feel obliged to present all members with guidelines that will help ensure a productive and respectful gaming community.

Every member bears responsibilities that will contribute to a better gaming experience and those responsibilities should not be entirely neglected.

Privacy Policy

These guidelines exist alongside and do not replace FWKZT’s Server Rules or Terms of Service.

We do not share your confidential data with any 3rd party organizations, nor do we index such information for malicious purposes.


By playing on our servers, posting and participating in our Discord or sharing your feedback with higher ups in this community, you agree to read these guidelines and act according to them.

These guidelines may be updated at any time by the management and every update will be posted on our announcements.