What is FWKZT?

Friends Who Kill Zombies Together is a gaming community originally founded by Mka0207 and Super-Henick in early 2011, then later disbanded in 2012 and revived in 2013. We primarily features servers in Garry's Mod and DayZ

What games do we play?

While FWKZT primarily focuses around the Zombie Survival game mode, it's not hard to find members within the community to play other Valve/FPS games with. We are always open to suggestions for new game servers and content as well.

What's it like here?

We always encourage players to engage in teamwork and get along with fellow players. Everyone has the chance to get involved in the community at any level.

Where should I start?

Join our Discord above or get on one of our servers! Make sure to read the rules first before starting! If you really enjoy our server and want to keep it alive, make sure to donate!

We rely on you

FWKZT services are managed, developed, and supported by players just like you. For over half a decade, FWKZT has been powered by players across many different platforms and has expanded to include services far beyond where we originally started. FWKZT now serves as a community in which you can:

  • Play on different servers across different games
  • Learn basic development skills(Anything from SDK, Scripting Langauges, Web Development, etc...)
  • Learn about various in-game skills and attributes via our own Wiki
  • Join various FWKZT VoIP servers to meet to people and grow closer towards the community

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FWKZT Store Sale

Posted on Monday June 17, 2019

We are currently running a sale on our official store![fwkzt.com]Starting now until July the 24th, we are running a sale on the following items: All starter & support packages are ... Continue Reading »

FWKZT Stats System Updated!

Posted on Friday June 07, 2019

@everyoneWe've pushed an update centered around better performance along with better collection of in-game stats.Note: If you played on the server prior to this point, all stats up to now ... Continue Reading »

HVH Has Returned!

Posted on Wednesday April 24, 2019

Hello everybody! We have quite the announcement today;The long awaited Heaven VS Hell (HVH) server has finally made its return! it's up and running now over at Come on ... Continue Reading »

First FWKZT Official Bi-Monthly CS:GO Tournament!

Posted on Sunday February 17, 2019

Hello everyone with the success of our CS:GO Tournament this weekend I am happy to announce our next event! We will be hosting another CS:GO Tournament will be on March ... Continue Reading »

FWKZT Online Store Open!

Posted on Monday February 11, 2019

Wanting choice when it comes to donating?Say no more! We now officially have a online store in which you are able to buy various in-game perks! Instead of one-tier packages, ... Continue Reading »

GMOD Scene Submissions Open

Posted on Sunday January 13, 2019

Calling all scene artistsWe are looking for more GMOD scenes to be added to the server loading screen as well as the front page of the FWKZT website. We are ... Continue Reading »

Positions open for staff, forum admins, developers...

Posted on Tuesday January 08, 2019

We're hiring! Whether you want to enforce the rules on the game servers, manage forum discussions, or assist in the overall development of the FWKZT community, we would love to ... Continue Reading »

Weekly Member Game and Discord Nitro Giveaways Starting Monday!

Posted on Sunday January 06, 2019

Hey everyone! Beginning on 1/7 we will begin having weekly and random surprise in-game giveaways for community members and above! These giveaways will include a wide variety of things including ... Continue Reading »

Register on our forums, get rewards!

Posted on Thursday December 20, 2018

Consider registering on our forums today![fwkzt.com] Currently, all players who register on the forums will be given a reward in-game. This reward will be default to 8,000 GP and will ... Continue Reading »

Appeals, major discussions moved to forums

Posted on Thursday December 06, 2018

Ban appeals and major topic discussions will now take place on our forums -> https://fwkzt.com/forum@everyone Continue Reading »