ZS Change-log 8/27/2021

– Shock Helmet Trinket now returns! It shocks Headcrabs when they try to couple to your head. (Mka)
– Night Vision Goggles have been tweaked and added back. (Mka)
– Added Scoreboard Icons for Pass Holders. (Mka)

– The couple chance for Headcrabs has increased from 20% to 50%. (Mka)
– The Howler Model has been changed to be more like the origin Howler. (Mka)
– Updated the Member Icon. (Mka)

– Fixed exploit where zlisted players could troll with hauler drones. (Mka)
– Fixed the Antlion’s Hull Size and can now fit through vents. (Mka)

August 27, 2021

ZS Change-log 8/25/2021

– Added a new model for the Health Station. (Lexy, Mka)
– Added Boss Stock where if Xen Creatures don’t become Boss for a wave, it will be added to the stock amount of boss lives which will allow these unused boss lives to be used later in the game. (Mka)
– Added a Blood Armor mechanic for Zombies. Zombines and Bonemesh currently spawn with Blood Armor and more features will be added to it in the future! (Mka)
– Cleaned up and Added New Hud Elements in the HL2 style including Points, DNA, and other small details. (Mka)
– Added a status icon for when you are effected by the Howler Attack Speed Buff. (Mka)
– Added pictures, descriptions, and cleaned up map names for the current maps in FWKZT Mapvote. (Tuck, Mka)
– Navmeshed and added multiple new maps to the ZS server. (Tuck)

– Zombines’ Resistances have now been removed in place of Blood Armor. (Mka)
– Removed the “Avatar” Chem Pistol. (Tuck)
– Removed the “Punisher” Remantle on the “Sweeper” Shotgun. (Tuck)
– Removed the “Recall” Remantle on the “Ricochete” Revolver. (Tuck)
– Removed the “Resonance” Remantle on the “Sprayer” Uzi. (Tuck)

– Zombine Primary Attack is now automatic. (Mka)
– Zombines will no longer be able to start grenading while feigned. (Mka)
– Updated Night Vision Goggles to support projected textures. (Mka)

– Did a Temporary Fix for the Drones having bugged aim. (Mka)
– Fixed the Antlion hull and reduced its scale. (Mka)

August 25, 2021

ZS Change-log 8/16/2021

– Added Hazmat Player Model for Gold Pass Holders. (Mka)
– Added a better attack animation for Antlion. (Mka)

– Removed the Skeletal Shambler. (Mka, Tuck)

– Fixed the Zombie View Model Animations. (Mka)
– Fixed Zombie SWEP Attack Animation. (Lexy, Mka)
– Fixed knocked down humans not glowing in Zombie Vision. (Mka, Bagel)

– Zombine now has Bullet Resistance with weaknesses to Buckshot and Rifle Weapons. (Mka, Tuck)
– The “Akbar” Assault Rifle is now moved back to being a Tier 3. (Tuck)
– The “Amigo” Assault Rifle Micronaut Remantle now will no longer be able to accept Extended Magazine Attachment. (Tuck)
– Slightly reduced the Accuracy on the “Annabelle” Birdshot Remantle. (Tuck)
– Increased the Damage of the “Eraser” Tactical Pistol from 20 to 21. (Tuck)
– Increased the Damage of the “Sweeper” Shotgun from 16 to 17 per pellet. (Tuck)
– Increased the damage of the “Triad” Assault Rifle from 6.75 to 7.5 per pellet. (Tuck)
– Increased the Damage of the “Helios” Gluon Gun from 23 to 25. (Tuck)
– Decreased the Damage of the Sawhack from 45 to 42. (Tuck)
– Decreased the Damage of the “Glock” Shroud Remantle from 30 to 28.5. (Tuck)
– Decreased the Damage of the “Gilboa” Snake Rifle from 24 to 21.5. (Tuck)

August 16, 2021

ZS Change-log 8/3/2021

– Zombines and Antlions are now able to move and attack at the same time! (Mka)
– Headcrabs now have a 1st person view model. (Mka, Lexy)

– Fixed the resupply not opening all the way. (Bagel)
– Fixed Zombine View Model. (Mka)
– Fixed Antlion Wings Details. (Mka)
– Multiple fixes to the new boss selection system. (Mka)

– Changed up the Attack Speed on the Antlion Attack. (Mka)
– Increased the “Avatar” Chem Pistol Damage from 32 to 36. (Tuck)
– Decreased the damage of the Combine Jackhammer from 8.5 damage per pellet to 2 damage per pellet. (Tuck)

August 3, 2021

ZS Change-log 7/29/2021 #2

Fixed Zombine movement to support 9 way animation ( MKA )
Fixed Zombine attacking to support blended 9 way animation ( MKA )

You can now attack and move while zombine and pull grenades while running or walking etc.
Lowered barricade DNA payout from 500 to 375 damage.
Fixed boss not being buyable on wave 6.
Removed bot takeover population limits to help zteam on high pop.

July 29, 2021

ZS Change-log 7/29/2021

– New Boss Selection Mechanic! (Mka)
– Instead of being picked as boss for doing the most amount of human damage, you now able to buy boss during intermission for DNA.
– DNA is gathered from either hitting players or hitting barricades of alive players. The specific numbers being 100 Player Damage = 5 DNA and 500 Barricade Damage = 5 DNA. You will also be notified whenever you have reached a threshold to be given DNA.
– Bosses can now only spawn during wave active after being purchased.
– Starting zombies as well as players who die and turn into zombie will start out with 10 DNA to work with.
– Added Vortigaunt Player Model and Chat Sounds. (Mka)

– Fixed typos in weapons causing said weapons to not be able to equip Quickdraw Magazine. (Mka)
– Fixed the boss spawn on zs_ravine. (Mka)

– Fixed the Rebar Mace textures. (Mka, Lexy)
– Removed the Zombine Sprinting Mutation. Zombines can do it normally now. (Mka)

ZS Change-log 7/20/2021

– Armor Plate System Added. (Mka)
– Added new Armor Ammo Icon. (Tuck)

– Exfil Combine Soldiers Buffed and HP are now balanced off of alive humans. (Mka)
– Deployables are now not able to be placed during exfil. (Mka)
– Allowed Crows to now do damage. (Mka)
– Changed the UI for Rejuvenator, Medical Kit, and “Savior” Medic Pistol. (Liverneck)
– ACOG Attachment has been disabled. (Tuck)
– Cryogenic Ammunition has been enabled. (Tuck)

– Fixed Incendiary Bolt Weapon Bug. (Mka)
– Fixed issue with Exfil Combine Spawning in the ground. (Mka)
– Fixed Exfil Timer being under Generator Icons. (Mka)

– “Annabelle” Birdshot Remantle now uses Buckshot Ammo instead of Rifle at the cost of less damage. (tuck)
– “Annabelle” Rifle is now able to equip the Quickdraw Modification. (Tuck)
– Increased the damage of the “Avatar” Chemical Pistol from 28 to 32. (Tuck)
– Lucille’s Fire Delay was reduced from 1.75 to 1.6. (Tuck)
– “Sokols” Assault Rifle Damage has been increased from 24 to 25. (Tuck)
– “Zombie Drill” Desert Eagle Accuracy has been slightly reduced. (Tuck)
– “Longarm” Handgun Accuracy has been increased. (Tuck)
– Lacerator’s Fast Damage and Slow Damage have been increased slightly. (Tuck)

July 20, 2021

ZS Change-log 7/1/2021

– Gameplay Hud, Killfeed, and Main Menu have been revamped to now more represent a Half-Life Theme. (Mka)
– Exfil revamped to now involve fighting against The Combine using Pulse Rifles and Stun Batons. (Mka)

– Lacerators are now unlocked on Wave 5 to help against runners. (Mka)
– Pukepus is now poplocked on low pop. (Mka)

– “Snitcher” Shotgun and “Headhunter” Sniper has been removed. (Mka)
– Removed Exfil Damage Reset. (Mka)

– “Silencer” SMG and “Reaper” UMP are now able to equip the Extended Magazine. (Tuck)

July 1, 2021

ZS Change-log 6/23/2021

– Created a new Half life 2 styled UI for the Ammo Counter on Weapons. (Mka)

– “Longarm” Handgun is now a Tier 4 with Increased Damage and Clip Size. (Tuck)
– Ranged Weapons using AR Ammo will no longer be able to equip Quickdraw Modification. (Tuck)
– Melee Weapons in the Arsenal are now organized in alphabetical order. (Tuck)

– Fixed the Rebar Mace Textures. (Lexy)
– “Avatar” Chemical Pistol Coding Reworked to patch the mode switching issue. (Liver)

– Increased the Damage on the “Waraxe” Handgun from 12 to 14.5. (Tuck)
– Reduced the Damage Multiplier on the “Crossfire” Glock-3 Shroud Remantler from 2.3x to 2x. (Tuck)
– Slightly reduced the accuracy on the “Zombie Drill” Desert Eagle. (Tuck)
– “Tempest” Burst Pistol and “Longarm” Handgun are now able to equip the Quickdraw Modification. (Tuck)
– Removed Max Stock on “Edo” Katana. (Tuck)
– Reduced the Max Stock on the “Scorch” Blade from 3 to 2. (Tuck)

June 23, 2021

ZS Change-log 6/14/2021

== Fixes ==
– Fixed the Headcrab Attach Issue at the start of Exfil. (Mka)
– Fixed the Exfil Hatch being a Missing Texture. (Mka)
– Fixed Bolt Weapons not being able to ignite zombies with Incendiary Ammunition. (Mka)
– Fixed Stalker Lasers not being able to go through Shade Shield. (Mka)
– Fixed Boss Spawn on zs_sludge. (Mka)

== Balances ==
– “Gladiator” Super Shotgun is now craftable by using Superior Assembly and “Sweeper” Shotgun. (Tuck)
– “Blareduct” Zip Gun is now craftable by using Lead Pipe and “Blaster” Shotgun Component. (Tuck)

– Decreased the Damage of the Executioner’s Axe from 105 to 102. (Tuck)
– Decreased the Damage of the “Berserk” Zweihander from 210 to 190. (Tuck)
– Increased the Damage of the Power Fists from 82 to 85. (Tuck)
– Increased the Damage of the “Helios” Gluon Gun from 20.5 to 23. (Tuck)
– Increased the Clip Size of the “Avatar” Chemical Pistol from 8 to 12. (Tuck)

== Attachments ==
– Ranged Weapons using SMG Ammo will now not be able to equip Cyro Modification. (Tuck)
– “Hewitz” Medic SMG is now able to equip the Incendiary Ammunition, Extended Magazine and Quickdraw Modification. (Tuck)
– “Sokols” AR is now able to equip the Extended Magazine. (Tuck)
– “Silencer” SMG, “Galestorm” SMG, and “Bulletstorm” SMG is now able to equip Quickdraw Modification. (Tuck)
– “Fracture” Shotgun, “Blareduct” Zip Gun, “Snitcher” Shotgun, “Keletal” KG-14, “Sweeper” Shotgun, and “Gladiator” Shotgun is now able to equip Quickdraw Modification. (Tuck)

June 14, 2021

ZS Change-log 6/8/2021

== Additions ==
– Added new Tier 4 “Avatar” Chemical Pistol (Liverneck)
– Added back the “Convalescence” Medical Rifle (Without remantle for now). (Tuck)
– Added a new “Recall” Remantle to the “Ricochete” Magnum (Liverneck)
– Added a new “Sweeper” Shotgun “Punisher” Remantle (Liverneck)
– Remade Model for “Sprayer” Uzi “Resonance” Remantle (Liverneck)
– Gave “Stubber” Rifle and “Blaster” Shotgun the ability to equip Quickdraw Modification. (Tuck)

== Fixes ==
– Fixed the ? in the Trinket Support Tab. (Mka)
– Fixed the Sludge Zombie Spawn where Boss Zombies would get stuck. (Mka)
– Fixed Many Kill Icons being too small. (Tuck)

== Changes ==
– Changed the Sawhack Razorhack Remantle to do Bleed Damage instead of the old mechanic. (Liverneck)
– Organized Alphabetically and Cleaned Up Arsenal Crate (Will Do Melee Soon) (Tuck)
– Voice chat is no longer enabled during mapvotes. (Mka)

== Balances ==
– Increased the Fire Delay on the Medic Rifle from 2.4 to 2.7.
– Decreased the Metal Chair Damage from 40 to 38. (Tuck)
– Decreased the Baseball Bat Damage from 62 to 60. (Tuck)
– Decreased the Fishing Spear Damage from 70 to 62. (Tuck)
– Increased the Pushing Broom Damage from 55 to 56. (Tuck)
– Increased the Shovel Damage from 60 to 65. (Tuck)
– Increased the Metal Chair Fire Delay from 0.7 to 0.75. (Tuck)
– Increased the Rebar Mace Ward Hammer Remantle Damage Multiplier from 0.75 to 0.85. (Tuck)

June 8, 2021

ZS Change-log 5/28/2021

– Allow disconnected client to be human still before Wave 0. (Mka)
– Removed extra view elements on the “Waraxe” Handgun. (Mka)
– Added support for telefrags. (Mka)
– Added the Tier 6 Melee “Berserk” Zweihander. (Replacement for Buster Sword) (Lexy, Tuck)
– Added the “Sprayer” Uzi “Resonance” Remantle. (Liverneck, Tuck)
– Added back the Power Fists as a Tier 4. (Tuck)
– Gave the Bolt Weapons the capabilities to equip Incendiary Mod. (Tuck)
– “Amigo” Assault Rifle now is able to equip Extended Magazine. (Tuck)
– “Jackhammer” Drum Shotgun now is able to equip Quickdraw Magazine. (Tuck)
– Increased the “Cosmos” Pulse Remantle Damage Multiplier from 0.65 to 0.725. (Tuck)
– Decreased the “Zombie Drill” Desert Eagle Damage from 54 to 52. (Tuck)
– Increased the Primary Delay of the “Renegade” Rifle from 1 to 1.45 seconds per shot to more balance it with the Quasar. (Tuck)
– Fixed the “Triad” Assault Rifle Killicon. (Tuck)

May 28, 2021

ZS Change-log 4/27/2021

– Fixed Giga Gore Roar not working on time ( Bagel )
– Fixed generators not setting broken model ( MKA )
– Reworked harpoon throwing into a recharge system ( MKA )
Tucks Balances :
– Increased knockback of Frying Pan from 0 to 60.
– Increased knockback of Pot from 0 to 40.
– Decreased knockback of Crowbar from 110 to 80.
– Decreased knockback of Baseball Bat and its remantle from 100 to 75.
– Increased knockback of Lucille from 0 to 75.
– Increased knockback of Golf Club from 0 to 25.
– Increased knockback of Golf Club Tiger Woods Remantle from 25 to 50.
– Decreased knockback of Sawhack from 100 to 50.
– Increased knockback of Bust-On-A-Stick from 0 to 110.
– Decreased Frying Pan Damage from 40 to 38.
– Decreased Delay on Ladel from 0.9 to 0.8 seconds.
– Increased Delay on “Edo” Katana from 0.85 to 1 seconds.
– Decreased critical multiplier on Loea from 2x to 1.5x.
– Decreased the “Alyx” Pulse Pistol Damage from 16.5 to 15.5.
– Increased the ConeMin (1.5 to 2.5) and ConeMax (2 to 4.5) on the “Alyx” Pulse Pistol.
– Increased the damage on the “Ender” Automatic Slug Shotgun from 44 to 49.

April 27, 2021

ZS Change-log 4/16/2021

– Hauler drone mains no longer have to worry about people stealing items held. (Bagel)
Only the owner can grab whatever the hauler is holding.
– Added discord special map notifications (/notify <type>) (Bagel, MKA)
You can use this to be notified when specific gametypes are being played
– Added discord game_results chat that displays data about each ZS round. (MKA)
– Buffed zombines melee damage from 30 -> 45. (MKA)
– Disabled headcrabs on freshdead/butcher for now (bug) (MKA)
– Bastardzine can now strafe while pouncing. (MKA)
– Renabled headcrab couple takeover ( after killing a human via couple, you will take them over ) (MKA)
– Fixed a bug that was causing the kill feed to not show sometimes.(MKA)
– Created PVP mode for future Battle Royale events.(MKA)
– Replaced the Radhammer with the Warhammer model made by Lexydut18.
– Increased the swing time of the Kongol Axe from 0.6 to 1.2 seconds. (Tuck)
– Decreased the damage of the Executioner Axe from 110 to 105.(Tuck)
– Decreased the damage of the Great Scythe from 97.5 to 90(Tuck)
– Decreased the range of Lucille from 85 to 75.(Tuck)
– Increased the size (0.875 to 1.2) and the knockback (0 to 50) of the Guitar.(Tuck)
– Increased the knockback on the Guitar Fender Bender Remantle from +10 to +50.(Tuck)
– Increased the knockback of the Metal Chair from 15 to 100 (Tuck)
– Decreased the knockback of the Axe from 125 to 50 (Tuck)

– Reworked Winchester by increasing primary damage and making right click ADS. Fire delay has been reduced as well.

April 16, 2021

ZS Change-log 4/12/2021

– Generators are now smaller and have a better collision box ( Lexydut & MK )

April 12, 2021

ZS Change-log 4/11/2021

– Improved Alyx Gun world model (MK)
– Fixed winchester animation inconsistencies. (MK)
– Created reload time left display (MK)
– Reload time left display can be disabled in the settings.

April 11, 2021

ZS Change-log 4/10/2021

– Reworked z9000 pulse pistol into a burst fire weapon styled after Alyx’s Gun. (MK)
– Increased the reload speed on the “Snitcher” Shotgun. (TUCK)
– Gave the “Sprayer” Uzi the ability to attach the Quickdraw Magazine. (TUCK)
– Reworked the “Ricochete” Magnum “Backlash” Remantle to having reduced damage for a better ricochete damage multiplier and better accuracy per direct hit.(TUCK)
– Replaced deployable teleporters with a handheld teledevice. (MK and Lexydut)
– Added navmesh for zs_ravine (Bagel)
– Anti-Bhop systems are now ignored during dev tower maps.(MK)
– Shotguns now do more damage to skeleton shamblers. (MK)
– Wrench now repairs generators at a faster rate.(MK)
– Feign, Burrow and Poison spit mutations are now enabled by default.(MK)
– Antlion now has proper pain sounds, blended walk animations and a HL2 accurate nest texture.(MK)
– Disabled most ammo trinkets to make room for new attachments for weapons.(MK)
– Enabled Extended Mag and Quick Draw. (MK)
– Butcher is now unlocked for wave 2. (MK)
– Loot sharing is now allowed on early waves. (MK)
– Disabled props having a broken state before being destroyed.(MK)
– Fixed custom health bars not displaying.(MK)
– Nerfed Exfil zombie hp from 100->50.(MK)
– Moved skeletal shambler from mutations to main class menu.(MK)

April 10, 2021

ZS Change-log 3/21/2021

– Fixed headcrab coupling bug when being selected as boss.
– Fixed coupling hint showing to fast headcrabs despite not having the ability.
– Rewrote the weapon attachment system to be more optimized and overall more stable.
– Updated Arsenal GUI to allow more items in a single page.
– Renabled tier based organization in the arsenal.
– Fixed flashlight not turning off after deaths.
– Patched grenade jump exploit.
– Combined mutations and abilities into one category called “Mutations”.
– Created new mutation for “Skeletal Walker” so players can become the class via DNA.
– Removed E+Q attachment menu.
– You now attach things to weapon via the ALT inventory menu, just click the attachment and select attach to weapon.
– Disabled Poison Zombie detach ability due to model crashes.
– Patched exploit with zombie sprint and zombie spawn protection.
– Optimized more deployables.
– Renabled props having a broken state before being destroyed.
– Fixed issues with teleporting not canceling if away from sigils/frags.
– Poplocked AFK takeover to prevent heavy cpu usage on highpop.
– Gens can now teleport players by using E on the center. (no telepad required)

March 21, 2021

ZS Change-log 3/15/2021

– Created a Ability system for undead team to have progression towards new zombie unlocks. ( MKA )
– You can access the ability system via the F3 class menu for undead.
– On the start of each wave, zombies will be given 25 DNA points to use towards unlocking abilities. ( MKA )
– Various abilities for undead classes have been made into abilities, please be sure to check them out!
– Fixed flashlight bug after redeeming with zvision on. ( MKA )
– Created new Wave 3 class “Stalker” from HL2 universe. ( MKA & Bagel )
– Created laser beam attack for Stalker class ( MKA )
– Combined both shades into OG shade with all abilities. ( MKA )
– Removed Frost Shade. ( MKA )
– Redesigned Puke Pus look. ( MKA )
– Retconned Butcher origin story and design. ( MKA & Combine Elite )
– Renabled Gluon and Tau cannon in arsenal menu.
– Optimized various systems to allow better stability during higher pop. ( MKA & Bagel )
– Reduced the damage of the Tau Cannon from 28.7 to 22.5. (Tuck)
– Increased the charge delay on both the Tau Cannon and Tau Cannon “Prometheus” Remantle. (Tuck)
– Increased the ConeMin and ConeMax on the Tau Cannon “Prometheus” Remantle. (Tuck)

March 15, 2021

ZS Change-log 3/12/2021

– Created new tier 6 melee weapon “Scorched” Blade. ( Lexydut & Liverneck )
– Enabled Zappers in arsenal menu. ( Community Suggestion )
– Buffed Exfil zombie hp from 50 -> 100. ( Community Suggestion )
– Updated class menu now displays wave locks. ( Mka0207 )
– Fixed headcrabs softlocking players. ( Mka0207 )
– Fixed Mako bridge. ( Bagel )
– Fixed Cosmo stage preventing game win. ( Bagel )
– Fixed Voice chat causing insane amounts of lag ( Mka0207 & Bagel )

March 12, 2021

ZS Change-log 3/9/2021

– Created a New Zombie selection inspired by Half life. ( Mka0207 )
– You can zoom in and out of the nest perspective via scroll wheel.
– Disabled barricading during exfil.
– Fixed a typo which prevented headcrabs from coupling.

Coming soon :
– Mutations.

March 9, 2021

ZS Change-log 3/8/2021

  • Added Kappa’s Penthouse map
  • Added new exfil for abandoned mall v10 (Tuckatk)

March 8, 2021

ZS Change-log 3/6/2021

– Improved Zombie Vision ( no more flickering or sliding textures )
(Coming soon )
– New zombie selection menu and improved spawning selection

March 6, 2021

ZS Change-log 2/22/2021

Tuck’s Balances!

Tier 2:
Increased the damage of the Shovel from 53 to 60.
Reduced the damage of the Push Broom from 63 to 55.
Removed the Range Remantle Buff on the Push Broom.
Increased the damage reduction of the Machete “Slicer” Remantler from 19 to 28.

Tier 4:
Increased the damage of the Kongol Axe from 150 to 165
Decreased the delay of the Kongol Axe from 2.5 seconds to 1.9 seconds.

Tier 6:
Reduced the damage of the Buster Sword from 235 to 210.
Increased the damage of the Lightbrand from 145 to 165.

Changed the descriptions of the following: Shovel, Push Broom, and Machete.
Removed some old custom melee weapons. ( will be replaced with new ones )

February 22, 2021

ZS Change-log 12/28/2020

– Renabled Oxygen Tank trinket.
– Renabled Curb Stompers trinket.
– Headcrabing coupling chance decreased 20% – 10%.
– Moved headcrab coupling mechanic to right click only and left click attack has no chance of coupling.
– Heacrabs now have a higher chance of coupling if the human has lower hp and vice versa.
– Crowbar now has ability to remove headcrabs by right clicking on a human being coupled.
– Created new trinket called “Shock Helmet”. Headcrabs that try to couple with your face are instantly zapped.
– Fixed Doom crab hull size.
– Fixed Flesh Creeper hull size and reverted model scale changes.

December 28, 2020

ZS Change-log 12/27/2020

– Created a headcrab coupling system that allows headcrabs a 10% chance to latch onto humans during an attack.
Humans must click to break the grasp of the headcrab. Upon breaking free, the headcrab dies instantly by the victims hand.
If the headcrab is successful in coupling, the headcrab then becomes a Fresh Dead taking the victims place. The victim is spawned elsewhere. Damage during the coupling is RNG from 4 DMG to 8. Each being dealt at 1 second intervals.
System Created by Mka0207, Viewmodel hands by lexydut18, play testing by FWKZT members.
Special thanks to lexydut18 for staying up 5 hours helping me test the system!

– Fresh Dead now have headcrabs.
– Fresh Dead speed increased from 175 -> 185.

Planned :
– All headcrab variants will have supported coupling. This means Poison Headcrabs and Fast Headcrabs can do it.

Update #2:
– Increased headcrab couple chance from 10% -> 20%.

December 27, 2020

ZS Change-log 12/26/2020

– Butcher is now a wave 3 unlock.
– Nerfed exfil zombie speed to allow end game runners a chance.
– Two new rules :
1. Do NOT toxic zmain: which means going zombie game after game until a specific map is played or voted for.
2. Do NOT skycade: It doesn’t help the human team whatsoever, admins are encouraged to unnail skycades early.

December 26, 2020

ZS Change-log 12/25/2020

Enabled these trinkets due to no balance issues being found :
– Cutlery Set, Portable Weapons Satchel, Pulse Booster, Ammo Vest, Kevlar Armor, Hemostasis Implant, Regeneration Implant.
– Lacerator Nerfs: 250->200 HP,20->13 PounceDMG
– Increase Tank’s melee size from 4.5 -> 5.8
– Reverted knife balances, knife is now original speed.

Part 2 :
– Sender and Repair teleporters now have uses for multiple team mates.
– Sender and Repair teleporters now have proper 3d ui to display info.
– Lowered stock of teleporters to help balance new feature.

Part 3 :
– Disabled giving / dropping of items until Wave 3 to prevent loot feeding.

December 25, 2020

ZS Change-log 12/22/2020

– Added replacements for Sigil fragments.
– Tele-Sender and Tele-Receiver, both are deployables that explode after use and can kill zombies nearby.
– Various Exfil locations have been updated by Tuckatk for better balance.

December 22, 2020

ZS Change-log 12/18/2020

– Disabled Extended Mag / Quickdraw attachments ( being reworked ).
– Exfil zombies should now be spawned properly.
– Time to exfil has been corrected so its not longer 45 secs constantly.
– Antarctic exfil locations have been updated so humans don’t get stomped near zspawn.
– LH camera no longer happens during exfil sequence.
– Nailed props automatically get removed during exfil zombies slay, should help humans run.

December 18, 2020

ZS Change-log 12/13/2020

– Replaced sigils with Generators :
– Teleportation is now done manually by placing teleporters near the generator.
– Generators give access to the arsenal, resupply and remantler features.
– Generators can only be repaired with a wrench.
– A replacement for corrupted sigil frags / normal sigil frags is planned.
– Exfil Stage now has a specific zombie class to help balance it.
– Exfil Zombie has low hp, very fast and 28 damge per hit. (subject to change)
– Fixed exploit with reaper stacks when switching weapons.
– Disabled extended mag on uzi (overpowered)

Special Thanks to Spiral, Lexydut18 and Mka0207 for helping creating the generators!
Also a shoutout to our awesome community! Thank you all for helping us test and playing!
We wouldn’t have gotten this far if it weren’t for our positive community!
Generator concept by Mka0207, Model by Spiral, Tweaks by Lexydut18.

December 13, 2020

ZS Change-log 12/12/2020

– Nerfed the speed of the Knife from Fastest to Fast
– Reduced the headshot multiplier to the Amigo “Horizon” Remantle from 2.3 to 2.1.
– Increased the primary delay from 3.5 to 4.
– Increased the Ricochete Damage Multiplier for both the Longarm and Longarm ‘Gunslinger’ Remantle.
– Removed the Instant-Kill Headshot Function on Tiny-Slug.

December 12, 2020

ZS Change-log 12/10/2020

– Fixed Lucille bat not being craft-able.
– Fixed Lucille issues.
– Increased the damage of the ‘Adonis’ Pulse Rifle from 24 to 28.
– Decreased the damage multiplier on the Incendiary Remantle on the SMG Drone from 0.9 to 0.8.
– Fixed grenades not exploding after player death.
– Nerfed tickles range ( way too extended ).

December 10, 2020

ZS Change-log 12/6/2020

– Nerfed Grenade damage from 300->256, Radius from 360->256
– Added drag to the grenade physics so its more realistic and less bouncy.

December 5, 2020

ZS Change-log 12/5/2020

– Enabled most trinkets and disabled these :
– Vitality trinkets
– Reactive Chem
– Resonance
– Reactive Flasher

ZS Change-log 12/5/2020

– Trinkets disabled.
– Disabled all non boss nox classes to help buff humans after disabling of trinkets.
– Disabled Tier locking to further help balance humans.

ZS Change-log 12/5/2020

– Fixed backpacks deleting themselves if the person picking them up already has one.
– Fixed Exfil location on Deep Sewers.
– ‘Clarkes’ Prober pulse slow 5.5 -> 2.5

ZS Change-log 12/4/2020

– SMG Drone Damage Increased from 14 to 16.5.
– SMG Drone Incendiary Remantle Fire Duration reduced from 7 to 3.
– Blaster Slug Gun Multiplier reduced from 5.5 to 4.75.
– Blaster Slug Gun ConeMin Multiplier increased from 0.15 to 0.3.
– Blaster Slug Gun ConeMax Multiplier increased from 0.3 to 0.45.
– Enabled AfterLife tool.

December 4, 2020

ZS Change-log 12/4/2020

– ‘Sprayer’ Uzi’s Damage reduced from 17 to 15.4.
– “Clarkes’ Prober Storm Remantle’s Damage Multiplier reduced from 0.9 to 0.85.
– Minelayer Sparkler Remantle’s Damage Multiplier increased from 0.22 to 0.44.
– Disabled AfterLife tool until it’s balanced properly.
– Removed Steroids ( may be replaced with something in the near future )
– Disabled Tanks knockdown on touch ability.

ZS Change-log 12/3/2020 (2)

– Fixed Giga Gore attack delay and baby throw delay.
– Fixed various random serverside errors.

December 3, 2020

ZS Change-log 12/3/2020

– Fixed attachment system exploits.
– Fixed subscriber emojis not working if player isnt alive.
– Fixed perma muted players exploiting the chat tags to communicate.
– Created tools so mappers can setup Exfil locations / callbacks.
– Updated more maps to support Exfil.

December 2, 2020

ZS Change-log 11/30/2020

– Added Church Siege helicopter Exfil.
– Fixed Alex G Metro Exfil being broken.
– Lowered default Exfil time from 180->90 seconds.
– Fixed issues with Harvest not recognizing players inside the Exfil location.
– Adjusted helicopter animation time during end game.
– Nerfed drone damage from 19->14 DMG per shot.

November 30, 2020

ZS Change-log 11/28/2020

[ Mall ]
– Added various more Exfil locations for maps.
– Updated lighthouse to have helicopter exit.
– If failed exfil, helicopter explodes.
– Classic ZS music plays during Exfil.
– Exfil locations are now hidden after round end.
– Created options for overriding camera angles for Exfils.
– Repushed all of wetmores balance changes.

November 28, 2020

ZS Change-log 11/26/2020

– Created experimental exfil system to replace endgame doors.
– Currently works with abandoned mall v10 and more maps will be added to support the feature.
– Humans must escape via randomly selected areas on the map, escaping takes 20 seconds.
– Super zombies no longer spawn during exfil games.
– Antlion nests get destroyed upon exfil start.
– Antlion class disabled during exfil.
– All non boss zombies get slain during exfil start.

November 26, 2020

ZS Change-log 11/20/2020

– ‘Hurricane’ Pulse SMG removed

– ‘Clark’s prober’ Pulse SMG two new paths added
– ‘Dilator’ Pulse SMG”, “Less damage, more accuracy, and gains damage if spooled
– ‘Storm’ Pulse SMG”, “10{58b9ed9c38c1893e89d321a7e79f098da87a74fbfc6bcc1f8f04e72ec4e2ac1f} less dmg, 20{58b9ed9c38c1893e89d321a7e79f098da87a74fbfc6bcc1f8f04e72ec4e2ac1f} faster firerate, less accuracy

– ‘Eraser’ tactical pistol primary delay 0.15 -> 0.20
– Added back ‘Cleanser’ Tactical Pistol ( Eraser variant )

– Uzi primary damage 15.4 -> 17
– ‘Disperser’ Uzi delay 0.06 -> 0.065

-Headhunter damage 60 -> 80
-‘One-Tap’ Sniper Rifle delay 1.4 -> 1.2

– ‘Ricochet’ magnum primary damage 40 -> 60
– Spread min and max remantle bonuses halved
– Fire rate remantle bonus halved
– Added back ‘Backlash’ Magnum ( Ricochet variant )
– ‘Backlash’ Magnum bounce multi 1.764 -> 2.6
– ‘Backlash’ Magnum primary damage 0.85 -> 0.70

– ‘Annabelle’ rifle primary damage 54 -> 70

– ‘Inquisitor’ Crossbow damage 69 -> 86
– ‘Inquisitor’ Crossbow delay 1.25 -> 1.30

– ‘Splinter’ Sawed-Off Shotgun cone max 10 -> 7
– ‘Splinter’ Sawed-Off Shotgun cone min 7.5 -> 6

– ‘Crossfire’ Glock primary damage 10 -> 15
– ‘Crossfire’ removed accuracy remantle bonus
– ‘Collider’ Glock readded reaper buff on kill
– ‘Shroud’ SOCOM Mark 23 damage 1.9x -> 2.3x

– ‘Horizon’ Battlerifle primary delay 6 -> 3.5
– ‘Horizon’ Battlerifle headshot multi 2.1 -> 2.3
– ‘Horizon’ Battlerifle primary damage 1.12 -> 1.2

– fixed owens being fully automatic

November 20, 2020

ZS Change-log 11/16/2020

Changes by wetmore :

– ‘Slinger’ bolt pistol damage 90 -> 120
– ‘Slinger’ bolt pistol reload speed 0.50 -> 0.30
– ‘Owens’ pistol damage 12.2 -> 15.2
– ‘Owens’ pistol 2nd path added
‘patience and time’ handgun,
Slightly more headshot damage
lower clipsize and increased fire delay
– ‘Blaster’ shotgun damage 9×6 -> 11×6
– ‘Crackler’ bottom path dmg 1.25x -> 1.75x
– ‘Crackler’ bottom path fire delay 2 -> 1.75
– ‘Battleaxe’ pistol Primary damage 20.25 -> 23.25
– ‘Battleaxe’ pistol now gives strength buff on kill
– ‘Battleaxe’ pistol 2nd path added
‘Lightaxe’ handgun,
Gives speed buff on kill
no strength buff

November 16, 2020

KSTC Changelog 11/3/2020

The following are experimental balances made by @wetmore
– ‘Hurricane’ Pulse SMG removed

– ‘Clark’s prober’ Pulse SMG two new paths added
– ‘Dilator’ Pulse SMG”, “Less damage, more accuracy, and gains damage if spooled
– ‘Storm’ Pulse SMG”, “10{58b9ed9c38c1893e89d321a7e79f098da87a74fbfc6bcc1f8f04e72ec4e2ac1f} less dmg, 20{58b9ed9c38c1893e89d321a7e79f098da87a74fbfc6bcc1f8f04e72ec4e2ac1f} faster firerate, less accuracy

– ‘Horizon’ Battlerifle primary delay 6 -> 3.5
– ‘Horizon’ Battlerifle headshot multi 2.1 -> 2.3
– ‘Horizon’ Battlerifle primary damage 1.12 -> 1.2

– ‘Waraxe’ pistol Primary damage 13 -> 17
– ‘Waraxe’ pistol fixed scrap upgrade costs
– ‘Halberd’ Handgun increased primary damage by 5{58b9ed9c38c1893e89d321a7e79f098da87a74fbfc6bcc1f8f04e72ec4e2ac1f}
– ‘Viaxel’ Handgun increased spread 4 -> 8
– ‘Viaxel’ Handgun dmg changed 19 – 12

– Added back ‘Cleanser’ Tactical Pistol ( Eraser variant )

– Uzi primary damage 15.4 -> 17
– ‘Disperser’ Uzi delay 0.06 -> 0.065
– ‘Disperser’ Uzi clipsize 0.53 -> 0.63

-Headhunter damage 60 -> 80
-‘One-Tap’ Sniper Rifle delay 1.4 -> 1.2
( was doing 5 damage more than a stubber with significantly less
fire rate and clip size, a more proper fix needs to be done in the
future to improve the functionality of the weapon. Possibly a complete

– ‘Ricochet’ magnum primary damage 40 -> 60
– Spread min and max remantle bonuses halved
– Fire rate remantle bonus halved
– Added back ‘Backlash’ Magnum ( Ricochet variant )

– ‘Backlash’ Magnum bounce multi 1.764 -> 2.6
– ‘Backlash’ Magnum primary damage 0.85 -> 0.70

– ‘Annabelle’ rifle primary damage 54 -> 70

– ‘Whirlwind’ Shower Rifle damage 2.1 -> 3.5

– ‘Stabber’ M1 Garand damage 60 -> 70
– ‘Puncturer’ M1 Garand melee dmg multiple 1.7 -> 2.2
– ‘Puncturer’ M1 Garand primary damage multiple 0.85 -> 0.80

– ‘Inquisitor’ Crossbow damage 69 -> 86
– ‘Inquisitor’ Crossbow delay 1.25 -> 1.35

– ‘Splinter’ Sawed-Off Shotgun cone max 10 -> 7
– ‘Splinter’ Sawed-Off Shotgun cone min 7.5 -> 6

November 3, 2020

ZS Change-log 10/31/2020

All Servers:

– Disabled ‘Unturning’ syringe until fixed

Kleiner Scrub Training Camp:
The following are balances from @wetmore

– ‘Slinger’ bolt pistol damage 90 -> 120
– ‘Slinger’ bolt pistol reload speed 0.50 -> 0.30

– ‘Owens’ pistol damage 12.2 -> 15.2
– ‘Owens’ pistol 2nd path added
‘patience and time’ handgun,
Slightly more headshot damage
lower clip size and increased fire delay

– ‘Blaster’ shotgun damage 9×6 -> 11×6

– ‘Crackler’ bottom path dmg 1.25x -> 1.75x
– ‘Crackler’ bottom path fire delay 2 -> 1.75

– ‘Battleaxe’ pistol Primary damage 20.25 -> 25.25
– ‘Battleaxe’ pistol now gives renegade stacks on headshot kills
– ‘Battleaxe’ pistol 2nd path added
– ‘Lightaxe’ handgun,
– Gives a speed buff on kill
– no renegade stacks

October 31, 2020

ZS Change-log 10/28/2020

– Adjusted devourer hook/attack delay.

October 28, 2020

ZS Change-log 10/27/2020

– Fixed Devourer hook exploit.
– Fixed Doom Crab hullsize causing players to get stuck.
– Increased HHH’s Axe damage from 45 -> 60 towards humans.

October 27, 2020