3/5/2023 Change Log

This change log summarizes every significant change made since 02/26/2024, a change log will be created every time there is a significant enough amount of changes to warrant a new change log.



AMHDV2, V6s, and REDUX will now have a 50% chance to spawn no Generators. When there are no Generators, Humans will automatically win the round at wave 6 end like long ago.

Several new unusuals, and a new public player model added! (Will not be available till the next server sync)



          Wooden props:

– Damage reduction doesn’t affect objective map boards or normal wooden doors anymore.


Medic GP Gain:

– GP from healing has been changed from 4 HP=1GP to 3.3 HP=1 GP, so it now takes 10k healing instead of 12k to max it.



– Instead of one round now there are two separate rounds. Normal mode and Veteran mode.

– Everyone gets a boomstick, no more getting screwed over if you pick up other weapons or people steal them.

– Zombies climb the door a bit faster now, even quicker in Veteran Mode.

– If you lose normal tantibus twice, you leave the map.

– If you lose round 1 and win round 2, you get to attempt Veteran Mode on round 3.

Normal mode:

-Is similar to how tantibus used to be. More buckshot ammo for humans, not so fast zombies.
They are still healthy but can be taken down with a bit of teamwork.

Veteran mode:

-Still gives you enough ammo to boomstick, but not to waste.

-To kill zombies, the underworld spawns random Perfected Exotic weapons hidden inside backpacks, weapons that arent available in the normal game.
These weapons are strong, but the zombies are fast. Move too slow and you will be overwhelmed.

-Lasting longer gives you benefits like Feather fall and Steadfast, adrenaline and special adrenaline, and a Base Lithe stick.
But the zombies are a little bit faster than they were before.

-Humans now heal upon entering the underworld, On Veteran Mode, you get an overheal for surviving the overworld flawlessly.

-Wings are received by winning Veteran Mode.


Stim (Consumable):

– Flat speed bonus 30 > 40

– Fast Reload: 15s (unchanged)
– Speed Boost: 15s > 18s

In ZE:
– Fast Reload: 12s > 15s
– Speed Boost: 12s (unchanged)


“Chaser” Barret (Weapon):

– Pierce changed 4 -> 2


Scrap Sword (Weapon):

– Move speed set to “Quite Slow”.


Shield (Deployable):

– The force field prop itself (the one on the ground that you place) will now take a 20% of the damage it absorbs. Once it reaches 30% of its max HP, it shuts down until repaired with a wrench.

– HP 180 -> 300

– Worth menu forcefield from 45 worth -> 25 worth. This should allow you to buy a wrench to maintain the forcefield you buy from worth.

– Melee attacks now deal 1.5x damage to the forcefield, to compensate for the higher health. The force field should protect you from the projectiles and you should protect it from the melee hits. The amount of hits are now similar to before from most zombies.


Resistant (Trinket):

– Bleed damage reduction 25% > 20.

– Poison damage reduction 25% > 12.5%.

– For 5 worth, the value you got was kind of overkill.



– Zombies in spawn will remain protected until they leave. They can still walk back inside to become protected again.
– Increased GP gains for hurting humans as zombie. Previous ratio was 20dmg = 1gp, now 10dmg = 1gp previously you had to earn 1000 DNA worth of human damage to max it, now just 500.
– There’s a delay for zombies killbinding on wave 1 now.
– Wave 1 Zombies will spawn with 75 blood armor.
– Wave 2 Zombies will spawn with 30 blood armor. Blood armor eats 80% of the damage received, and the remaining 20% is dealt to the zombie’s health.
– Blood armor eats 80% of the damage received, and the remaining 20% is dealt to the zombie’s health.
– Melee deals 35% less damage to zombies with blood armor on wave 1 and 2. This doesn’t affect their point gain at all, they will still receive the full points they normally would.
– Objective maps aren’t affected by this update’s blood armor, melee damage, and suicide changes.

Poison Zombie (All Variants)

– Animation Delay of poison throw decreased from 4 s to 2 s.
– Poison throw delay decreased from 1 s to 0.6 s.
– Poison velocity increased from 380 to 480.

Poison Headcrab

– Pounce windup decreased from 1.25 s to .5 s.
– Decreased Poison Headcrab pounce damage from 45 to 30.
– Spit windup time decreased from .8 s to .4 s.
–  Poison Headcrab Health: 90 -> 100.


– HP increased from 70 to 85.
– Headcrab couple damage now increases 0.5 per hit instead of 0.4.
– After the 3rd hit, it starts lowering the player’s max hp by the damage being dealt, be sure to quickly deal with them before the penalties stack up!

Zombie Torso

– Speed increased from 145 to 160.

Zombine Torso

– Speed increased from 155 to 175.


– HP increased from 150 to 160.
– Speed increased from 150 to 160.

Antlion Worker

–  Projectile fire reload time decreased from 2.5 s to 1.9 s.


– Laser changed to do more damage, and damages props/shields.


– Increased Ghoul secondary reload back to 3 s from 2 s.
– Projectile throw delay decreased from .7 s to .5 s.


– Below 15 pop, they have 70% normal max health, was 50%
– Below 10 pop, they have 35% normal max health, was 25%


Bot Pathing:

– Bot minimum target distance changed from 250 to 125. Bots should now properly target nearby gens and humans.

– Zombie should now walk in a slightly tighter group, and better swarm players who are too close



– Requirements for several kill-based challenges has been reduced a bit.



-Fixed bug with explosives that would cause them to deal half damage to all targets if you hit yourself, instead of doing half damage only to yourself and full damage to others.

– Fixed bug with the Rpg, Law, and Thumper that would give you double the benefit of Reactive Chemicals if you had it in your inventory.

– Only people who are inside of the Mako bunker when the round ends will get the wings.

– Several map icons not being visible during map vote.

– Bots getting stuck.

– Errors related to nightvision that turned people’s flashlights off randomly.

– Errors related to the Halberd.

March 5, 2024

10/9/2023 Change Log


Tag changing can be disabled by players.

Injured debuff, lowers hp by 15

Tank hands viewmodel

New Generator model and breaking sounds (Jamz)

New Remantler Gibs and 3d UI (Jamz)

Surveyor model exploit fixes (Jamz)

All kinds of new sounds (RedRazer)



Slinger Dmg 89 > 68

Stalker Alternate Remant Path accuracy bonus lowered.

Ender Shotgun Dmg 15.5×5 > 12.5×7 (77.5 > 87.5)

L.A.W. Explosion Radius 340 > 380

Renegade Rifle Dmg 127 > 125, Headshot bonus 2.45x > 2.25x, remant firerate bonus -15% > -10%

Frail Hp loss 50 > 45

Grave Shovel charges dmg -40%, potential 275 > 250

Scorch blade counts as culinary.

Master Chef no longer gives stims, steroids, or pills.

Pills now quickly heal damage over time, and still drains when at full hp.


Gibs heal 10 > 15

Antlion nest gib drops 8 > 12

Antlion Nest Hp 500 > 800

Antlion Worker Dmg 4×5 > 5×5, spread reduced

Tank Rock Knockdown 3 > 3.5

Tank Rock Human Dmg 90 > 75, Prop Dmg 90 >100

Tank Range 55 > 65

Nightmare Abyss Radius 192 > 224, Cooldown 20s > 18s


Assists challenge requirement 150 > 10

Zombie kills with tier lowered by 100 for all.

Weapon type kills requiredment lowered by 20%

Anltion/Antlion Worker challenges combined.

Kill zombie class requirements lowered for some classes.

LH challenge only needs player to get LH once.


Various bugs relating to hitboxes fixed.

Various other bugs fixed.

October 9, 2023

9/9/2023 Change Log

Players spawn in once choosing loadout, otherwise stay in spectator mode until chosen.
Automatic put on AFK after 10 minutes of not moving.

Various Exploits fixed.


Tank has proper firstperson viewmodels now.

M16 Model updated

New M4 Model

New Minigun Model


New Medic Cabinet model

New Arsenal Crate




Kevlar and Composite Overlays Renamed to Denim and Leather Jackets, projectile resistance removed.

Denim Coveralls removed, replaced with Kevlar Undercoat, giving 20% Fire, 15% projectile, and 25% self damage resistance.

EOD Vest now Gives -30% fire and -20% projectile damage resistance, Explosive Resist 35% > 30%

Barbed armor % damage 25% -> 30% flat dmg 8 > 6

Spiked armor % damage 40% -> 45% flat dmg 12 > 9


Targeting Visor tier 1 > 2 (5 > 7 scrap cost)

Targeting Unifier Bonus 15% -> 10%


Agility Magnifier stats lowered and now has a 14 scrap variant, New names are Improved Agility and Enhanced Agility respectively.

Loader Frame Now a 7 and 14 scrap trinket, Strength Training and Loader Frame respectively.

Recovery Magnifier and Portable Satchel merged into a 7 and 14 scrap scrap trinket set, both having draw speed and faster knockdown recovery, Named “reflex training” and “Enhanced Reflexes”

Cutlery Kit removed, effects moved to Fine Dining I and II.

Galvanizer Implant renamed to Steadfast and gives aim shake resistance as well (applies to the low hp camera shifting).


Improved grip now gives +5% movement speed reduction with heavy weapons.

Lightweight Handle chargeup time -20% -> -25%, movement speed reduction with heavy weapons 10% -> 15%.


Kongol Axe Dmg 200 > 190, Fire delay 1.4 > 1.5

L.A.W. Damage 800 > 950, Radius 300 > 340

Reload Speed Bonus for RPG per level +5% > +10%, Damage 250 > 275, Radius 150 > 165, Movespeed Lowered slightly

Gilboa Clipsize 22 > 24

Minigun Fire Delay 0.22 > 0.2, Better Model

Tire Iron Dmg 72 > 64, fire delay 1.1 > 1.15


Pukepus Barrage spread 30% tighter, inflicts 10 > 8 poison stacks on hit

Tank Prop Damage 48 > 60


Stim Syringe has less eye-bleeding Overlay, Duration Shown by your Status effects with a specific icon.

Force Field ammo capacity 300 > 200

September 9, 2023

5/27/2023 Change Log


  • Item stocks now scale by population
  • Harpoon turret distance nerfed from 768 -> 225
  • Removed healing ray stop healing delay
  • Minelayer mines now detonate when hit by zombies
  • Increased M79 explosion radius from 130 -> 150
  • Increased Akbar fire rate slightly, decreased damage from 23 -> 22
  • Annabelle now consumes buckshot ammo. Increased fire rate slightly, increased damage from 70 -> 75, decreased clip size from 5 -> 2, slightly decreased accuracy
  • Increased Battleaxe fire rate slighly
  • Decreased Blaster damage from 11 -> 8, increased number of pellets from 6 -> 8
  • Increased Bulletstorm damage from 20.25 -> 21
  • Decreased CF-05 fire rate slightly, decreased clip size from 30 -> 25, added a buildup bar that grants a strength boost when filled
  • Increased Impaler tier from 4 -> 5, increased damage from 150 -> 175, increased reload speed slightly, can now pierce through 3 zombies instead of 2, now applies soften on hit
  • Hunter rifle variant now longer has a reduced headshot multiplier
  • Added back and re-balanced the Anvil shotgun variant
  • Increased Liquifier fire rate slightly, increased damage from 24 -> 26
  • Increased M79 taper by 10%
  • Decreased Thumper damage from 100 -> 90, increased reload speed by 15%
  • Reworked Magnum to no longer richochet, it now has a buildup that allows you to pierce through zombies
  • Slightly decreased Owen’s fire rate, increased damage from 15 -> 34, reduced number of pellets from 2 -> 1, increased headshot multiplier by 10%
  • Considerably increased PPSH accuracy, slightly decreased fire rate, decreased damage from 22.5 -> 21, now has a buildup bar that grants a strength boost when filled
  • Slightly increased Adonis fire rate, increased damage from 30 -> 32
  • Nerfed Quasar damage from 225 -> 200
  • Sawed Off can now equip the quickdraw attachment
  • Scar is now shoots a 2-round burst, reworked gimmick slightly
  • Slightly decreased Shredder fire rate, now pierces through 2 zombies but with a large damage drop off, removed variant
  • Increased Sokols damage from 26 -> 41, decreased reload speed by 15%
  • Increased Stubber damage from 55 -> 60, increased headshot multiplier by 10%
  • Increased Tec-9 damage from 22 -> 24
  • Slightly increased Tosser fire rate, decreased damage from 16 -> 15
  • Decreased Winchester fire rate considerably, decreased damage per pellet from 40 -> 36
  • Increased Alyx Pulse Pistol fire rate slightly, increased damage from 15.5 -> 16

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed exploit that allowed medics to farm points off of player who hurt themselves
  • Fixed revolver missing textures
  • Fixed Magnum iron sights
  • Fixed Mac-10 iron sights


  • Rewrote all of the weapon descriptions for firearms
  • Renamed Sprayer Uzi to Sprayer Mac-10

May 27, 2023

4/3/2023 Change Log


  • Nerfed cryo attachment slow from 3 -> 2
  • Cryo inductor no longer gives frost
  • Cascade now takes number of shots fired into consideration
  • Nerfed Cryo gas grenade slow from 13 -> 6, buffed damage from 13 -> 17
  • Slightly buffed Seditionist accuracy
  • Increased Deagle Deadeye status effect duration from 3 -> 7, decreased damage requirement from 1200 to 600
  • Winchester delay: 0.5 -> 0.75, removed fire delay remantle bonus
  • Nerfed Boom Stick reload speed by 10%, increased reload delay by 5%
  • Halved recoil on the Tau Cannon
  • Hammer damage: 15 -> 35
  • Elecro Hammer damage: 19 -> 45
  • Increased Tank prop through velocity greatly
  • Gluon pulse slow: 6 -> 3

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed players redeeming on dying generators
  • Fixed brawler not working
  • Fixed players being able to get the LH gun after escaping


  • Teleport device now has a monitor that allows you to view generators and their surroundings
  • Props now have custom gibs when broken
  • Added automatic unstuck system that unstucks you whenever you get stuck in props or the world
  • Optimized and improved prop health auras
  • Added 19 new player models
  • Added a new map bounty system where players are rewarded GP for winning maps
  • Map winrate is now displayed in chat on game start and end
  • Added the maps Last Stand, Drab, and Grand Hotel
  • Chad player models are back in the shop



  • Removed Outlander and Stupid mentions (very unoptimized)
  • Disabled Blockade deployable until rework
  • Explosive barrels no longer damage players or props
  • Disabled Riot Shield until rework
  • Removed damage drop off on Tank when far away

April 3, 2023

3/26/2023 Change Log


  • Nerfed the amount of boards that come with the barricade kit from 5 -> 3
  • Slightly increased Akbar accuracy, decreased damage from 23 -> 22
  • Amigo headshot multiplier 2.1 -> 2.2, delay 0.15 -> 0.14, removed headshot multiplier upgrade bonus
  • Increased projectile speed of all bolt weapons
  • Barrage damage: 33 -> 35, now support quickdraw, added reload speed remantle bonus
  • Blareduct damage: 10 -> 9.5, delay 1.5 -> 1, clip size 1 -> 2, reload speed decreased by 10%, slightly increased accuracy, now support quickdraw, removed reload speed remantle bonus
  • Boomstick damage per shot: 27 -> 36
  • Bullet Storm: slightly increased accuracy, delay 0.07 -> 0.075, damage 22.5 -> 20.25
  • Cadmus damage: 36.5 -> 33, added new buildup bar that grants AOE acid
  • CF-05: headshot multiplier: 2 -> 2.15, delay 0.13 -> 0.125
  • Crossbow: delay 2 -> 1.5, damage 120 -> 150, increased reload speed by 15%, now support quickdraw
  • Deagle: slightly increased accuracy, added build up bar that grants the Deadeye status effect, pierces once when the player has Deadeye status effect (only works with Deagle)
  • Elite Poison Zombie damage: 40 -> 50
  • Ender: damage 16 -> 15.5
  • Brawler now works with Powerfists
  • Fracture: slightly increased accuracy, delay 0.9 -> 0.8, damage 11 -> 12, number of shots 7 -> 8
  • G11: damage 24 -> 21, headshot multiplier 2 -> 2.2
  • Gale Storm: delay 0.1 -> 0.095, damage 9.3 -> 9, removed fire delay remantle bonus
  • Whirlwind: fire rate tradeoff decreased from *4 -> *3, damage tradeoff decreased from *2.1 -> *3.1 (shoots faster, more damage in comparison with before buff)
  • Gilboa: delay 0.1 -> 0.13
  • Glock: slightly increased accuracy
  • Collider: removed chance to grant reaper stacks, now has a buildup bar that grants reaper stacks
  • Gluon: delay 0.08 -> 0.06, damage 26 -> 20, decreased venting time by 10% ඞ
  • Tau Cannon: added recoil, damage 28 -> 27
  • Prometheus: increased damage, decreased charge time by 50%
  • Hunter: slightly increased accuracy, headshot multiplier 2 -> 2.25, damage 120 -> 105, now has a clip size of 4
  • Explosive Hunter: headshot multiplier remains at 2, removed reload speed tradeoff
  • Inferno: damage 22.5 -> 21, decreased burn duration 5 -> 4
  • Frostbite: decreased ice slow by half
  • Inquisitor: increased reload speed by 20%, now support quickdraw
  • Jackhammer: slightly increased accuracy
  • Juggernaut: damage 25 -> 23, delay 0.08 -> 0.09, removed reload speed remantle bonus
  • Keletal: damage 10.5 -> 15, number of shots 14 -> 12, slightly decreased accuracy
  • Long Arm: delay 0.7 -> 0.85, damage 68 -> 125, now uses double ammo, no longer ricochets, now has a 10% chance to grant a random crit (which will deal 2x damage)
  • Stalker: delay 0.1 -> 0.09, damage 28 -> 26.5
  • Marksman: tier 3 -> 6, added back recoil, damage 80 -> 170, clip size 6 -> 10, headshot multiplier 2 -> 2.25, delay 0.89 -> 0.9
  • Minelayer now supports quickdraw
  • Nova Blaster: damage 60 -> 65, clip size 9 -> 6, now has a buildup bar that shoots out a projectile
  • Oberon: slightly increased accuracy, decreased pulse slow, damage 13.5 -> 15
  • Onyx: 1 -> 0.45, damage 86.5 -> 82, clip size 6 -> 8, removed fire rate upgrade bonus, headshot multiplier 2 -> 2.1
  • Overcharge: delay 0.13 -> 0.14
  • Pollutor: now supports quickdraw
  • Adonis: decreased pulse slow, delay 0.18 -> 0.14, removed fire rate upgrade bonus
  • Quasar: no longer has charge ability, damage 160 -> 225, now pierces zombies once
  • Blazar: now burns zombies, decreased damage by 4%
  • Quicksilver: increased reload speed by 30%
  • Reaper: slightly increased accuracy, delay 0.12 -> 0.115
  • Rebel Poison Zombie: damage 35 -> 40
  • Renegade: slightly increased accuracy, delay 0.9 -> 0.8, clip size 6 -> 8
  • Splinter: damage 10 -> 12, increased reload speed by 10%
  • Shail: damage 25 -> 24, ricochet damage 1.75 -> 1.5
  • Slinger: increased reload speed by 5%
  • Slug Rifle: delay 1.3 -> 1.1, removed fire delay remantle bonus
  • Shredder: delay 0.09 -> 0.1, damage 20.5 -> 19, decreased reload speed by 10%
  • Sokols: damage 27 -> 26
  • Stubber: damage 60 -> 55, headshot multiplier 2 -> 2.3
  • Snapper: “Decreased clip size, fire rate and reload speed, but significantly higher headshot multiplier”
  • Sweeper: damage 19 -> 18, delay 0.87 -> 0.9, slightly decreased accuracy
  • Tec-9: damage 33 -> 22, now uses half ammo, no longer gives soften on hit
  • Tempest: slightly increased accuracy, damage 38 -> 43
  • Cosmos: damage tradeoff multiplier 0.7 -> 0.75, removed clip size tradeoff (more damage, smaller clip size)
  • Triad: damage 8.5 -> 9.5, delay 0.17 -> 0.16, slightly increased accuracy, increased reload speed by 10%, removed variants
  • Trigger Happy: damage 24 -> 20, delay 0.17 -> 0.16, slightly increased accuracy, increased reload speed by 15%
  • Volatile Poison Zombie: 40 -> 45
  • Waraxe: damage 13 -> 12, now has a buildup bar that applies soften on hit
  • Winchester: damage 30.5 -> 44

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed backpack view and world model
  • Fixed Warhammer not correctly networking buffs
  • Fixed Puke Pus lua errors
  • Fixed rank-based badges appearing on players who weren’t apart of that rank
  • Fixed Poison Zombie lua errors
  • Fixed Adrenaline status effect not appearing on the HUD


  • Improved weapon sway for guns
  • Added more voice lines for the Aku player model
  • Re-enabled Headcrab detaching on the Poison Zombie
  • Various entity table optimizations
  • You can now attach attachments to projectile weapons
  • Projectile weapons now deal hitgroup based damage (headshot, leg, body, etc)
  • Added Deadeye status effect icon
  • Changed visuals and optimized nova projectile
  • Added a new buildup bar system for weapons



  • Removed explosion effect on destroying props
  • Removed pulse amp and pulse infuser trinkets
  • Removed bleak soul trinket

March 26, 2023

3/12/2023 Change Log


  • Prober damage: 17.5 -> 16.5, clip size: 40 -> 30
  • Crackler cone min: 1.6 -> 1.2, cone max: 3 -> 2.5, damage: 17 -> 18
  • Tosser cone max: 4 -> 3.5, cone min: 2 -> 1.75, damage: 15 -> 16, increased reload speed by 5%
  • Surgeon healing bonus: +20% -> +15%
  • Curative kit healing bonus: 7% -> 10%, delay bonus: -7% -> -5%
  • Remedial booster healing bonus: 13% -> 15%, delay bonus: -13% -> -10%
  • Increased accuracy of ALL shotguns
  • Added an accuracy upgrade bonus to ALL shotguns
  • Added choke support to ALL shotguns
  • Removed spread from ALL projectile weapons
  • All crossbows now pierce twice
  • Increased projectile speed of ALL crossbow weapons
  • Impaler damage: 90 -> 120, increased reload speed by 15%, added a reload speed remantle bonus
  • Magnum now supports quickdraw attachment
  • Removed Backlash variant from Magnum
  • Bulletstorm damage: 20.75 -> 22.5
  • Eraser damage: 24 -> 26, headshot multiplier: 2 -> 2.1, removed downsides to the Cleanser variant, increased damage received per wave for the Cleanser
  • Quicksilver fire delay: 0.34 -> 0.48, damage: 78 -> 84, increased reload speed by 10%, decreased fire delay upgrade bonus
  • Stalker health: 160 -> 175
  • Wraith health: 135 -> 150
  • Made the windows on zs_frozen_v6 breakable

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed cryo gas grenades ice shattering boss zombies
  • Fixed medical processor not appearing in the shop
  • Fixed Magnum decreasing reload speed when upgraded (oops lol)
  • Fixed Stalker, Wraith, and Ghoul not having proper hit groups
  • Fixed Puke Pus lagging the server to it’s knees
  • Fixed Exfil Zombies not having a kill icon


  • Added “Popper” Crackler variant: Increased damage and headshot multiplier, but shoots slower and smaller clip size
  • Added “Snapper” Stubber variant: Decreased clip size, fire rate and reload speed, but significantly higher headshot multiplier
  • Added a new backpack model created by Jamz
  • Re-added Stim shot to the arsenal crate
  • Various optimizations throughout the gamemode
  • Optimized Antlion nests
  • Optimized All-American firing sound
  • Optimized hammer code
  • All maps use sigils now (no more sigil-less rounds)



  • Removed the slug variants of all shotguns
  • Removed Lithe Stick

March 12, 2023

3/2/2023 Change Log


  • Increased cost of armor from 10 -> 12 points
  • Disabled Fast Zombie unlocking at 50% players dead on below 30 population
  • Changed cost of nails in the remantler from 1 scrap to 2 scrap
  • Tec-9: Slightly nerfed accuracy, buffed fire rate from 0.14 -> 0.1, buffed damage from 32 -> 34, buffed clip size from 12 -> 20
  • Default zombie mutations are now enabled by default
  • Reworked Lacerator and Bastardzine to have a frenzy attack
  • Rebalanced all ZE weapons to have similar stats to CSGO
  • Buffed ZE Super Zombie health from 5,000 -> 15,000
  • Reduced ZE bullet knockback by 50%
  • Increased duration of buffs bought in mutation shop
  • Decreased “Blaster” reload speed by 10%, nerfed “Slug” variant accuracy slightly
  • Curative Kit cooldown reduction: -10% -> -7%, healing bonus: +10% -> +7%
  • Remedial Booster cooldown reduction: -20% -> -13%, healing bonus: +20% -> + 13%
  • Nerfed Power Gauntlet damage bonus from +45% -> +25%

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error caused by using cryo inductor with cryo grenades
  • Fixed bug that allowed players to bid for boss despite going boss recently
  • Fixed gametracker and Garry’s Mod server list not tracking kills and points
  • Fixed Volatile Poison Zombie not having a kill icon
  • Fixed various melee weapons not having world models
  • Fixed generator UI not being centered
  • Fixed buff system cooldowns not being accurate
  • Fixed aegis board kit being upgradeable
  • Fixed strength bomb not having an icon
  • Fixed zs_skip_team_render not working


  • Added a new “Barricade” deployable
  • Optimized zed time slowdown
  • Added Duke Nukem LH Song
  • Many optimizations towards the player UI
  • Many optimizations towards explosions
  • Many optimizations towards loops being run within the gamemode
  • Changed damage floaters and added customization
  • Many optimizations made within the zombie buff system
  • Added Ravenholm Town event map



  • Removed the “Stabber”
  • Disabled avatar frames in the scoreboard
  • Disabled avatar frames on endround UI
  • Removed Steroids until they can be fixed
  • Removed Tank due to it causing massive amounts of lag
  • Temporarily disabled damage arcs

March 2, 2023

2/15/2023 Change Log


  • Increased point gain on boss zombies
  • You can no longer receive individual/horde buffs as boss
  • Re-enabled Boom Stick knockback
  • Nerfed Zombine Crawler knockback
  • Reworked Bastardzine and Lacerator to have a frenzy attack
  • Increased Armor price from 10 -> 15 points
  • Buffed prop health added per nail from 75 to 105
  • Nerfed incendiary ammo damage from 2-7 to 2-5, tick rate from 0.2 seconds to 0.4 seconds
  • Increased cryo inductor damage slightly
  • Buffed nest health and nesting speed
  • If you are the owner of a nest, you break it faster


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Oberon craftable showing up in the inventory despite being removed
  • Fixed Quicksilver variant being able to equip silencer and shotgun choke
  • Fixed the Frostbite AUG applying ice slow on bosses
  • Fixed Cremator taking burn damage


  • You can now use deployables while phasing
  • Antlion nesting radius now scales per wave
  • Enabled Bunny Hopping on Zombie Escape
  • Duplicate items are now scrapped when picking up backpacks
  • New “Frostbite” AUG variant that replaces innate burn with ice slow
  • Updated icons in the scoreboard
  • Removed level cap
  • Added afk system that kicks players who are afk for too long
  • Added new remantler and teleport pad models from Jamz
  • Added scrap ammo to the worth menu
  • The number of generators now scale by population (1 gen on below 30 players, 2 gens on 30-44 players, and 3 gens on 45+ players)
  • Added new Lappland player model
  • Added a new Blockade deployable for caders
  • Added back some old trinkets
  • You can now break the nests of other antlions, even if they are alive


  • Disabled Doom Crab and Extinction Crab due to collision issues
  • Removed the runner medkit variant due to it being an OP concept
  • Disabled Mako due to spawning issues
  • Disabled Cosmo Canyon due to the map causing players to crash

February 15, 2023

11/27/2022 – 1/10/2023

Added new Waraxe model by Regal
Added the option to hide hand models
Added the option to hide the killfeed
Added the option to hide avatars in the kill feed
Added back Doom Crab and Extinction Crab
Added back Zweihander to the shop
Added the strength bomb
Added new Oberon model by Regal
Added back Resonance Cascade
Added the “Corrosive Ammunition” attachment
Added starter trinkets (trinkets that can only be obtained from the worth menu)
Added back and rebalanced Recovery Magnifier, Galvanizer Implant, and Feather Fall Frame trinkets
Added Smart Targeter to the arsenal
Added a build-up bar to the Warhammer that allows you to grant AOE buffs to humans when filled
Added the Master Chef trinket that allows you to gain food items when using culinary weapons
Added the Sous Chef trinket that increases Master Chef progress
Added a new Burger food item
Added the wave 6 Armored Headcrab evolution for the Headcrab
Added back Charger

Changed up the options menu to fit MK’s Half Life theme.
Organized F1 Settings menu so the layout is better.
Removed wave lock from bosses
Converted the strength shot to be trace instead of a projectile
You can now buff players with strength shot, even if they are at max hp
Inferno Aug now has innate incendiary
Optimized firing sounds on some weapons
Various gamemode micro-optimizations
Removed the HL1 Skeleton and HL1 zombie model from the model selection
You can now place deployables while phasing
Removed point multiplier from pulse weapons
You can now nail props that are made of glass/ceramic
Gave the Gluon pulse slow by default
Reduced the amount of damage resistance gained from breaking generators
Getting hit by zombies no longer resets the backpack unpack timer
Remade and simplified the Battle Classes
You can no longer break the Carrion Minelayer’s mines as zombie
Eating food now gives random buffs
Removed the Afterlife
You now get points for removing headcrabs from other players
Removed viewpunch from melee weapons
Removed screenshake from the Tank
The nesting radius of antlion now scales down by wave (you can nest closer to humans as the waves progress)

Added quickdraw support to the Shail Master’s
Added damage arcs to the Sawhack, Butcher’s Knife, Machete, Katana
Removed the damage bonus from the Brawler trait
Rebalanced all melees to compensate for Brawler no longer providing a damage bonus
Increased jump height of the Powerfists
Ricocheting with the Shail Master’s now does 2x damage
Increased the amount of nails received from the worth menu

Nerfed medic speed boost from +50 speed -> +35 speed

Buffed Devourer hook damage from 8 -> 20, getting hit by the hook now gives you 3 seconds of slow, melee damage increased from 24 -> 30, getting hit by Devourer now gives you bleed
Nerfed Tank range from 65 -> 55
Nerfed Tank movement speed slightly, but increased base health by 1000
Buffed Pukepus Poison spit (now spits for a longer duration)
Reworked Butcher’s Pan slow
Bonemesh can now heal bosses 50% of their health (up from 40%)
Increased the base health of all bosses
Made Antlion a wave 2 unlock

Bug Fixes:
Fixed Redeemers not lowering when phasing
Fixed hull sizes for Tank, Cremator, Doom Crab, Extinction Crab, Antlion, and Antlion Worker
Fixed m82 not being able to do headshot damage
Fixed Zweihander causing lua errors
Fixed Z9000 having the incorrect fire modes
Fixed Reaper status exploit that allowed players to gain reaper stacks when switching weapons
Fixed Devourer hook hitbox being tiny
Fixed the Neutrino Gluon variant doing overheat damage
Fixed crowbar not removing coupled headcrabs from other players

January 9, 2023

9/22/2022 – 11/27/2022

– Tier 6 ‘All-American’ Minigun ( regalrelish
– Tier 6 ‘Murasama’ Melee Weapon ( Medic Man, Bagel
– Tier 5 ‘Archangel’ Automatic Shotgun ( Cjayy, regalrelish
– Tier 5 ‘Cadmus’ Chemical Rifle ( regalrelish, Cjayy
– Tier 2 ‘Biotic’ Medical Tool (Andrewstown
– New SCK Model for ‘Triad’ Assault Rifle ( regalrelish
– New SCK Model for ‘CF-05’ SMG ( regalrelish
– New SCK Model for ‘Electrohammer’ ( Cjayy
– New Player Models (Lexy, Kevdu, Red Razer
– New Cosmetics (Lexy)
– New voice lines for various player models ( Red Razer
– New Beat Set ‘Pinesoot’ ( Lexy
– Steam Avatar Frame Support ( Mka
– Steam Sticker Support ( Mka
– ZS Quick Select Menu that allows for quick buy ammo and other actions. ( Mka
– Seagull / Pigeon cosmetic models for Crow Class ( Mka
– Devourer of Gods cosmetic for Devourer Boss ( Lexy
– Updated the Prop Duplicator UI ( Liverneck
– Added base props to the Prop Duplicator ( CJay
– The Prop Duplicator now alerts you when props are on sale, bought, and you now gain commission when players buy props – CJay
– Added client options for choosing where you spawn ( CJay, Mka
– Added client options for choosing where you redeem ( CJay
– Added client options for adjusting the amount of particles rendered ( CJay
– Added hp scaling for default Zombies ( CJay, Mka
– Added exfil toolgun support ( Bagel
– Added Shoving mechanic for melee weapons. ( Bagel, Mka
– Added Damage Arcs similar to L4D2 for certain melee weapons ( Mka
– New Chopshop UI design and improvements. ( Mka

– Event systems like Halloween etc moved to Chopshop.
– Updated Aylx Pistol model with new animations for cycling fire modes ( Lexy, Mka
– Changed GP Pricing (regalrelish, Kevdu, Mka
– Reduced Attachment Delay (Mka
– Removed Carbine M1/M2 (Mka
– Removed Prop Journal ( Mka
– Ammo HUD reload bar Animations (Andrewstown
– HUD Color customization ( Mka
– Thirdperson View customization ( Mka
– Better discord integration with webhooks ( Mka
– LH weapons are no longer given during exfil. ( Mka
– Reduced max nests from 12 to 8 ( CJay
– Buffed Hardened Epidermis mutation blood armor from 15 to 30, increased cost from 20 to 30 DNA ( CJay
– Rebalanced the Prop Duplicator to be more useful later game ( CJay
– Buffed drone damage (all kinds) ( CJay
– You can now nail and unnail props faster ( CJay
– All worth menu guns now cost the same (40 worth) ( CJay
– Most pistols can now utilize the change fire mode function ( CJay
– Added stock limit of 2 to “Cadmus” ( CJay
– Increased stock limit of “M82” to 2 ( CJay
– Oberon can now equip Shotgun Choke ( CJay
– Seditionist can now equip Silencer, Quickdraw, Incendiary ammunition, and Cryo ammunition ( CJay
– Stabber M1 Garand can now equip Quickdraw, Incendiary ammunition, and Cryo ammunition ( CJay
– Winchester can now equip Shotgun Choke ( CJay
– Blaster can now equip Shotgun Choke ( CJay
– Optimized voice chat, collisions, lag compensation calculations. ( Bagel
– Implemented Dynamic hitboxes to improve hit registration ( Bagel
– Improved melee charging systems ( Mka, Bagel

– Fixed ghosted props being exploited to block zombie hits. ( Mka
– Fixed bug causing players to be softlocked when phasing and being killed by explosives. ( Mka, Andrew
– Fixed Shade Rock projectile clipping through brushes. ( Mka, Andrew
– Fixed prediction issues with damage arc melee swings. ( Mka
– Fixed issues with Fire Modes not being predicted ( Andrew
– Fixed Medical HUD issues ( Andrew
– Fixed not being able to shoot through deployables ( CJay
– Fixed extended magazine not working on guns with a clip size of less than 8 ( CJay
– Fixed not being able to reload “Trigger Happy” shotgun with Mouse1 ( CJay
– Fixed not being able to zoom in with the “Ender” shotgun, Tec9 ( CJay
– Fixed bosses giving the incorrect amount of points when taking damage ( CJay
– Fixed Cremator flames not being blocked by force field (Bagel)
– SCK models are now cached and should fix slight jitter when equipping them. ( Mka
– Applied additional micro optimizations ( Andrew, Cjay
– Drone shoot angles have been improved greatly.
– Missing Zombine/Poison zombie skin textures ( Lexy
– Stabber M1 causing script errors. ( Mka
– Bug with backpacks not combing if dying with one held. ( Mka
– Fixed Observer Target text overlapping in spectator UI ( Bagel

– Disabled Rats due to crashes (Mka)
– Removed Duplicator Blueprints from the arsenal ( CJay
– Removed Aeronautics trait from the worth menu (didn’t even work in the first place) ( CJay
– Removed “Stubber” variant ( CJay
– Removed “Tosser” variant ( CJay

November 27, 2022

ZS Change-log 7/5/2022 – 9/22/2022


– Various new maps (Bagel)

– Various new cosmetics (Lexy)

– ‘Winchester’ Shotgun – New Remant path ‘Slug Rounds’ (Lexy)

– New Antlion Worker Class (MKA)

– Enabled ‘Corrosive’ mutation and reworked for Antlion Worker (MKA)

– New Cremator Boss (MKA and Lexy)

– Environment particles for Frost Shade and Cremator (MKA)

– Bosses are now outlined in zombie vision (MKA)

– New Weapon Fire Modes System (MKA)

– Nuclear bomb event after exfil (MKA)

– New Prop Duplicator Deployable (Liverneck, MKA, Bagel, Andrewstown)


– Surveyer – Increased speed from 218 -> 225 (MKA)

– ‘Enderman’ Shotgun – Damage 13 -> 16, Numshots 8 -> 5 (MKA)

– Increased ignite time of incendiary ammo from 2 -> 5 seconds (MKA)

– ‘Crackler’ Assault Rifle – Allowed Quickdraw (MKA)

– Increased Surveyor and Wraith prop force (Medic Man)

– Stalker – Increased laser damage from 2 -> 5 (MKA)

– Lowered damage threshold for gaining points from crawler based zombies (MKA)

– Upped player threshold for boss from 10 -> 15 players (MKA)

‘Splinter’ Sawed-Off – (Andrewstown)
– Cone Minimum Size 4 > 7
– Cone Maximum Size 5 > 10
– Cone Minimum Reduction per Remantle -1.069 > -0.6
– Cone Maximum Reduction per Remantle -1.125 > -0.6

Fixed Bugs:

– Medic aura not rendering properly when switching weapons (MKA)

– Multiple corrupt fragments not working with tele device at random (MKA)

– Nests being blocked by humans/props and not allowing spawn (MKA, Lexy)

– Issues with spawning causing zombies to spawn where they were spectating. (MKA)

– Shade shield not being removed upon death (MKA)

– Inventory screen soft-lock when loading into game (MKA)

– Various Scoreboard badges not working (Lexy)

– Rare clientside error with shade shield (MKA)

– Improved telepad collisions and teleportation checking (MKA)

– Melee charge attacks allowing to be released while phasing (MKA)

– Cosmetic skins not applying to arsenal and resupply backpacks (Bagel)

– Disallowed nailing of ragdolls and npcs (MKA)

– Golf club sounds not working (Lexy)

– Removed Unnecessary punishment for unailing friends nails. (Andrewstown)


– Smart Targeter – Now locks view on to players due to change in medic tools (MKA)

– Allowed corrupt fragment during all of wave 6 instead of limiting it (MKA)

– Allowed human damage from zombies after game ends (MKA)

– Allowed redeeming on wave 6 (MKA)

– Removed Cannibalism (MKA)

– Rat and Antlions can now sprint (MKA)

– Improved zombie vision with outlines and updated aura (MKA)

– Disallowed placing teleporters on OBJ maps (MKA)

– Devour hook now comes back instead of disappearing (MKA)

– Replaced gas event with nukes at wave 6 end (MKA)

– Increased zombie vision brightness (MKA)

– Updated head hit-box for Fast Zombie and Zombine (Lexy)

– Generator deployables can now be interacted with during Pre-Game (MKA)

– Boss stock no longer stacks if there isn’t enough players to be boss (MKA)

– Re-ordered Tools, Deployables, Other, and Traits tabs. (Andrewstown)

– Removed Arsenal and Resupply packs. They will be on your back if you have either in your inventory. (Andrewstown, MKA)

– Redid Ammo hud to be more compatible with various items, along with touch up to fit Half Life Theme. (Andrewstown, MKA)

– Updated Nail ammo icon to be Grey instead of White. (Andrewstown)

– Dis-allowed repurchase of weapons already held. (helps prevent buying guns on accident) (Andrewstown)

– Allowed hammers to be buffed by Strength. (do more repairs) (Andrewstown, Bagel)

– Heal floaters now display as whole numbers instead of decimals. (Andrewstown)

Set separate notifications when healed, per tool type, per person. Now visually shows Remant tier. (Andrewstown)

== Andrewstown Medic Overhaul ==

Added New Tier 5 Medic tool: ‘Afterlife’ Healing Pad
– “The Ultimate Healing device. PRIMARY ATTACK = Heal selected target. RELOAD = Tab through players. SECONDARY ATTACK = Refresh player listings”

– Medic needed a more reliable way to heal groups of people. If used effectively and in the right scenario, this tool can be very useful for keeping a group of humans topped off.

‘Rejuvinator’ Healing Ray –
– Primary Delay 0.36 > 0.36 and benefits from tool cool-down bonuses.
– Healing per Remantle 0.3 > 1

New Bottom Path: ‘Resilience’ Support Ray
– “Double ammo use. Build up Buff Charge to provide buffs at any health. RELOAD to select buff. SECONDARY to discharge buff.”

– Rejuv is the most reliable late game medic item. I buffed it to be even more effective as the late game medic item. I added another remant path to allow for a different play-style.

‘Survivor’ Medical Kit –
– Fixed Cooldown bonus not applying.
– Made ammo consumption/cooldown apply to amount healed instead of being static. (100% efficiency)
– Ammo Per Use 15 > 13
– Primary Cooldown 6.5 > 5
– Heal 17 > 20
– Healing per Remantle 1.5 > 2
– Cooldown Reduction per Remantle -0.7 > -0.5

New Middle Path: ‘Proficiancy’ Medical Kit
– “Removes self heal, but uses less ammo.”

New Bottom Path: ‘Runner’ Medical Kit
– “Less penalty for self heal, but uses more ammo”

— Medkit should be the basis of all medic items. It’s the most generic and most reliable. I added remant paths for different playstyles.

‘Savior’ Medic Gun –
– Changed from projectile to bullet/trace
– Is now Automatic
– Added a cone
– Ammo to shot conversion 5 > 4
– Primary Delay 0.9 > 0.4 (was cut in half elsewhere in code for some reason, now on delay)
– Heal 4 > 5
– Healing per Remantle 0.6 > 1

Bottom Path: ‘Alleviator’ Medic Gun
– Fire Rate Bonus Multiplyer 0.6x > 0.5x
– Heal Multiplyer 1x > 0.85x

— Medic gun was superior to medkit, so I gave them different uses. Medkit is more efficient, Medic gun is more healing/sec. Bottom path had no downside besides no buff, so I made it shoot much faster, at the cost of point efficiency. I added a cone to make medic rifle the counterpart with infinite range.

‘Covalesecence’ Medical Rifle –
– Changed from projectile to bullet/trace
– Now applies bonus healing scaled from a minimum to maximum distance, up to 5.
– Now applies speed and defense by default, not just defense.
– Primary Delay 2.7 > 2
– Heal 13 > 20
– Healing per Remantle 1.1 > 2

— I made Medic Rifle more of a range based medic item, which rewards when used from afar. You can also choose which buff path you would like.

Medic Cloud Bomb –
– Healpower 3 > 4
– Point Return Rate 0.5 > 0.75

— Med bomb needed to be more powerful and returning, so you can get back your points if used properly and people will have more incentive to use it for the team.

Medical Trinkets/Traits

Surgeon –
– Medical Cooldown Multiplyer -34% > -10%
– Heal Multiplier 1.34x > 1.25x

Remedial Booster –
– Heal Multiplier 1.08x > 1.1x

Medical processor –
– Medical Tool Cooldown Multiplier -10% > -5%

Curative Kit
– Medical Tool Cooldown Multiplier -15% > -10%

— Surgeon was a must have to be medic, otherwise the medic items were to under-powered to pick up mid-game. I knocked everything down to make the cool-downs globally shared and easier to balance while buffing medic items themselves to be better on their own.

— Overall for medic, everything has more potential healing, but requires more skill, so medics don’t feel held back by numbers and thus requires less medics overall. It needed the love I gave it to adjust the values to be balanced with each other. Now they all have their own purposes early and later game and medics have to put more thought into their game-play, and more potential overall.

For more info on the state of Medic, use Andrewstown’s data sheet to see current values in place. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IkLsJYSC2c5q-tWRq3eXA9XzWFADPwTTIoC5maTof_0/edit?usp=sharing

September 22, 2022

ZS Change-log 7/5/2022


– Zombine Crawler is now available as a Wave 5 unlock. ( MK, Lexy

– Limited Summer Time Event! Collect currency and unlock new cosmetics in-game! ( Lexy

– Rat is now available as a spectator class. ( MK, Lexy


– All weapon tiers 1-6 have been updated with balances from community feedback. ( MK

– Increased boss hp values for some classes with community feedback. ( MK

– Reduced Stalker’s laser attack damage and fire duration. (MK

– Reduced the cost of the Regenerative Trait in the worth menu. ( MK

– Increased Lacerator pounce damage and pounce delay. ( Medic Man

– Increased Fast Zombie pounce delay. ( Medic Man

– Significantly reduced “CPT.’s Hand Cannon” ammo cost per shot. ( Medic Man

– Increased Medical kit heal amount and reduced the heal delay between uses. ( Medic Man


– Rotation speed while holding props is now smoother. ( Bagel

– Ignite is now handled by a status and no longer causes team damage/prop ignition. ( MK

– ‘Savior’ Medic Gun is now using hitscan instead of projectiles for improved use and optimization.
( Healing darts will now go through full health players to hit low hp players! ) ( MK

– Bosses no longer can spawn in during exfil stage. ( MK

– Various bugs with the new transparency optimization have been squashed. ( MK

– Player points/frag scores over 2,047 will no longer reset. ( MK

– Various character sounds have been optimized and fixed. ( Red Razer

– Antlion now has proper movement collisions. ( Lexy, MK

– Rat now has a proper ragdoll. ( Lexy


– Rat damage has increased from 4 -> 10. ( MK

– Rats can now sprint with Left Shift or whatever is bound to sprint. ( MK

– Lacerator / Howler models have been updated to a new placeholder ( hitbox is slightly better ). ( MK

– Nightmare’s Abyss no longer adds the blinding status effect. ( MK

– Radioactive zombie has been disabled for balance purposes. ( MK

– Toggling undead vision is now enabled for dead players. ( MK

– Spectator classes are now chosen at random such as Crow or Rat. ( MK


July 5, 2022

ZS Change-log 6/18/2022


– Added Surveyor kill icon ( Lexy )
– Added admin Boss Ban command to prevent trolls from using boss. ( Lexy )
– Added new sounds for custom player-models as well as some voice line updates. ( Red Razer )
– Added back Spot lamp to arsenal shop. ( Lexy )
– Added Last Human song volume option in ZS sound settings. ( Lexy, Bagel )


– Buffed Crawler zombie jump height from 120 -> 150. ( Mka0207 )
– Buffed Zombine damage from 38 -> 40 ( Bagel )
– Nerfed CF05 damage from 21 -> 18.5 ( Lexy )
– Nerfed Zombine to now be unlocked on Wave 6. ( Medic Man, Bagel )


– Fixed Rare clientside errors on maps like Devourer Towersz. ( Mka0207 )
– Fixed phasing not working after jumping and pressing the phase key. ( Mka0207 )
– Fixed some potential causes for players having unlimited boss lifes. ( Mka0207 )
– Fixed collisions with C++ to optimize and allow for higher populations on the server. ( Bagel, Mka0207 )
– Fixed voice chat bottlenecks with C++. ( Bagel, Mka0207 )
– Fixed suit chargers not spawning on the map. ( MKa0207 )


– Updated Armor so it can now be dropped, given or stored in the inventory of players. ( Mka0207 )
– Updated Tank’s death system to use the L4D2 style animation before death ragdoll. ( Mka0207 )
– Updated Tickle Monster model with open source workshop replacement. ( Mka0207 )
– Updated Antlion Nest icon ( Lexy )


June 18, 2022

ZS Change-log 5/10/2022

Human Additions:
– Rework the Grave Shovel (Lexy)
– Added New Tier 5 Weapon: ‘Devils Ruin’ (Medic & Liverneck)

Zombie Additions:
– New Antlion kill-icon (Lexy)

General Additions:
– New end round Songs (Mka, Lexy)
– Scoreboard panel color changed (Mka)

– ‘Owens’ Handgun is now automatic (Mka)
– Allow unphasing inside deployables (Mka)
– Forcefield now can block Stalker’s lasers (Lexy, Mka)
– New model for ‘Annabelle’ Rifle (Lexy)

– Fix bullets not going through fences (Lexy, Mka)
– Fix ‘Warmonger’ PPSH world model being upside-down (Lexy)
– Fix ‘Stabber’ M1 Garand melee attack not working (Lexy)
– Prevent out of the map exploit on zs_sludge (Mka)

– Add a 2.5 headshot multiplier on ‘Overcharge’ Pulse SMG (Bagel)
– Enable Cryo attachment and buff firing speed from 0.09 to 0.065 for ‘Warmonger’ PPSH (Medic)
– Nerf damage from 90 to 72 and reduce the required Ammo from 2 to 1 for ‘Long Arm’ Handgun (Medic)
– Surveyor attack increased from 35 to 45 and base HP from 1000 to 1650 (Lexy)
– Increased accuracy for ‘Alyx’ Pulse Pistol (Lexy, Mka)
– Increased velocity and damage from 85 to 87 for ‘Slinger’ Bolt Pistol (Lexy)
– Increased velocity and damage from 86 to 120 for ‘Inquisitor’ Crossbow (Lexy)
– Increased damage from 16.5 to 21 and accuracy for ‘CF-05’ Submachine Gun (Lexy)
– Increased damage from 26 to 28 for ‘Battleaxe’ Handgun (Lexy)

Sorry for the late post -Bagel

May 10, 2022

ZS Change-log 4/1/2022

Human Additions:
– Added Melee charging ability to club-like weapons >= Tier 2 with exceptions (Bagel)

– Added “Junk Pack” to point shop (Bagel)

– Added New Tier 3 Weapon: “Trigger Happy” Broken Shotgun (Bagel)
– Added New Tier 3 Weapon: “TEC-9” Auto Pistol (Lexy)
– Added New Tier 4 Weapon: “G11” Burst Rifle (Medic Man)
– Added New Tier 5 Weapon: “Warmonger” PPSH (Bagel/Tuck)
– Added New Tier 5 Weapon: “Captain’s Hand cannon” (Bagel)
– Added New Tier 6 Weapon: “Barrett M82” Sniper Rifle (Lexy)

– Added New Consumable: “Stim” (Lexy)

– Replaced old Battle-Classes with 12 new ones (Medic Man)

– Included custom assets made/ported by Lexy

Zombie Additions:
– Added More animations to Zombine, crouching etc. (Bagel)
– Added New Zombie Type: Radiation Zombie (Bagel)
– Added New Status Effect: Radiation (Bagel)

General Additions:
– Cosmo Canyon now has a Materia HUD

– Boss zombie prices increase by 5 for every wave after wave 2 (Bagel)
– The Consumable, “Steroids”, have been reenabled and balanced (Lexy)
– Medicrifle strength path reenabled and balanced (Lexy)

– Fixed Turret traces colliding with force field (Bagel)
– Fixed Ported weapon(s) world models (Lexy/Mka)
– Fixed Scorch Blade world model facing wrong direction (Bagel)
– Fixed Electrohammer model elements’ wrong angles (Bagel)
– Fixed Tank sounds (Bagel)

– Tickle Monster attack range increased from 125 to 150 (Bagel)

April 1, 2022

ZS Change-log 3/1/2022

– Added Auto-reload to guns (Bagel)

– Howler melee range decreased. (Bagel)
– Howler now has a population limit. (Bagel)
– Zombine default armor has been removed. (Bagel)
– Silencer has been buffed. (Mka)

March 1, 2022

ZS Change-log 2/11/2022

– Added New Tier 4 Weapon: “Overcharge” Pulse SMG. A weapon that has quite a punch at the end of its magazine! (Mka)
– Added a New Badge System. You can now change and display the badges that you would like! (Mka, Lexy)

– “Z9000” Alyx Gun now has an updated model. (Mka, Lexy)
– Drones can now not be used in objective maps. (Mka)

– Fixed issue that caused the physics engine to crash. (Mka)
– Fixed the Antlion Hull. (Tuck)
– Fixed Brass Knuckles not showing in inventory. (Mka)
– Fixed “Z9000” Alyx Gun instant reloading bug. (Lexy)

– “Akbar” Assault Rifle’s Fire Rate Increased from 0.15 to 0.13 second per shot. (Tuck)
– “Akbar” Assault Rifle’s “Outbreak” Remantle Damage Multiplier Increased from 1.15x to 1.2x. (Tuck)
– “Eraser” Pistol is now able to attach Quickdraw Modification. (Tuck)
– “Quicksilver” Sniper’s Damage Increased from 58 to 72. (Tuck)
– “Tempest” Burst Pistol’s Damage Increased from 27 to 32. (Tuck)
– “Triad” Assault Rifle’s “Cerberus” Remantle Clip Size Increased from 27 to 33. (Tuck)

February 11, 2022

ZS Change-log 1/6/2022

– New UI to select rank icon on scoreboard ( Just click the rank icon on the scoreboard to open it )
– Players friended via the ZS friend system now have an outline ( like l4d ) that can be disabled via settings.

– Complete overhaul of the ZS Inventory UI and Inventory back-end systems.
– Flashlight now has infinite battery until we decide to change the system.

– Fixed ZS friends not saving past games on the server’s realm.

January 6, 2022

ZS Change-log 1/5/2022

– Added new scorecards for use on the scoreboard with higher resolutions and more detail. ( mk )
– Added Map Win/Loss Stat System. ( mk )
– Added Headcrab Santa Hat ( lexy )
– Added Butcher Chef Hat ( lexy )

– Deployables such as arsenals, turrets, remanter and resupply no longer have collisions for humans. ( mk )
– Generators no longer have collisions for humans and there is no prop block above the generator anymore. ( mk )
– Improved various components of the design of the scoreboard aesthetic. ( mk )
– Lowered the max level from level 250 to 100 in preparation for the prestige/remort system coming back. ( tuck )
– Removed fear from all stealth classes such as Wraith and Surveyor to help with stealth attacking enemies. ( mk )
– Titlecards are now only used on the voice chat UI instead of scoreboard. ( mk )

– Fixed a bug with the event shop causing people to spend points on something they already owned. ( mk )
– Fixed Headcrab Tophat not being visible on poison / Fast Headcrabs. ( mk )
– Fixed issue with some brushes on ZE maps not taking damage. ( mk )
– Fixed not being able to use materias while standing on certain entities. ( mk )
– Fixed teleporting issue that caused humans to not be able to teleport. ( mk )
– Fixed ZE Cosmo not rewarding players with items after beating various rounds. ( mk )

– Nerfed the surveyor HP and Speed. ( mk )
– Nerfed the ZE Winchester. ( lexy )
– Removed the laser attack and step sounds from Surveyor. ( mk )

January 5, 2022

ZS Change-log 12/15/2021

– New boss! ‘Surveyor’, a stealth type (Mka0207)
– Reenabled friending other humans to let them unnail your props in the scoreboard (Mka0207)
– You can now block other players (scoreboard mute icon/main-menu player list) (Mka0207)

– The scoreboard has received a new coat of paint (Mka0207)
– Custom main-menu text scaling improved (Mka0207)

– Nightmare abyss is no longer white (Bagel)

December 15, 2021

ZS Change-log 12/7/2021

-December 2021 event released!
-New event drops and unlocks available include:
12 new title-cards (lexydut18)
2 new spinners (Liverneck)
2 new LH songs
2 new deployable skins (Liverneck/lexydut18)
1 new boss zombie skin (lexydut18)

-zs_obj_roadkill_v2a has been added! (Map by Liverneck)

-Zombine hand animation has been sped up to match actual hit (lexydut18)
-Teleporters no longer get players stuck in walls (Mka0207)
-Medical guns fire rate patch

December 7, 2021

ZS Change-log 11/2/2021

– Nightmare Abyss now shows the recharge timer near the crosshair. (MKA)
– ZE Shop used to buying equipment at the start of the mode, type F1 to access it.(MKA)
– Renabled some old trinkets in the worth menu, Oxygen Tank, Night Vision, Portable deployables.(MKA)
– New Scorebard design to match the UI style for our version of ZS.(MKA)
– Mini profiles can now be viewed by clicking on someones player bar in the scoreboard list.(MKA)
– Renabled “Galvanizer” trinket.(Bagel)
– Teleporters can now be used in non generator games, be careful these are experimental.(MKA)
– Created a news feed in the (Esc) pause menu that displays our newest content updates or other things from the community.(MKA)

– Humans can now check out in the worth menu whenever if they haven’t purchased a loadout yet.(MKA)
– Late joiners will be able to check out in the worth instead of getting a favorite / random loadout if joining late.(MKA)
– “Open Spawn Menu” aka “Q” is now bound to drop ZE Materias easily instead of using !drop.(MKA)
– Deployables such as Arsenal, Remantler and Resupply can now be placed on ceilings/walls and inside each other.(MKA)
– Changed Antlion hull size again to help fix maneuverability through small holes like vents.(MKA)

– Fixed rock tank still having an exploit ( Completely patched now! )(MKA)
– Fixed a bug that was causing LH weapon not to spawn if enough players.(MKA)
– Fixed grenade jumping being way too overpowered in ZE.(MKA)
– Attempted a fix to prevent infinite boss lives. ( let us know if it happens again )(MKA)
– Fixed nades recognizing event cosmetic entities which can sometimes negate damage.(MKA)
– Fixed a bug where players would sometimes get thousands of extra DNA from hitting props.(MKA)
– Flashlights no longer decay during Zombie Escape games.(MKA)
– Fixed UI / Fonts not re-scaling after a player changes their monitor resolution.(MKA)

– Tank boss is now locked until Wave 3.(MKA)
– Lowered Nightmare’s Abyss brightness affect so players can use flashlight to see through it.(MKA)
– Prevent flash-bangs from affecting the player who threw it.(MKA)
– Allow players to use all boss stock lives if wave is equal to the max waves ( such as 6 ).(MKA)

November 2, 2021

ZS Change-log 10/19/2021

– Created New Mapvote UI. (Mka)
– Created New Honorable Mentions UI. (Mka)
– Created Prop Aura System to replace old nail UI. (Mka)
– Flashlight now has a limited battery use, this will be expanded on in the future with new flashlights and battery upgrades. (Mka)
– Added The Tank back with fixed 9-way animations and fixed the rock being thrown through walls. (Mka)
– Deployable count now shows for zombies as well. (Will most likely make a zombie variant to count things like nests, bosses, etc). (Mka)
– Added support for zombies to use multiple weapons and models if set in the class file. (Mka)
– Combine can now use multiple weapons. (Mka)
– Zombine Explosion Time is now displayed in the hud. (Mka)
– Added Sabreans Zombine Variants / Poison Zombie Variants. (Mka, lexy)
– Devourer can now taunt. (Mka)
– Applied various optimizations to help improve client FPS. (Mka, Bagel)

– Crawler is now a Wave 2 unlock. (Mka)
– Now allow Zombine Bots players to unpin Grenades and Auto-Run. (Mka)
– Arena maps now have a shorter second round prep time if the mapper has it set in the map profile. (Mka)
– Disabled Headless Horseman Camera (Annoyed players too much and got people killed by bots). (Mka)
– You can now nail props while phasing.

– Fixed focus targeter not being able to target fast zombies types. (Lexy)
– Fixed Stalker Laser Trace not going through certain entities it should have. (Mka)
– Applied a fix for ZS levels resetting, please let us know if it still happens after this changelog. (Mka)
– Dev towers now auto gives you feather fall/ammo upon spawning instead of waiting until the game starts. (Mka)

– Tank Health increased from 4,000 -> 4,500. (Mka)
– Crawler Health decreased from 175 -> 145. (Mka)
– Fixed Smart Targeter having an unfair Fire Delay. (Lexy)
– Galvanizer Implant has been reenabled, all buffs set to 25%

October 19, 2021

ZS Change-log 10/6/2021

= Additions =
– A Halloween Event! Bags of candy with varying sizes will now drop sometimes when a zombie dies as well as when a prop breaks from a zombie! Bosses will also drop a large candy bag when killed. You can then use the candy to then buy limited time cosmetics including Titlecards, Spinners, and other cosmetics in the Seasonal Events with F4 or by typing “!events” in chat! (Mka, Bagel, Lexy)
– The Horseless Headless Horseman is now back ready for action.
– Multiple New Mutations have been added! (Bagel)
– General Mutation, Hardened Epidermis : All Humanoid Zombies will be given 15 percent extra blood armor.
– Bonemesh Mutation, Overactive Platelets : On top of the pieces that he tears off of himself healing the undead, the excess of platelets now within it also now gives a weak outer armor to the zombies. (Gives zombies a bit of armor, 30 armor being the max. Excludes other bosses.)
– Nightmare Mutation, Nightmare Abyss : A alternate attack that emits a darkness aura that applies the darkness status to any unfortunate humans near it.
– A new Trinket has been added, Focus Targeter : +10% Turret Scan Speed, +20% Turret Range, and -80% Turret Scan Area. (Lexy)

= Changes =
– Smart Targeter now has a much lesser reloading delay for the weapons which use it. (Lexy)

= Fixes =
– Mako Reactor no longer crashes the server and the end bridge doesn’t glitch out. (Mka)
– Antlions crouch hullbox has now been fixed. (Tuck)

= Balances =
– The “Owens” Handgun Damage has been reduced from 15.5 to 14.5. (Tuck)
– The “Crossfire” Glock Collider Remantle Damage Multipler has been reduced from 1.3x to 1.2x. (Tuck)
– The “Adonis” Pulse Rifle Damage has been reduced from 28 to 26. (Tuck)

October 5, 2021

ZS Change-log 8/27/2021

– Shock Helmet Trinket now returns! It shocks Headcrabs when they try to couple to your head. (Mka)
– Night Vision Goggles have been tweaked and added back. (Mka)
– Added Scoreboard Icons for Pass Holders. (Mka)

– The couple chance for Headcrabs has increased from 20% to 50%. (Mka)
– The Howler Model has been changed to be more like the origin Howler. (Mka)
– Updated the Member Icon. (Mka)

– Fixed exploit where zlisted players could troll with hauler drones. (Mka)
– Fixed the Antlion’s Hull Size and can now fit through vents. (Mka)

August 27, 2021

ZS Change-log 8/25/2021

– Added a new model for the Health Station. (Lexy, Mka)
– Added Boss Stock where if Xen Creatures don’t become Boss for a wave, it will be added to the stock amount of boss lives which will allow these unused boss lives to be used later in the game. (Mka)
– Added a Blood Armor mechanic for Zombies. Zombines and Bonemesh currently spawn with Blood Armor and more features will be added to it in the future! (Mka)
– Cleaned up and Added New Hud Elements in the HL2 style including Points, DNA, and other small details. (Mka)
– Added a status icon for when you are effected by the Howler Attack Speed Buff. (Mka)
– Added pictures, descriptions, and cleaned up map names for the current maps in FWKZT Mapvote. (Tuck, Mka)
– Navmeshed and added multiple new maps to the ZS server. (Tuck)

– Zombines’ Resistances have now been removed in place of Blood Armor. (Mka)
– Removed the “Avatar” Chem Pistol. (Tuck)
– Removed the “Punisher” Remantle on the “Sweeper” Shotgun. (Tuck)
– Removed the “Recall” Remantle on the “Ricochete” Revolver. (Tuck)
– Removed the “Resonance” Remantle on the “Sprayer” Uzi. (Tuck)

– Zombine Primary Attack is now automatic. (Mka)
– Zombines will no longer be able to start grenading while feigned. (Mka)
– Updated Night Vision Goggles to support projected textures. (Mka)

– Did a Temporary Fix for the Drones having bugged aim. (Mka)
– Fixed the Antlion hull and reduced its scale. (Mka)

August 25, 2021

ZS Change-log 8/16/2021

– Added Hazmat Player Model for Gold Pass Holders. (Mka)
– Added a better attack animation for Antlion. (Mka)

– Removed the Skeletal Shambler. (Mka, Tuck)

– Fixed the Zombie View Model Animations. (Mka)
– Fixed Zombie SWEP Attack Animation. (Lexy, Mka)
– Fixed knocked down humans not glowing in Zombie Vision. (Mka, Bagel)

– Zombine now has Bullet Resistance with weaknesses to Buckshot and Rifle Weapons. (Mka, Tuck)
– The “Akbar” Assault Rifle is now moved back to being a Tier 3. (Tuck)
– The “Amigo” Assault Rifle Micronaut Remantle now will no longer be able to accept Extended Magazine Attachment. (Tuck)
– Slightly reduced the Accuracy on the “Annabelle” Birdshot Remantle. (Tuck)
– Increased the Damage of the “Eraser” Tactical Pistol from 20 to 21. (Tuck)
– Increased the Damage of the “Sweeper” Shotgun from 16 to 17 per pellet. (Tuck)
– Increased the damage of the “Triad” Assault Rifle from 6.75 to 7.5 per pellet. (Tuck)
– Increased the Damage of the “Helios” Gluon Gun from 23 to 25. (Tuck)
– Decreased the Damage of the Sawhack from 45 to 42. (Tuck)
– Decreased the Damage of the “Glock” Shroud Remantle from 30 to 28.5. (Tuck)
– Decreased the Damage of the “Gilboa” Snake Rifle from 24 to 21.5. (Tuck)

August 16, 2021

ZS Change-log 8/3/2021

– Zombines and Antlions are now able to move and attack at the same time! (Mka)
– Headcrabs now have a 1st person view model. (Mka, Lexy)

– Fixed the resupply not opening all the way. (Bagel)
– Fixed Zombine View Model. (Mka)
– Fixed Antlion Wings Details. (Mka)
– Multiple fixes to the new boss selection system. (Mka)

– Changed up the Attack Speed on the Antlion Attack. (Mka)
– Increased the “Avatar” Chem Pistol Damage from 32 to 36. (Tuck)
– Decreased the damage of the Combine Jackhammer from 8.5 damage per pellet to 2 damage per pellet. (Tuck)

August 3, 2021

ZS Change-log 7/29/2021 #2

Fixed Zombine movement to support 9 way animation ( MKA )
Fixed Zombine attacking to support blended 9 way animation ( MKA )

You can now attack and move while zombine and pull grenades while running or walking etc.
Lowered barricade DNA payout from 500 to 375 damage.
Fixed boss not being buyable on wave 6.
Removed bot takeover population limits to help zteam on high pop.

July 29, 2021

ZS Change-log 7/29/2021

– New Boss Selection Mechanic! (Mka)
– Instead of being picked as boss for doing the most amount of human damage, you now able to buy boss during intermission for DNA.
– DNA is gathered from either hitting players or hitting barricades of alive players. The specific numbers being 100 Player Damage = 5 DNA and 500 Barricade Damage = 5 DNA. You will also be notified whenever you have reached a threshold to be given DNA.
– Bosses can now only spawn during wave active after being purchased.
– Starting zombies as well as players who die and turn into zombie will start out with 10 DNA to work with.
– Added Vortigaunt Player Model and Chat Sounds. (Mka)

– Fixed typos in weapons causing said weapons to not be able to equip Quickdraw Magazine. (Mka)
– Fixed the boss spawn on zs_ravine. (Mka)

– Fixed the Rebar Mace textures. (Mka, Lexy)
– Removed the Zombine Sprinting Mutation. Zombines can do it normally now. (Mka)

ZS Change-log 7/20/2021

– Armor Plate System Added. (Mka)
– Added new Armor Ammo Icon. (Tuck)

– Exfil Combine Soldiers Buffed and HP are now balanced off of alive humans. (Mka)
– Deployables are now not able to be placed during exfil. (Mka)
– Allowed Crows to now do damage. (Mka)
– Changed the UI for Rejuvenator, Medical Kit, and “Savior” Medic Pistol. (Liverneck)
– ACOG Attachment has been disabled. (Tuck)
– Cryogenic Ammunition has been enabled. (Tuck)

– Fixed Incendiary Bolt Weapon Bug. (Mka)
– Fixed issue with Exfil Combine Spawning in the ground. (Mka)
– Fixed Exfil Timer being under Generator Icons. (Mka)

– “Annabelle” Birdshot Remantle now uses Buckshot Ammo instead of Rifle at the cost of less damage. (tuck)
– “Annabelle” Rifle is now able to equip the Quickdraw Modification. (Tuck)
– Increased the damage of the “Avatar” Chemical Pistol from 28 to 32. (Tuck)
– Lucille’s Fire Delay was reduced from 1.75 to 1.6. (Tuck)
– “Sokols” Assault Rifle Damage has been increased from 24 to 25. (Tuck)
– “Zombie Drill” Desert Eagle Accuracy has been slightly reduced. (Tuck)
– “Longarm” Handgun Accuracy has been increased. (Tuck)
– Lacerator’s Fast Damage and Slow Damage have been increased slightly. (Tuck)

July 20, 2021

ZS Change-log 7/1/2021

– Gameplay Hud, Killfeed, and Main Menu have been revamped to now more represent a Half-Life Theme. (Mka)
– Exfil revamped to now involve fighting against The Combine using Pulse Rifles and Stun Batons. (Mka)

– Lacerators are now unlocked on Wave 5 to help against runners. (Mka)
– Pukepus is now poplocked on low pop. (Mka)

– “Snitcher” Shotgun and “Headhunter” Sniper has been removed. (Mka)
– Removed Exfil Damage Reset. (Mka)

– “Silencer” SMG and “Reaper” UMP are now able to equip the Extended Magazine. (Tuck)

July 1, 2021

ZS Change-log 6/23/2021

– Created a new Half life 2 styled UI for the Ammo Counter on Weapons. (Mka)

– “Longarm” Handgun is now a Tier 4 with Increased Damage and Clip Size. (Tuck)
– Ranged Weapons using AR Ammo will no longer be able to equip Quickdraw Modification. (Tuck)
– Melee Weapons in the Arsenal are now organized in alphabetical order. (Tuck)

– Fixed the Rebar Mace Textures. (Lexy)
– “Avatar” Chemical Pistol Coding Reworked to patch the mode switching issue. (Liver)

– Increased the Damage on the “Waraxe” Handgun from 12 to 14.5. (Tuck)
– Reduced the Damage Multiplier on the “Crossfire” Glock-3 Shroud Remantler from 2.3x to 2x. (Tuck)
– Slightly reduced the accuracy on the “Zombie Drill” Desert Eagle. (Tuck)
– “Tempest” Burst Pistol and “Longarm” Handgun are now able to equip the Quickdraw Modification. (Tuck)
– Removed Max Stock on “Edo” Katana. (Tuck)
– Reduced the Max Stock on the “Scorch” Blade from 3 to 2. (Tuck)

June 23, 2021

ZS Change-log 6/14/2021

== Fixes ==
– Fixed the Headcrab Attach Issue at the start of Exfil. (Mka)
– Fixed the Exfil Hatch being a Missing Texture. (Mka)
– Fixed Bolt Weapons not being able to ignite zombies with Incendiary Ammunition. (Mka)
– Fixed Stalker Lasers not being able to go through Shade Shield. (Mka)
– Fixed Boss Spawn on zs_sludge. (Mka)

== Balances ==
– “Gladiator” Super Shotgun is now craftable by using Superior Assembly and “Sweeper” Shotgun. (Tuck)
– “Blareduct” Zip Gun is now craftable by using Lead Pipe and “Blaster” Shotgun Component. (Tuck)

– Decreased the Damage of the Executioner’s Axe from 105 to 102. (Tuck)
– Decreased the Damage of the “Berserk” Zweihander from 210 to 190. (Tuck)
– Increased the Damage of the Power Fists from 82 to 85. (Tuck)
– Increased the Damage of the “Helios” Gluon Gun from 20.5 to 23. (Tuck)
– Increased the Clip Size of the “Avatar” Chemical Pistol from 8 to 12. (Tuck)

== Attachments ==
– Ranged Weapons using SMG Ammo will now not be able to equip Cyro Modification. (Tuck)
– “Hewitz” Medic SMG is now able to equip the Incendiary Ammunition, Extended Magazine and Quickdraw Modification. (Tuck)
– “Sokols” AR is now able to equip the Extended Magazine. (Tuck)
– “Silencer” SMG, “Galestorm” SMG, and “Bulletstorm” SMG is now able to equip Quickdraw Modification. (Tuck)
– “Fracture” Shotgun, “Blareduct” Zip Gun, “Snitcher” Shotgun, “Keletal” KG-14, “Sweeper” Shotgun, and “Gladiator” Shotgun is now able to equip Quickdraw Modification. (Tuck)

June 14, 2021

ZS Change-log 6/8/2021

== Additions ==
– Added new Tier 4 “Avatar” Chemical Pistol (Liverneck)
– Added back the “Convalescence” Medical Rifle (Without remantle for now). (Tuck)
– Added a new “Recall” Remantle to the “Ricochete” Magnum (Liverneck)
– Added a new “Sweeper” Shotgun “Punisher” Remantle (Liverneck)
– Remade Model for “Sprayer” Uzi “Resonance” Remantle (Liverneck)
– Gave “Stubber” Rifle and “Blaster” Shotgun the ability to equip Quickdraw Modification. (Tuck)

== Fixes ==
– Fixed the ? in the Trinket Support Tab. (Mka)
– Fixed the Sludge Zombie Spawn where Boss Zombies would get stuck. (Mka)
– Fixed Many Kill Icons being too small. (Tuck)

== Changes ==
– Changed the Sawhack Razorhack Remantle to do Bleed Damage instead of the old mechanic. (Liverneck)
– Organized Alphabetically and Cleaned Up Arsenal Crate (Will Do Melee Soon) (Tuck)
– Voice chat is no longer enabled during mapvotes. (Mka)

== Balances ==
– Increased the Fire Delay on the Medic Rifle from 2.4 to 2.7.
– Decreased the Metal Chair Damage from 40 to 38. (Tuck)
– Decreased the Baseball Bat Damage from 62 to 60. (Tuck)
– Decreased the Fishing Spear Damage from 70 to 62. (Tuck)
– Increased the Pushing Broom Damage from 55 to 56. (Tuck)
– Increased the Shovel Damage from 60 to 65. (Tuck)
– Increased the Metal Chair Fire Delay from 0.7 to 0.75. (Tuck)
– Increased the Rebar Mace Ward Hammer Remantle Damage Multiplier from 0.75 to 0.85. (Tuck)

June 8, 2021

ZS Change-log 5/28/2021

– Allow disconnected client to be human still before Wave 0. (Mka)
– Removed extra view elements on the “Waraxe” Handgun. (Mka)
– Added support for telefrags. (Mka)
– Added the Tier 6 Melee “Berserk” Zweihander. (Replacement for Buster Sword) (Lexy, Tuck)
– Added the “Sprayer” Uzi “Resonance” Remantle. (Liverneck, Tuck)
– Added back the Power Fists as a Tier 4. (Tuck)
– Gave the Bolt Weapons the capabilities to equip Incendiary Mod. (Tuck)
– “Amigo” Assault Rifle now is able to equip Extended Magazine. (Tuck)
– “Jackhammer” Drum Shotgun now is able to equip Quickdraw Magazine. (Tuck)
– Increased the “Cosmos” Pulse Remantle Damage Multiplier from 0.65 to 0.725. (Tuck)
– Decreased the “Zombie Drill” Desert Eagle Damage from 54 to 52. (Tuck)
– Increased the Primary Delay of the “Renegade” Rifle from 1 to 1.45 seconds per shot to more balance it with the Quasar. (Tuck)
– Fixed the “Triad” Assault Rifle Killicon. (Tuck)

May 28, 2021

ZS Change-log 4/27/2021

– Fixed Giga Gore Roar not working on time ( Bagel )
– Fixed generators not setting broken model ( MKA )
– Reworked harpoon throwing into a recharge system ( MKA )
Tucks Balances :
– Increased knockback of Frying Pan from 0 to 60.
– Increased knockback of Pot from 0 to 40.
– Decreased knockback of Crowbar from 110 to 80.
– Decreased knockback of Baseball Bat and its remantle from 100 to 75.
– Increased knockback of Lucille from 0 to 75.
– Increased knockback of Golf Club from 0 to 25.
– Increased knockback of Golf Club Tiger Woods Remantle from 25 to 50.
– Decreased knockback of Sawhack from 100 to 50.
– Increased knockback of Bust-On-A-Stick from 0 to 110.
– Decreased Frying Pan Damage from 40 to 38.
– Decreased Delay on Ladel from 0.9 to 0.8 seconds.
– Increased Delay on “Edo” Katana from 0.85 to 1 seconds.
– Decreased critical multiplier on Loea from 2x to 1.5x.
– Decreased the “Alyx” Pulse Pistol Damage from 16.5 to 15.5.
– Increased the ConeMin (1.5 to 2.5) and ConeMax (2 to 4.5) on the “Alyx” Pulse Pistol.
– Increased the damage on the “Ender” Automatic Slug Shotgun from 44 to 49.

April 27, 2021

ZS Change-log 4/16/2021

– Hauler drone mains no longer have to worry about people stealing items held. (Bagel)
Only the owner can grab whatever the hauler is holding.
– Added discord special map notifications (/notify <type>) (Bagel, MKA)
You can use this to be notified when specific gametypes are being played
– Added discord game_results chat that displays data about each ZS round. (MKA)
– Buffed zombines melee damage from 30 -> 45. (MKA)
– Disabled headcrabs on freshdead/butcher for now (bug) (MKA)
– Bastardzine can now strafe while pouncing. (MKA)
– Renabled headcrab couple takeover ( after killing a human via couple, you will take them over ) (MKA)
– Fixed a bug that was causing the kill feed to not show sometimes.(MKA)
– Created PVP mode for future Battle Royale events.(MKA)
– Replaced the Radhammer with the Warhammer model made by Lexydut18.
– Increased the swing time of the Kongol Axe from 0.6 to 1.2 seconds. (Tuck)
– Decreased the damage of the Executioner Axe from 110 to 105.(Tuck)
– Decreased the damage of the Great Scythe from 97.5 to 90(Tuck)
– Decreased the range of Lucille from 85 to 75.(Tuck)
– Increased the size (0.875 to 1.2) and the knockback (0 to 50) of the Guitar.(Tuck)
– Increased the knockback on the Guitar Fender Bender Remantle from +10 to +50.(Tuck)
– Increased the knockback of the Metal Chair from 15 to 100 (Tuck)
– Decreased the knockback of the Axe from 125 to 50 (Tuck)

– Reworked Winchester by increasing primary damage and making right click ADS. Fire delay has been reduced as well.

April 16, 2021

ZS Change-log 4/12/2021

– Generators are now smaller and have a better collision box ( Lexydut & MK )

April 12, 2021

ZS Change-log 4/11/2021

– Improved Alyx Gun world model (MK)
– Fixed winchester animation inconsistencies. (MK)
– Created reload time left display (MK)
– Reload time left display can be disabled in the settings.

April 11, 2021

ZS Change-log 4/10/2021

– Reworked z9000 pulse pistol into a burst fire weapon styled after Alyx’s Gun. (MK)
– Increased the reload speed on the “Snitcher” Shotgun. (TUCK)
– Gave the “Sprayer” Uzi the ability to attach the Quickdraw Magazine. (TUCK)
– Reworked the “Ricochete” Magnum “Backlash” Remantle to having reduced damage for a better ricochete damage multiplier and better accuracy per direct hit.(TUCK)
– Replaced deployable teleporters with a handheld teledevice. (MK and Lexydut)
– Added navmesh for zs_ravine (Bagel)
– Anti-Bhop systems are now ignored during dev tower maps.(MK)
– Shotguns now do more damage to skeleton shamblers. (MK)
– Wrench now repairs generators at a faster rate.(MK)
– Feign, Burrow and Poison spit mutations are now enabled by default.(MK)
– Antlion now has proper pain sounds, blended walk animations and a HL2 accurate nest texture.(MK)
– Disabled most ammo trinkets to make room for new attachments for weapons.(MK)
– Enabled Extended Mag and Quick Draw. (MK)
– Butcher is now unlocked for wave 2. (MK)
– Loot sharing is now allowed on early waves. (MK)
– Disabled props having a broken state before being destroyed.(MK)
– Fixed custom health bars not displaying.(MK)
– Nerfed Exfil zombie hp from 100->50.(MK)
– Moved skeletal shambler from mutations to main class menu.(MK)

April 10, 2021

ZS Change-log 3/21/2021

– Fixed headcrab coupling bug when being selected as boss.
– Fixed coupling hint showing to fast headcrabs despite not having the ability.
– Rewrote the weapon attachment system to be more optimized and overall more stable.
– Updated Arsenal GUI to allow more items in a single page.
– Renabled tier based organization in the arsenal.
– Fixed flashlight not turning off after deaths.
– Patched grenade jump exploit.
– Combined mutations and abilities into one category called “Mutations”.
– Created new mutation for “Skeletal Walker” so players can become the class via DNA.
– Removed E+Q attachment menu.
– You now attach things to weapon via the ALT inventory menu, just click the attachment and select attach to weapon.
– Disabled Poison Zombie detach ability due to model crashes.
– Patched exploit with zombie sprint and zombie spawn protection.
– Optimized more deployables.
– Renabled props having a broken state before being destroyed.
– Fixed issues with teleporting not canceling if away from sigils/frags.
– Poplocked AFK takeover to prevent heavy cpu usage on highpop.
– Gens can now teleport players by using E on the center. (no telepad required)

March 21, 2021

ZS Change-log 3/15/2021

– Created a Ability system for undead team to have progression towards new zombie unlocks. ( MKA )
– You can access the ability system via the F3 class menu for undead.
– On the start of each wave, zombies will be given 25 DNA points to use towards unlocking abilities. ( MKA )
– Various abilities for undead classes have been made into abilities, please be sure to check them out!
– Fixed flashlight bug after redeeming with zvision on. ( MKA )
– Created new Wave 3 class “Stalker” from HL2 universe. ( MKA & Bagel )
– Created laser beam attack for Stalker class ( MKA )
– Combined both shades into OG shade with all abilities. ( MKA )
– Removed Frost Shade. ( MKA )
– Redesigned Puke Pus look. ( MKA )
– Retconned Butcher origin story and design. ( MKA & Combine Elite )
– Renabled Gluon and Tau cannon in arsenal menu.
– Optimized various systems to allow better stability during higher pop. ( MKA & Bagel )
– Reduced the damage of the Tau Cannon from 28.7 to 22.5. (Tuck)
– Increased the charge delay on both the Tau Cannon and Tau Cannon “Prometheus” Remantle. (Tuck)
– Increased the ConeMin and ConeMax on the Tau Cannon “Prometheus” Remantle. (Tuck)

March 15, 2021

ZS Change-log 3/12/2021

– Created new tier 6 melee weapon “Scorched” Blade. ( Lexydut & Liverneck )
– Enabled Zappers in arsenal menu. ( Community Suggestion )
– Buffed Exfil zombie hp from 50 -> 100. ( Community Suggestion )
– Updated class menu now displays wave locks. ( Mka0207 )
– Fixed headcrabs softlocking players. ( Mka0207 )
– Fixed Mako bridge. ( Bagel )
– Fixed Cosmo stage preventing game win. ( Bagel )
– Fixed Voice chat causing insane amounts of lag ( Mka0207 & Bagel )

March 12, 2021

ZS Change-log 3/9/2021

– Created a New Zombie selection inspired by Half life. ( Mka0207 )
– You can zoom in and out of the nest perspective via scroll wheel.
– Disabled barricading during exfil.
– Fixed a typo which prevented headcrabs from coupling.

Coming soon :
– Mutations.

March 9, 2021

ZS Change-log 3/8/2021

  • Added Kappa’s Penthouse map
  • Added new exfil for abandoned mall v10 (Tuckatk)

March 8, 2021

ZS Change-log 3/6/2021

– Improved Zombie Vision ( no more flickering or sliding textures )
(Coming soon )
– New zombie selection menu and improved spawning selection

March 6, 2021

ZS Change-log 2/22/2021

Tuck’s Balances!

Tier 2:
Increased the damage of the Shovel from 53 to 60.
Reduced the damage of the Push Broom from 63 to 55.
Removed the Range Remantle Buff on the Push Broom.
Increased the damage reduction of the Machete “Slicer” Remantler from 19 to 28.

Tier 4:
Increased the damage of the Kongol Axe from 150 to 165
Decreased the delay of the Kongol Axe from 2.5 seconds to 1.9 seconds.

Tier 6:
Reduced the damage of the Buster Sword from 235 to 210.
Increased the damage of the Lightbrand from 145 to 165.

Changed the descriptions of the following: Shovel, Push Broom, and Machete.
Removed some old custom melee weapons. ( will be replaced with new ones )

February 22, 2021

ZS Change-log 12/28/2020

– Renabled Oxygen Tank trinket.
– Renabled Curb Stompers trinket.
– Headcrabing coupling chance decreased 20% – 10%.
– Moved headcrab coupling mechanic to right click only and left click attack has no chance of coupling.
– Heacrabs now have a higher chance of coupling if the human has lower hp and vice versa.
– Crowbar now has ability to remove headcrabs by right clicking on a human being coupled.
– Created new trinket called “Shock Helmet”. Headcrabs that try to couple with your face are instantly zapped.
– Fixed Doom crab hull size.
– Fixed Flesh Creeper hull size and reverted model scale changes.

December 28, 2020