• Increased point gain on boss zombies
  • You can no longer receive individual/horde buffs as boss
  • Re-enabled Boom Stick knockback
  • Nerfed Zombine Crawler knockback
  • Reworked Bastardzine and Lacerator to have a frenzy attack
  • Increased Armor price from 10 -> 15 points
  • Buffed prop health added per nail from 75 to 105
  • Nerfed incendiary ammo damage from 2-7 to 2-5, tick rate from 0.2 seconds to 0.4 seconds
  • Increased cryo inductor damage slightly
  • Buffed nest health and nesting speed
  • If you are the owner of a nest, you break it faster


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Oberon craftable showing up in the inventory despite being removed
  • Fixed Quicksilver variant being able to equip silencer and shotgun choke
  • Fixed the Frostbite AUG applying ice slow on bosses
  • Fixed Cremator taking burn damage


  • You can now use deployables while phasing
  • Antlion nesting radius now scales per wave
  • Enabled Bunny Hopping on Zombie Escape
  • Duplicate items are now scrapped when picking up backpacks
  • New “Frostbite” AUG variant that replaces innate burn with ice slow
  • Updated icons in the scoreboard
  • Removed level cap
  • Added afk system that kicks players who are afk for too long
  • Added new remantler and teleport pad models from Jamz
  • Added scrap ammo to the worth menu
  • The number of generators now scale by population (1 gen on below 30 players, 2 gens on 30-44 players, and 3 gens on 45+ players)
  • Added new Lappland player model
  • Added a new Blockade deployable for caders
  • Added back some old trinkets
  • You can now break the nests of other antlions, even if they are alive


  • Disabled Doom Crab and Extinction Crab due to collision issues
  • Removed the runner medkit variant due to it being an OP concept
  • Disabled Mako due to spawning issues
  • Disabled Cosmo Canyon due to the map causing players to crash

Posted February 15, 2023