This change log summarizes every significant change made since 02/26/2024, a change log will be created every time there is a significant enough amount of changes to warrant a new change log.



AMHDV2, V6s, and REDUX will now have a 50% chance to spawn no Generators. When there are no Generators, Humans will automatically win the round at wave 6 end like long ago.

Several new unusuals, and a new public player model added! (Will not be available till the next server sync)



          Wooden props:

– Damage reduction doesn’t affect objective map boards or normal wooden doors anymore.


Medic GP Gain:

– GP from healing has been changed from 4 HP=1GP to 3.3 HP=1 GP, so it now takes 10k healing instead of 12k to max it.



– Instead of one round now there are two separate rounds. Normal mode and Veteran mode.

– Everyone gets a boomstick, no more getting screwed over if you pick up other weapons or people steal them.

– Zombies climb the door a bit faster now, even quicker in Veteran Mode.

– If you lose normal tantibus twice, you leave the map.

– If you lose round 1 and win round 2, you get to attempt Veteran Mode on round 3.

Normal mode:

-Is similar to how tantibus used to be. More buckshot ammo for humans, not so fast zombies.
They are still healthy but can be taken down with a bit of teamwork.

Veteran mode:

-Still gives you enough ammo to boomstick, but not to waste.

-To kill zombies, the underworld spawns random Perfected Exotic weapons hidden inside backpacks, weapons that arent available in the normal game.
These weapons are strong, but the zombies are fast. Move too slow and you will be overwhelmed.

-Lasting longer gives you benefits like Feather fall and Steadfast, adrenaline and special adrenaline, and a Base Lithe stick.
But the zombies are a little bit faster than they were before.

-Humans now heal upon entering the underworld, On Veteran Mode, you get an overheal for surviving the overworld flawlessly.

-Wings are received by winning Veteran Mode.


Stim (Consumable):

– Flat speed bonus 30 > 40

– Fast Reload: 15s (unchanged)
– Speed Boost: 15s > 18s

In ZE:
– Fast Reload: 12s > 15s
– Speed Boost: 12s (unchanged)


“Chaser” Barret (Weapon):

– Pierce changed 4 -> 2


Scrap Sword (Weapon):

– Move speed set to “Quite Slow”.


Shield (Deployable):

– The force field prop itself (the one on the ground that you place) will now take a 20% of the damage it absorbs. Once it reaches 30% of its max HP, it shuts down until repaired with a wrench.

– HP 180 -> 300

– Worth menu forcefield from 45 worth -> 25 worth. This should allow you to buy a wrench to maintain the forcefield you buy from worth.

– Melee attacks now deal 1.5x damage to the forcefield, to compensate for the higher health. The force field should protect you from the projectiles and you should protect it from the melee hits. The amount of hits are now similar to before from most zombies.


Resistant (Trinket):

– Bleed damage reduction 25% > 20.

– Poison damage reduction 25% > 12.5%.

– For 5 worth, the value you got was kind of overkill.



– Zombies in spawn will remain protected until they leave. They can still walk back inside to become protected again.
– Increased GP gains for hurting humans as zombie. Previous ratio was 20dmg = 1gp, now 10dmg = 1gp previously you had to earn 1000 DNA worth of human damage to max it, now just 500.
– There’s a delay for zombies killbinding on wave 1 now.
– Wave 1 Zombies will spawn with 75 blood armor.
– Wave 2 Zombies will spawn with 30 blood armor. Blood armor eats 80% of the damage received, and the remaining 20% is dealt to the zombie’s health.
– Blood armor eats 80% of the damage received, and the remaining 20% is dealt to the zombie’s health.
– Melee deals 35% less damage to zombies with blood armor on wave 1 and 2. This doesn’t affect their point gain at all, they will still receive the full points they normally would.
– Objective maps aren’t affected by this update’s blood armor, melee damage, and suicide changes.

Poison Zombie (All Variants)

– Animation Delay of poison throw decreased from 4 s to 2 s.
– Poison throw delay decreased from 1 s to 0.6 s.
– Poison velocity increased from 380 to 480.

Poison Headcrab

– Pounce windup decreased from 1.25 s to .5 s.
– Decreased Poison Headcrab pounce damage from 45 to 30.
– Spit windup time decreased from .8 s to .4 s.
–  Poison Headcrab Health: 90 -> 100.


– HP increased from 70 to 85.
– Headcrab couple damage now increases 0.5 per hit instead of 0.4.
– After the 3rd hit, it starts lowering the player’s max hp by the damage being dealt, be sure to quickly deal with them before the penalties stack up!

Zombie Torso

– Speed increased from 145 to 160.

Zombine Torso

– Speed increased from 155 to 175.


– HP increased from 150 to 160.
– Speed increased from 150 to 160.

Antlion Worker

–  Projectile fire reload time decreased from 2.5 s to 1.9 s.


– Laser changed to do more damage, and damages props/shields.


– Increased Ghoul secondary reload back to 3 s from 2 s.
– Projectile throw delay decreased from .7 s to .5 s.


– Below 15 pop, they have 70% normal max health, was 50%
– Below 10 pop, they have 35% normal max health, was 25%


Bot Pathing:

– Bot minimum target distance changed from 250 to 125. Bots should now properly target nearby gens and humans.

– Zombie should now walk in a slightly tighter group, and better swarm players who are too close



– Requirements for several kill-based challenges has been reduced a bit.



-Fixed bug with explosives that would cause them to deal half damage to all targets if you hit yourself, instead of doing half damage only to yourself and full damage to others.

– Fixed bug with the Rpg, Law, and Thumper that would give you double the benefit of Reactive Chemicals if you had it in your inventory.

– Only people who are inside of the Mako bunker when the round ends will get the wings.

– Several map icons not being visible during map vote.

– Bots getting stuck.

– Errors related to nightvision that turned people’s flashlights off randomly.

– Errors related to the Halberd.

Posted March 05, 2024