– Created New Mapvote UI. (Mka)
– Created New Honorable Mentions UI. (Mka)
– Created Prop Aura System to replace old nail UI. (Mka)
– Flashlight now has a limited battery use, this will be expanded on in the future with new flashlights and battery upgrades. (Mka)
– Added The Tank back with fixed 9-way animations and fixed the rock being thrown through walls. (Mka)
– Deployable count now shows for zombies as well. (Will most likely make a zombie variant to count things like nests, bosses, etc). (Mka)
– Added support for zombies to use multiple weapons and models if set in the class file. (Mka)
– Combine can now use multiple weapons. (Mka)
– Zombine Explosion Time is now displayed in the hud. (Mka)
– Added Sabreans Zombine Variants / Poison Zombie Variants. (Mka, lexy)
– Devourer can now taunt. (Mka)
– Applied various optimizations to help improve client FPS. (Mka, Bagel)

– Crawler is now a Wave 2 unlock. (Mka)
– Now allow Zombine Bots players to unpin Grenades and Auto-Run. (Mka)
– Arena maps now have a shorter second round prep time if the mapper has it set in the map profile. (Mka)
– Disabled Headless Horseman Camera (Annoyed players too much and got people killed by bots). (Mka)
– You can now nail props while phasing.

– Fixed focus targeter not being able to target fast zombies types. (Lexy)
– Fixed Stalker Laser Trace not going through certain entities it should have. (Mka)
– Applied a fix for ZS levels resetting, please let us know if it still happens after this changelog. (Mka)
– Dev towers now auto gives you feather fall/ammo upon spawning instead of waiting until the game starts. (Mka)

– Tank Health increased from 4,000 -> 4,500. (Mka)
– Crawler Health decreased from 175 -> 145. (Mka)
– Fixed Smart Targeter having an unfair Fire Delay. (Lexy)
– Galvanizer Implant has been reenabled, all buffs set to 25%

Posted October 19, 2021