= Additions =
– A Halloween Event! Bags of candy with varying sizes will now drop sometimes when a zombie dies as well as when a prop breaks from a zombie! Bosses will also drop a large candy bag when killed. You can then use the candy to then buy limited time cosmetics including Titlecards, Spinners, and other cosmetics in the Seasonal Events with F4 or by typing “!events” in chat! (Mka, Bagel, Lexy)
– The Horseless Headless Horseman is now back ready for action.
– Multiple New Mutations have been added! (Bagel)
– General Mutation, Hardened Epidermis : All Humanoid Zombies will be given 15 percent extra blood armor.
– Bonemesh Mutation, Overactive Platelets : On top of the pieces that he tears off of himself healing the undead, the excess of platelets now within it also now gives a weak outer armor to the zombies. (Gives zombies a bit of armor, 30 armor being the max. Excludes other bosses.)
– Nightmare Mutation, Nightmare Abyss : A alternate attack that emits a darkness aura that applies the darkness status to any unfortunate humans near it.
– A new Trinket has been added, Focus Targeter : +10% Turret Scan Speed, +20% Turret Range, and -80% Turret Scan Area. (Lexy)

= Changes =
– Smart Targeter now has a much lesser reloading delay for the weapons which use it. (Lexy)

= Fixes =
– Mako Reactor no longer crashes the server and the end bridge doesn’t glitch out. (Mka)
– Antlions crouch hullbox has now been fixed. (Tuck)

= Balances =
– The “Owens” Handgun Damage has been reduced from 15.5 to 14.5. (Tuck)
– The “Crossfire” Glock Collider Remantle Damage Multipler has been reduced from 1.3x to 1.2x. (Tuck)
– The “Adonis” Pulse Rifle Damage has been reduced from 28 to 26. (Tuck)

Posted October 05, 2021