– Nightmare Abyss now shows the recharge timer near the crosshair. (MKA)
– ZE Shop used to buying equipment at the start of the mode, type F1 to access it.(MKA)
– Renabled some old trinkets in the worth menu, Oxygen Tank, Night Vision, Portable deployables.(MKA)
– New Scorebard design to match the UI style for our version of ZS.(MKA)
– Mini profiles can now be viewed by clicking on someones player bar in the scoreboard list.(MKA)
– Renabled “Galvanizer” trinket.(Bagel)
– Teleporters can now be used in non generator games, be careful these are experimental.(MKA)
– Created a news feed in the (Esc) pause menu that displays our newest content updates or other things from the community.(MKA)

– Humans can now check out in the worth menu whenever if they haven’t purchased a loadout yet.(MKA)
– Late joiners will be able to check out in the worth instead of getting a favorite / random loadout if joining late.(MKA)
– “Open Spawn Menu” aka “Q” is now bound to drop ZE Materias easily instead of using !drop.(MKA)
– Deployables such as Arsenal, Remantler and Resupply can now be placed on ceilings/walls and inside each other.(MKA)
– Changed Antlion hull size again to help fix maneuverability through small holes like vents.(MKA)

– Fixed rock tank still having an exploit ( Completely patched now! )(MKA)
– Fixed a bug that was causing LH weapon not to spawn if enough players.(MKA)
– Fixed grenade jumping being way too overpowered in ZE.(MKA)
– Attempted a fix to prevent infinite boss lives. ( let us know if it happens again )(MKA)
– Fixed nades recognizing event cosmetic entities which can sometimes negate damage.(MKA)
– Fixed a bug where players would sometimes get thousands of extra DNA from hitting props.(MKA)
– Flashlights no longer decay during Zombie Escape games.(MKA)
– Fixed UI / Fonts not re-scaling after a player changes their monitor resolution.(MKA)

– Tank boss is now locked until Wave 3.(MKA)
– Lowered Nightmare’s Abyss brightness affect so players can use flashlight to see through it.(MKA)
– Prevent flash-bangs from affecting the player who threw it.(MKA)
– Allow players to use all boss stock lives if wave is equal to the max waves ( such as 6 ).(MKA)

Posted November 02, 2021