– Replaced sigils with Generators :
– Teleportation is now done manually by placing teleporters near the generator.
– Generators give access to the arsenal, resupply and remantler features.
– Generators can only be repaired with a wrench.
– A replacement for corrupted sigil frags / normal sigil frags is planned.
– Exfil Stage now has a specific zombie class to help balance it.
– Exfil Zombie has low hp, very fast and 28 damge per hit. (subject to change)
– Fixed exploit with reaper stacks when switching weapons.
– Disabled extended mag on uzi (overpowered)

Special Thanks to Spiral, Lexydut18 and Mka0207 for helping creating the generators!
Also a shoutout to our awesome community! Thank you all for helping us test and playing!
We wouldn’t have gotten this far if it weren’t for our positive community!
Generator concept by Mka0207, Model by Spiral, Tweaks by Lexydut18.

Posted December 13, 2020